Laravel 9: All You Need to Know About this Latest PHP Framework

Digitizing the business has become the need of the hour, and a website for it is a wise choice. It is because most people use apps for different purposes. Likewise, an average person has around 40 apps installed on his phone. But for the growth of the business, an app and web app should be robust, impressive, and customized. PHP framework Laravel has been used for web app development, and now Laravel 9 is released.

Laravel 9 release date is 8 February 2022. However, this open-source framework was scheduled to be released around September 2021, but the team decided to push the release date. This framework is a great version of Laravel because it has several benefits. 

Companies working with PHP have been waiting for this version for a long time. However, it took 12 months to get released. laravel 9 features are new, and companies can build impeccable apps faster, using this server-side framework.

If you don’t know what is Laravel, below is a quick explanation.

What Is Laravel?

Laravel is one of the significant frameworks of PHP. It is an open-source and server-side framework that helps to build engaging and scalable web apps and websites. Developers can build complex web applications using PHP programming language, and Laravel as a server-side framework. It follows the Model-View-Controller for app architecture.

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A simplified development process not only helps the developers but also the client because he can get an impeccable app on time. So, for the same, the Laravel framework works like wonder. Technource is a top laravel development company and worked on several PHP projects.

Most of you must be thinking, why laravel is best? It is a cross-platform framework through which, developers can build responsive and native web apps with less effort and code. Now, the new version of Laravel has come, and developers can work more effectively.

You must know about the key features of Laravel to understand the laravel 9 benefits. Scroll down to know the same.


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What Are the Key Features of Laravel?

A large set of robust tools is significant for quick and impressive web development, and Laravel offers these tools. Likewise, easier and faster development is possible with a set of robust tools. The expert developers of our PHP development company have listed some of the crucial features of Laravel.

  • 1. Eloquent ORM
  • 2. Artisan CLI
  • 3. MVC Architecture
  • 4. Security
  • 5. Unit Testing
  • 6. Reverse Routing
  • 7. Effective Template Engine

Read about all these features one by one below.

  • Eloquent ORM: The developers can deal with the database query tables without writing SQL code. And, this is possible with simple PHP syntax. An eloquent ORM is necessary to simplify the process of query handling. The developers can integrate with the database tables in a better way with an effective ORM.
  • Artisan CLI: Managing the database of the system often turns out to be a cumbersome job. But with the help of a built-in tool for a command line, the developers can focus on innovative code because the repetitive tasks are done by Artisan Command Line Interface.
  • MVC Architecture: Laravel, being one of the best PHP frameworks supports MVC architecture. The developers like Laravel because it allows a faster development process. Moreover, the developers can work on the view and controller to develop logic for the development.
  • Security: Security is a major issue in front of developers while working on web apps. They have to build a secure web app for the client. So, Laravel has built-in web app security features, it is a ‘Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm’ through which Laravel encrypts the password.
  • Unit Testing: When you hire a laravel developer you want a bug-free product. For this, developers work on Laravel because it allows testing the class model and controller. Likewise, the developers find,  the product matches the expectation and has no errors.
  • Reverse Routing: Reverse routing is related to generating a URL, and Laravel generates a URL based on route declaration. Reverse routing helps the developers to write code more easily and effectively. In other words, it makes the process flexible for the developers.
  • Effective Template Engine: A dynamic website increases the chances of a wider customer base. So, an effective template engine helps to build strong structures for a web or app. Our PHP development company ensures you get a dynamic website within your budget. So, these all are the features of Laravel. Now you must be thinking about what is new in Laravel 9. Scroll down to know about the same.

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What’s New in Laravel 9?

Laravel 9 is the next Long Term Support (LTS). It is because the team of Laravel 9 developers will be done fixing bugs in this framework by the end of 2025. There are mainly four new features in Laravel 9.

Know about all the above features in detail below and compare what is good in this new framework.

  • Minimum PHP Requirement: Laravel 9 will need the latest PHP 8 or PHPunit8 to test the web app. Likewise, Symfony v6.0 also needs PHP 8. Since it has crucial features, improvement with this framework proves effective.
  • New Query Builder Interface: The developers can enjoy a new query builder interface using Laravel 9. It makes the type hinting, static analysis, and refactoring easy for the Laravel developers. So, the highly reliable type of hinting is possible for refactoring.
  • Anonymous Stub Migration: When you run the popular migration command, Laravel 9 makes the anonymous stub migration the default behavior. Generally, there is an issue of class name collision. It is because of the multiple migrations with the same names. The stub migration feature helps to deal with this issue.
  • PHP 8 String Functions: Laravel 9 uses the Laravel 8 string functions as below.
str_contains(), str_starts_with(), and str_ends_with().

But using these functions will come with many bug fixes in the future. So that the implementation can be smooth and impeccable.

Many websites are using Laravel for different purposes. Amazon SES sites use Laravel and many career sites. Invoice Ninja, Alison, Barchart, Worl Walking, and others also use the Laravel PHP framework. Be aware of everything you need to know about website development before you hire developers.

If you want to know when there are other PHP frameworks, why you should go for Laravel?

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Why Laravel 9 Release Date Was Extended?

As you know that Laravel 9 was about to release in last year September, but somehow it could not. And it was released on 8 Feb 2022. What can be the possible reasons behind the delay? Let’s have a look at our analysis and observation below.

  • Laravel 9 wanted to use Symfony and till October Symfony 6.0 did not come. So, it is possible that the Laravel team waited for Symfony 6.0 to incorporate the new version. Now, Laravel uses 9 Symfony libraries.
  • After the interaction, the team had to wait to check the responses for at least two months.
  • The additional time helped the team to ramp up with the effectiveness of the framework.

How to Install Laravel 9?

If you are thinking to use Laravel 9 and want to know more about it practically, install it keeping the below points in mind.

First of all, check your PHP version to find whether it has version 8 or not because Laravel 9 uses version 8. Know details about the release via Packagist. You will have to run the below command to install the Laravel9.

Composer   create-project –prefer-dist laravel/laravel laravel-9-dev dev-develop

The above command will create a new project with the name Laravel 9. Now, you can see the name ‘laravel-9-dev’.

You can try one more method for the installation of Laravel 9. Use Laravel Global CLI. Now enter the command (laravel new laravel-9-dev –dev). After this step, you will be done with installation. But, enter the new directory and run the artisan command to check the version and be sure. 

Wrapping Up

Laravel 9 has many good features. It is obvious because it’s the latest version. But there can be some bugs and issues so the developers’ community will deal with them. You can hope for its best uses in the future in development. You can also hire PHP developers for us.

We hope you liked our write-up.

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