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Build Your All-in-One App With Gojek Clone App 2023

Several brick-and-mortar businesses that were providing services through conventional means have taken to on-demand delivery apps. This helps businesses increase their potential customer base and also accounts for their word-of-mouth publicity.

What these apps have managed to do is create a no-middleman service that also offers efficient communication between sellers and consumers. Today, so many services such as food, courier, home services, cab-hailing, grocery, and much more can be availed at the tip of your fingers.

Such an exponential increase in the need for quick service providers has paved the way for on-demand applications. This has also created an opportunity for apps like Gojek that provide multiple services on the same platform to make their way to the market.

The Gojek app is an on-demand application that provides its user with multiple services on a single platform. This blog offers insights on how a Gojek app works and the features one should keep in mind while building one.

How does the Gojek App Work?

Today in 2022, the use of high-speed internet service providers and smartphones has become prominent. With the increase in the use of smartphones, application development has also seen a healthy rise in their creation as well as ROIs.

When smartphones made their way to the market the apps back then were designed to provide a single service efficiently. The app development sector has achieved great height since then, especially in the on-demand app market. Gojek is a classic example of the same. Gojek brings you a variety of services from a single app. Talking about its figures it generates a healthy revenue of 20 million USD every year.

Gojek’s success has raised brows all over the world. Entrepreneurs and investors are keen on investing in similar applications with potential. Gojek app is merely a combination of numerous on-demand services. With so much emphasis on the on-demand service, let’s first understand what these services offer us.

On-demand service offers us the convenience of ordering, availing, and delivering any product or service from our homes. For example, you can either send your courier, order food from your favorite restaurant or call your favorite barber home for a haircut. What Gojek does is include all of the above services in one application and offer its users multiple options to avail of almost anything in one app.

Let’s have a look at which services can be availed of using the Gojek app in brief.

  • Logistics & Transportation

    The logistic and transportation services have benefitted the most with the advent of cab-hailing apps like Uber and on-demand courier delivery apps like Lalamove. The car rental services also fall under the same category. All the preceding sectors have captured their niche and have generated considerable revenue over the years. Uber is an inspiration for all the other companies as it has also managed to spread its wings in the on-demand food sector.

  • Delivery Services

    The on-demand delivery services have flourished over the years. They provide the user with a convenient process of ordering without any human interaction. Some of the other benefits are anytime-anywhere convenience, myriad payment options, packaging options, one-day deliveries, and the likes.

    The delivery services comprise food delivery, grocery delivery, food delivery, flower delivery, and much more.

  • House Maintenance & other Home Services

    A house is a pool of opportunities for on-demand service providers. Over a year a home requires so many maintenance services like lawn-moaning, electrical repairs, house-cleaning, plumbing, and much more that require personnel with special skills. These apps make it much simpler for a user to find the essential service provider at their time of need.

    Other home service providers include beauticians, barbers, spa and massage services, and the like. Time-poor individuals can make the best of such apps as these services can be availed in a clap.

Developing an App like Gojek or Develop Gojek Clone App:

Get a perfect start on launching your own incredible on-demand multi-service application! With our Gojek clone, Which includes services such as delivery, transportation, house maintenance, grooming services, and 55 more in one feature-rich magnificent application.

The whole app development process is based on many important factors. One needs to have a targeted niche, a well-planned business model, a sound development team, and a survivable budget. You can ask yourself the following questions to build a multi-service app like Gojek.

  1. Who is your targeted niche?
  2. What is your monetization strategy?
  3. How is your app different from your competitors?
  4. How much budget do you have?
  5. Who will develop the application for you?

While you ponder on the above-mentioned questions, the app development section holds a dedicated approach. Let’s have a look at which apps one has to build and what features you can add to them.

Features of a Gojek Clone App:

If you’re entering this market for the first time you should be aware of the current industry trends and practices. The features of an app should be in congruence with the current market standards. In a Gojek clone app, you would get a ready-to-use, feature-rich app with currently trending market features.

The app will be completely customizable and you can add, remove, or tweak features at your convenience. The features you will add would cater to the three variations of the app. Let’s have a look at each in brief.

  1. Customer App
  2. Service Provider App
  3. Administrator App

Customer App for Gojek Clone App

  • Registration / Sign-in – Users can register as new users or log in by providing their credentials or other social media sign-in options.
  • Search – User can browse their way through multiple service providers and add the service they want to avail to their carts.
  • Tracking Options – The user can track the service or delivery agents using this feature.
  • Secure & Multiple Payment Modes – Today, you can provide your users with a myriad of debit and credit card payment options along with other UPI and net payment facilities.
  • Push Notifications – Push notifications are a way of reminding the user of the current status of their requested service.
  • Communication Panel – A communication panel that gets the user in contact with customer support is an essential part of a customer app.

Service Provider App for Gojek Clone App

  • Registration / Sign-in – Service providers have to register or log-in in the same way as users but by providing the required documents and licenses to become service providers.
  • Dashboard – A service provider’s dashboard consists of certain features that help them manage their business such as total earnings, manage services, recent bookings or deliveries, history, availability, and much more.
  • Push Notifications – All updates on all the running operations are provided through push notifications.
  • Toggle on/off – The service providers have the right to start and stop offering their services as per their convenience.

Admin App for Gojek Clone App

  • Content Management – Admins can make any changes to the content of the currently present apps on the platform.
  • Dashboard – Admin apps have an eye on all the operations going on through the app. Ranging from the number of running or completed services to the statistical information regarding the revenue generated by the app.
  • Customer Communication – The admin can send different offers, discounts, and coupons to the customers.
  • Service Provider Assigning – The admin has the right to manually assign service providers to complete certain tasks.
The above-mentioned features are the basics and a must in any app that is a clone of the Gojek. The app development process of a Gojek clone app is a bit different. Here one doesn’t have to worry about the programming of their application as one would avail of a ready-to-use, feature-rich clone of the same.


Here we learned about what a Gojek clone app is and what features are essential to make a clone of the same. In simpler words, the Gojek clone app is a customizable and scalable app that allows you to create a multi-service app platform that can be deployed to real-time use instantly.

We at Technource are experts in creating on-demand apps that are tailor-made to serve client-specific needs. Our apps such as ‘Just Errands’ and ‘Hatch’ are evident examples of the same.

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