Is PHP still a good back-end programming language?

One can design an engaging front-end and it does affect the user retention rate for first-time customers. But once a potential user becomes a frequent one, they will know how your website functions. And if you don’t have a sturdy back-end, it will affect the overall success rate of your website. It is because the functioning of your good-looking web pages is dependent on the back-end programming language you choose.

This is the reason why back-end languages are getting prevalent for developing different languages. This is the primary reason why an IT service company studies the requirements of its clients and then suggests a relevant back-end tech.

One of the veterans that have been creating great front and back-end websites since 1994 is PHP. Several programming languages have come and created huge developers communities but PHP is still an important player in the game.

To clear some myths among readers we decided to write this blog. It shares important information on whether how PHP is an extremely relevant tech in today’s times. And why it should be considered for development rather than thinking against it.

Let’s start with the basics.

Benefits of Using PHP

As per a report from W3Techs, PHP is being used for server-side programming for 78.8% of all websites. Here are the benefits that come along with using PHP.

Open Source

This programming language is free to use in all aspects. The biggest advantage of working with such tech is that one can find a large community of developers from various corners of the world, that share the same passion for the platform. These are individuals that binge on this language, discuss it continuously, work on improvements, and introduce necessary updates. This helps developers create client-specific solutions in the least possible time.

As opposed to other programming languages, PHP has its support. With all the preceding factors developers design advanced frameworks, tools, and other components that make PHP a relevant and top web development framework even after 2 decades.


A website isn’t something that ends once you have created it. The important part begins with its creation. And if a client invests in creating one, they’re surely planning on growing their business. Hence, scalability becomes an essential part of selecting a programming language. A website should be able to manage the increasing traffic. You can easily increase the functionality of this language by adding extra servers as and when needed. A feat that can be easily achieved by collaborating with a PHP web development company.


The framework offers reduced workload and loading time as it uses its memory. This not only works well for the developers but also for the consumers. Uploading speed plays a crucial role for SEO, therefore you should consider this factor if you plan on using your website for sales and marketing


The language doesn’t need any additional software to work with and is open-source. The platform doesn’t impose any restrictions, licenses, or royalty fees. It also provides a developer with multiple integration options and reduces the total development cost to a huge extent.


There have been accusations that as this language is open-source, it isn’t secure. But the sad truth is that every language is prone to vulnerability. How secure a website is depends on how experienced and expert coders you hire. For instance, software testing is one of the best ways to avoid security breaches. We – Technource consider this an essential step before completing any project.

Customized Development

PHP is one of the best languages to create custom websites without any customization limitations or bugs. Therefore developers can create an end-to-end customized website using PHP that caters well to their client’s needs. Like many others, one can introduce Javascript and create highly functional and intuitive websites.

Legacy Code

PHP today has a huge chunk of websites under its belt. Therefore the legacy code becomes a factor that one has to consider. It’s way faster and easier to make modifications in the same language as opposed to coding the same in another language.

The legacy of so much relevant code on numerous websites keeps PHP in the game. This still applies if new developers choose to code with newer programming languages. Due to the legacy, it also becomes extremely easy to locate a PHP developer for your company.

Tried & Tested

One of the biggest advantages of being around for more than 2 decades is that the language has been tested in various testing scenarios. With the advent of its 7 & 8 branches, PHP has been regarded as a stable programming language.

It has earned the complete trust of its developer community and has corrected the issues programmers faced in the past. Apart from this, some myriad tools and frameworks ensure the efficiency and success of the language.


There are abundant resources, tutorials, coaching institutes, and manuals that can teach you PHP programming from scratch. They can serve as a source of help and inspiration to beginners. They account for an easier learning process while gradually adding to its complexity.

Highly Compatible with HTML

PHP supports in-built HTML programming. In general practice, PHP doesn’t intrude with the HTML code. It’s used to complete the HTML code by acting from within the boundaries of <?PHP?> tags. So, if you’ve already coded a page in PHP, you would have to use a script to inculcate HTML code. The only difference between the preceding and a conventional HTML page would observe a reverse order of the starting tags i.e. PHP tags followed by HTML tags.

This is because PHP has been coined as a ‘Web Language’, and was designed to make dynamic web pages using static HTML code.

Renowned Websites that use PHP

PHP is used for a fair percentage of websites on the internet. Yet you should learn some of the renowned platforms that have been created using PHP.

  • Yahoo, 4.8 billion estimated visits per month.
  • Wikipedia, 15 billion estimated visits per month.
  • Facebook, 25.7 billion estimated visits per month.
  • Tumblr, 328.9 million estimated visits per month.
  • Flickr, 65.44 million estimated visits per month.

PHP: a best back-end language

Since this language was introduced in the ’90s, PHP has remained a ‘light’ and simple option. This is because of two reasons, it’s easy to deploy and is simple. A beginner can get started without seeking any external help. This happens to be PHPs most stand-out feature.

PHPs latest version is way more capable than its prior versions, providing a diverse range of features to develop modern web applications. Many new and best PHP frameworks such as Yii, CakePHP, Code Igniter, Laravel, and more have made web development far easier and quicker.

Some of the packages and ready-to-deploy solutions available with frameworks include CRMs, web sockets, payment connectors, queue managers, and more. They offer a structured environment to write code intelligently. One can efficiently design the web apps they want by mixing several libraries along with a framework that they’re proficient with. While also benefitting by using Content Management Systems such as WordPress hiring top web development services.

PHP Updates

It has been observed with the most popular backend languages that the quality of the updates degrades with time. New difficulties observed with time need upgrades. PHP programming today is more than database management. Now the language is much more capable of performing additional activities such as mobile integration, redirection, data collection, and other wide range of activities.

Is PHP a Relevant Back-End Programming Language?

Given the percentage of websites that PHP supports today, we can say that PHP has evolved and become a more efficient language. Over the years it has become equipped to handle a comprehensive range of web apps while being budget-friendly and user-friendly. It’s the first choice for creating commercial apps due to its easy syntax and rapid onboarding. With PHP you can try 3 different types of websites. Starting from a simple WordPress site and landing pages to enterprise-level websites such as Facebook.

Wrapping Up

Here’s a wrap to this interesting read. If you’re eagerly looking to hire dedicated PHP developers you’ve just reached the right place. We are a web development company that masters many backend languages including PHP.

Our experienced developers are masters of backend programming and consider PHP as one of the best backend languages to work with. We have more than 9 years of working experience working with some of the most prominent backend programming languages of all time. If you’re about to develop your first or wish to add advanced functionalities to your website, now is the best time to do so. An investment into the same can prove to be an investment into the future. Get in touch with us today. Thank you for reading.


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