Augmented reality is an emerging technology in which 3D visuals can be placed in the real world. According to one of the Articles on the Forbes website, it would be difficult to draw a line between the real and virtual world one day. It places virtual objects into a physical space. Work on Extended Reality is underway, so there is a lot to come in the future to reshape multiple industries. Smart glasses are in the mainstream now.

5G connectivity makes augmented reality objects more viable, and this leads to an increase in augmented reality app development. The number of users of Augmented reality is increasing day by day. Augmented reality has taken the world by storm, and still, much of the scope for development is undiscovered in it. So, if you have app features in AR, you can imagine how the latest and most impressive is your online presence.

Today, many fields are availing of augmented reality app development for their effective online presence. e-Commerce, Education, Travel, Healthcare, Automotive, and many other sectors are using this technology. Two-thirds of shoppers think that they can make better decisions to buy something with Augmented reality. So, you can understand how beneficial it would be to hire AI developers or augmented reality developers.



Several businesses are entering Augmented reality technology and the number of entrepreneurs is increasing who want their apps or websites to be developed in AR. Why this is so? Well, this technology attracts several people because it has a huge scope for more development in the future.

Benefits of having an Augmented reality app or website.

  • Reduces cognitive overload
  • Safety technology for automobiles
  • Offers unique customer experience
  • Easy live events and conferences
  • You can make confident buying decisions
  • The convenient and powerful navigation
  • Enables object recognition
  • Interactive advertising & Rich user-experience
  • Eliminates cognitive overload
  • Competitive differentition
  • Real-time analytics
  • Immersive training


Robust and scalable solutions in the app and website development

Our AR technology development company provides all types of services in the app and website development. If you have a business idea and want to come online with it, you have to know what type of app or website you want. We at Technource make you aware of some types of apps in which our Augmented Reality developers offer services.


AR-Based UX & UI Designs

Front-end designs matter a lot for effective augmented reality app development. Our ar app developers integrate the physical world with the virtual world using AR-based UX and UI designs. They use the best software development kit to build impressive augmented reality apps for Android devices and iOS devices.


Mapping & Image Navigation

We provide augmented reality software services in mapping, image navigation, and, image recognition for ar apps. Waze, Google Maps, Uber, Apple Maps, and many other apps are examples of AR mapping & Image navigation. Likewise, ‘smart glasses’ is the best example of AR combing into a wearable device.


Marker-Less Augmented Reality

Our developers with their technical prowess offer you markerless Augmented Reality apps. These types of AR apps don’t need prior knowledge of the user’s environment. Apple’s ARKIT and AR Code SDKs made Markerless AR possible on several mobiles. Technource uses the augmented reality SDK after analyzing the tech stack.


AR Game App Development

Several ar games are developed in recent times. Some are as follows Google Sky Map, SpotCrime, and PokemoneGo. Our skilled developers provide you with customized game AR apps like these. An augmented object is placed to catch it in the Pokemon Go game. It is one of the location based ar apps.

iOS AR Kit Development

iOS AR Kit Development

Our Augmented reality application development company Technource offers services in iOS AR Kit development as well. Proper tracking, scene analysis, and rendering are required for iOS AR Kit development. Hire the best mobile app development firm to create an augmented reality application.


Experts’ Suggestion

Our expert AR app developer talks to you if you need any suggestions regarding Augmented reality technology. After discussion, you can make a better decision for the app or web development. It is important for the transparency of the information.


AR Web App

You can have AR web applications from the best Augmented reality app developers. This way, you can have flexible, agile, and strong web apps. Take your business to the heights of success with AR web apps. Hire AR app developer at any time.


Custom AR App Development

After a thorough discussion of the requirements, work on custom AR app development begins. Skilled AR developers understand your business objectives and build an AR app or website of your choice. It runs on multiple platforms smoothly.


AR Support & Maintenance

Our efficient team has gained expertise in maintaining AR apps, so you will not have to worry about the smooth running of the product. We create an augmented reality app that is highly viable, reliable, and relevant to your business needs.

Discuss Your Project with Our Specialists

Technource provides the best AR applications & websites for large-scale & small-scale businesses. Discuss your idea & hire world-class AR developers for a dream app or web.


The best-in-class AR development services from Technource have benefited several businesses. Know why you should hire us.

Technical Expertise

Technical Expertise

If you hire Augmented Reality developers from technource, you can get an impressive app or website. It is because our developers are well-versed in trending and present technologies. You will not find any flaw in the product after getting it from us.

Seamless Communication

Seamless Communication

There are many things that you want to inform your app developers about. However, due to improper communication, you can’t. But, Technource offers you seamless communication throughout the development process, so that you can have an app of your choice.

Reasonable Development Cost

Reasonable Development Cost

AR application cost matters a lot. Several augmented reality development companies try to offer the best quality under the budget of the client augmented reality market. Technource is one of them, which keeps the cost reasonable for AR solutions. App stores contain different apps as per price.

Timely Delivery

Timely Delivery

Timely completion of the project is a must, and clients make sure about it before hiring any ar app development service provider. Our dedicated team completes your project effectively within time so that you can start your business as soon as possible.

Bug-Free Coding

Bug-Free Coding

This type of coding saves time for developers as they don’t have to rewrite the codes. Besides, the client also doesn’t have to struggle to make changes in the app. Our developers integrate the features like QR and barcode scanning into your app without any errors.

Custom AR Apps

Custom AR Apps

Getting an app of your choice is difficult. Often, it happens due to a communication gap between the client and the company. But you can connect with us at any time and discuss your business idea properly. And then hire Augmented reality developers from Technource.


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How to Hire Mobile App Development Company?

Want to hire AR developers for highly interactive apps and website building? You are only a few steps away from getting a customized and impressive online presence for your business

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    Request a Quote for Free Consultation

    Give your details like Name, email ID, Phone number, and Skype/Whatsapp/ Hangout. And provide a short description of your requirements for a free consultation.

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    Discuss Your Project with Experts

    Our team of experts will contact you, and discuss your business idea. You can ask any questions related to app or web development during the discussion.

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    Finalize the Project Terms

    In this step, the project is finalized. It includes a discussion on the cost, objectives, and time required to complete the project.

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    It is a process to make the application publicly accessible for the users. It takes configuring and enabling the application. Moreover, you can call it a complete and finished product for the users.


We Follow Agile Development Methodology for Effective, Seamless, & Timely Development

Augmented Reality is making the line blur between the real & virtual world & the possibilities are limitless. So, select Technource that follows the Agile development methodology to divide the process into multiple sub-modules for quality AR products.



Get a Simple Yet Efficient App or Website Quickly

Ensure your success by selecting skilled developers from Technource. Various businesses also chose us for the best apps and website development.

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The “Hommati” project was required to build an online property portal system that offers region-wise properties listing. This website is a one-stop cloud solution for different profiles like home seekers, sellers, agents, and franchises.

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