As a leading mobile app development company, we ensure our customers feel free to ask us any questions and share their information without fear of data breach. We keep your app idea confidential because we understand that it is important to you. For this, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with our clients so that they can rely on us. We have built various types of websites and applications to date with the help of our skilled and reliable development team.


We Sign NDA

At Technource, we believe in secure and ethical means of business operations. Confidentiality of client data, project details, IP, and intellectual property is our prime responsibility. We maintain strict policies for guarding client information and assure that it lies in authorized hands only.

To safeguard client information we ensure
IP protection
Sign Non Disclosure Agreement

Apart from this, we operate in secured networks and keep a check on internet usage. Our employees are instructed about IP rights and are made to sign NDA during their induction session. As a part of our moral and professional responsibility, we maintain high security of physical infrastructure throughout our premises.

We maintain security of confidential information by

  • Maintaining a fully equipped development center with internal and external security
  • Guarding proprietary information and not allowing copying or publishing it in anyways
  • Providing only authorized access to project information and other technology detail
  • Segmenting system resources for individual teams
  • Creating separate networks for individual projects and teams
  • Allotting discrete IP addresses to each project
  • Implementing firewall protection on all systems
  • Taking frequent backups to combat loss of information
  • Using data encryption at various levels of information transfer
  • After giving source code and data, we remove complete client data from our systems

All this and more is practiced to keep client information, data, and intellectual property safe and secure. Our management and staff are dedicated to maintaining a high level of confidentiality as a part of business rules. Client satisfaction forms the base of our business and so you don’t need to worry about the safety of your information!