Why is Laravel the Best PHP Framework in 2023?

When you think of web development what comes to mind is HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. But the one other language that rings a bell is PHP. PHP is used by 79% of all websites including Facebook. There are myriad PHP frameworks available in the market today yet most entrepreneurs are only aware of the Laravel PHP framework.

Laravel is one of the PHP development frameworks that has been offering satisfactory services for years. If you wish to develop a seamless, sturdy, and robust web application then nothing can serve you better than Laravel.

There are so many PHP frameworks present in the market. Every framework has features that can raise confusion on which is the best one for your business app. Therefore, we decided to bring you this read that shares important information on why Laravel is the best PHP framework to opt for in 2022.

Why PHP Laravel Framework is Best for Web Application Development?

MVC Architecture

Laravel functions on the MVC architecture which stands for Model View Controller. Due to such convenient architecture, it makes development an efficient process for programmers. Whether you’re trying to create a small app or an enterprise-level application, Laravel will work seamlessly in both.

MVC architecture offers maintainability for the project, especially with large projects that have 5 or more than 5 files. If you are with Laravel developers don’t fear the code going haywire or losing its structure. With MVC you get a simplified coding structure that is easy to work with.

With large projects, there can be a rapid increase in the number of files. MVC creates logical directories to store these files. This offers a high level of organization.

Stunning Layouts

There is a lot of text data that the developers have to deal with while building a web application. This is where the template engine can prove to be handy. From inception to launch, it’s the template engine that takes care of the textual data.

It offers text output by forming a bridge with the data model and processing the code in the source templates. Laravel makes use of a blade template engine. The blade template engine makes is a sturdy, light, and pre-set template engine to make the development process quick and easy. In addition to the above features, it also offers exquisite layouts.

One can display data and layout extensions with the Blade template while not altering the performance and speed of the application. Along with this, one can design outstanding layouts using the Content Seeding feature. 

Other than this, Blade also has its structure and format to create and view a file. One can make use of conditional statements and loops with this file. The developers can create a simple layout that can be used by other files using the master template.


Artisan CLI

The framework has its own CLI i.e. Command Line Interface. This fosters a quick and easy development of web applications. To develop components it’s also known to use Symfony Console Components.

Symfony Console is of prime importance when it comes to database management and data migration. One can also create models, controllers, skeleton codes, and more making use of the same. Using any framework it’s a tedious task to write repetitive code snippets manually. Laravel speeds up the development process by using Artisan Tool to eliminate this necessity.

An Artisan Tool can develop its commands to generate the MVC files and for handling the data configuration management. It offers Artisan categories necessary for app authentication services that are created with documented items.

Eloquent ORM

A programmer can enhance the app’s performance by making use of different Laravel models. An eloquent ORM can be used to customize these models. To your surprise, Laravel is the only framework that offers customization with an eloquent ORM.

If you aren’t aware ORM stands for Object Relational Mapper. It helps maintain a seamless interaction with your app’s database object by making use of eloquent ORM. It offers the best ORM tools for web developers. This is because using the same developers can conduct database queries by making use of easy PHP syntax. One can run SQL queries using simple codes rather than using lengthy and complex ones. This result reduces the development time significantly.

App Testing Features

Laravel offers a defined set of features to conduct unit testing of web and mobile apps. The necessary file phpunit.xml is set automatically to carry out the unit testing process. Unit and features are the two directories where Laravel conducts testing. This is a full-proof way to make sure that all the new changes have been inculcated and tested thoroughly.

Unit testing is always a more feasible option as it makes the task easy for developers in web development. One can create a highly performant and efficient web app if one is prone to using Laravel’s testing features.

Due to features like MVC architecture and unit testing, app development using Laravel is budget-friendly when compared to other PHP frameworks. One can plan their app development on a specific budget using Laravel.

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In today’s times, it has become crucial for developers to shield their web apps from numerous cyberattacks. A website will invariably gather data from myriad sources including the personal details that your client share on your platform.

In such tough times, your web app needs a framework that safeguards your applications. Laravel offers top-of-the-line security from cyber foes. Using features like SQL injection Laravel manages to protect the codebase and other data.

Object-Oriented Libraries

Laravel is the only framework to offer pre-installed object-oriented libraries. The authentication library is most often used as an object-oriented library. This is also a result of the pattern of architecture that Laravel follows.

Some of the stand-out features that are made possible due to these are the checking activity & active users, Bcrypt hashing, cross-site protection, password reset, and request for forgery encryption.

Faster Time-to-Market

In these competitive times, your app must create its web presence as soon as possible. This depends on two things, the first is the web development company you choose and the second is the framework you choose to develop your website.

Due to above mentioned and other features, Laravel quickens your web development process and offers you more time to market. This is an extremely important feat when you’re part of a cutthroat competition.

Huge Community Support

Laravel’s developer base is an amalgamation of independent freelancers and companies, that have used this framework since its inception. This offers a huge benefit as the developers have left no stone unturned and are extremely supportive of their fellow Laravel developers. The community always keeps pushing up the bar for making this framework more scalable, seamless, and developer-friendly.

If you feel stuck while developing a complex functionality you can always look out for helping hands from the community. Many portals are specifically designed for the same. Support is at times necessary for you to develop a robust and functional application. Having a large community is a blessing in disguise for programmers.

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The purpose of creating a digital presence is to make your web application available to as many cities or nations as possible. Laravel takes care of these things by offering multilingual capabilities that help you reach unexplored business territories. This would give you a massive boost in terms of your brand’s recognition and reach. 

This will help you drive huge chunks of traffic to your website that will result in increased returns and profits. Multilingual websites offer exponential scalability and versatility. This accounts for a rich web app that serves users of different cultures and languages.

Laravel vs Symfony

Laravel is a classy open-source PHP framework that follows the traditional MVC model, offers an expressive syntax, and needs minimal configuration. The platform is considered a robust PHP framework that reuses different components from other frameworks. 

Symfony is considered a web app PHP framework that has more number of open-source projects and a huge community. Laravel uses Symfony components to get access to third-party libraries. Both platforms have much in common, yet Symfony has a steep learning curve but is more efficient with large-scale projects. 

Laravel vs CodeIgnitor

In addition to what we learned above, projects developed using Laravel are more structured and manageable. The platform is more secure and offers all the features of its previous frameworks. It also offers an elegant syntax and style for development. 

Codeignitor is the best framework if you’re a learner, as it’s easy to understand and fast. It has a small footprint with an elegant toolkit to create a full-featured web application. It follows a component-oriented programming paradigm and supports implicit and explicit routing. One important difference between the two is that CodeIgnitor does not support ORM.

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