What are the PHP web development trends to watch in 2024?

PHP is used in more than 50% of all websites in the world. It is a popular programming language and powers several websites on the internet. PHP website development enables users to build dynamic pages.

Our PHP development company has many experienced developers. They also use PHP to create dynamic content or web pages. This popular programming language stands out for its seamless integration with HTML. PHP is the driving force behind various popular content management systems (CMS).

This blog will talk about the PHP web development trends and uncover easy steps to build a PHP website in 2024. Keep reading till the end of the blog and gain crucial information about PHP.

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A little about PHP history

PHP emerged in the mid-1990s as a breakthrough server-side programming language. It played a pivotal role in revolutionizing web development by creating dynamic web pages on time. Its simplicity coupled with the ability to embed within HTML, gained traction among developers.

Over the years, PHP has evolved into a robust scripting language. It fosters innovation and enables developers to experiment with their logic to build something innovative. Its capacity to handle form data, interact with databases, and execute server-side scripts empowers developers to craft interactive and engaging websites.

The versatile nature of PHP makes it compatible with different databases and platforms. It is adaptable across different operating systems and connects with various databases as needed.

Moreover, developers can use numerous PHP development tools   to build cutting-edge software solutions quickly. It also supports various PHP frameworks like Symfony, Codeigniter, Laravel, and others.

what is Laravel

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Top 10 PHP trends to watch in 2024

PHP web development trends can give a new look to existing and new websites. Businesses can leverage the power of PHP along with what is in demand and what people like to see. For this, keeping pace with PHP trends and technologies is crucial. We present you with some of the most sought-after and expected PHP trends in 2024.

  1. Improved website security
  2. Integration of IoT
  3. Optimized voice searches
  4. Smart chatbots
  5. Cloud-based web app development
  6. Progressive web app with PHP
  7. API-first development
  8. Serverless architecture
  9. AI Integration
  10. Headless CMS revolution

Learn about all the PHP development trends in the space below. This explanation will help you decide on what type of PHP website you can build in 2024.

1) Improved website security:

With the rise in cyber threats, improved website security will be one of the important PHP web development trends. Developers are emphasizing robust authentication mechanisms, encryption standards, and secure coding practices. It helps to create web applications strong against vulnerabilities and data breaches.

2) Integration of IoT:

The convergence of PHP with IoT indicates a trend toward developing interconnected systems. PHP-based IoT solutions are on the rise and could enable seamless connections between devices, capturing data, and processing it securely. Look for some PHP web development examples that already use this trend.

3) Optimized voice searches:

Voice-enabled technology can gain traction and PHP developers are expected to optimize websites for voice-based interactions. This trend involves implementing voice search functionalities, ensuring compatibility with voice search assistants. It enhances user experience through voice-enabled navigation.

4) Smart chatbots:

PHP developers can leverage AI-powered chatbots for their PHP web development projects. It will help to deliver better user experiences. Chatbots can be integrated into websites and applications. They provide instant responses, assist in customer queries, and automate routine tasks. It enhances user engagement and satisfaction.

5) Cloud-based web app development:

Embracing cloud computing for PHP-based applications can be a trend that most people will like. Web development with PHP leverages cloud services and allows scalable, cost-effective, and flexible development. It enables seamless deployment and management of PHP applications.

6) Progressive web app with PHP:

PWAs blend web and mobile app functionalities. PHP developers can adopt PWA principles to create, fast, responsive, websites for different businesses. This blending and innovative development mimic native app behaviors.

7) API-first development:

PHP developers can prioritize API-centric development approaches. Focusing on API-fist strategies ensures modular, scalable, and interoperable applications. It enables easier integration with diverse platforms and services.

8) Serverless architecture:

Serverless computing enables PHP developers to focus on coding without much focus on the core functionalities. This trend allows efficient resource utilization, cost savings, and scalability for PHP applications.

9) AI Integration:

Integrating AI capabilities into PHP applications improves personalization, automation, and decision-making. From predictive analytics to AI-driven recommendations, PHP developers are leveraging AI to offer smarter data-driven experiences.

10) Headless CMS revolution:

PHP developers are increasingly adopting headless decoupled cms architecture that decouples the backend from the front end. This trend offers greater flexibility, allowing content to be distributed, across various channels and devices seamlessly.

These trends will collectively shape the landscape for PHP website and application development. Businesses can leverage these trends according to the type of their business model and needs. PHP developers can have more advantages by using these trends in their clients’ projects.

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The best PHP web development frameworks

PHP offers several frameworks for the convenience of developers, and fast, and effective development. We will present you with the popular and widely used PHP frameworks because they will play a crucial role in enabling PHP web development trends. These Are the best PHP frameworks from which you can select suitable ones for your project?

  1. Laravel
  2. Symfony
  3. CakePHP
  4. Codeigniter
  5. Yii
  6. Phalcon
  7. FuelPHP
  8. Zend framework

1) Laravel:

Laravel is an open-source PHP web framework. Its developer-friendly features make it the best PHP framework in the developer community. Its Object Relational Mapping (ORM) software makes handling database records properly. Laravel includes three types of Routing; Redirect routs, View Routs, and The Rout list. Moreover, developers can focus on the readability and maintainability of code using a template engine. Knowing the basics of the framework helps you find the best Laravel development company.

2) Symfony:

Symfony is also an open-source PHP web framework. It is used for developing web applications and dynamic web pages. It provides a set of reusable components, libraries, and tools that simplify and excel in the development stages. This PHP framework follows the MVC architectural pattern. Developers can separate the application’s requirements, data layer logic, and presentation. It emphasizes code reusability, testability, and extensibility. These features make it popular among developers for creating robust and scalable applications.

3) CakePHP:

CakePHP is a recipe for creating successful web applications. You can create prototypes faster, validate faster, and grow the app consistently. CakePHP comes with a set of conventions that help in building applications. Many stakeholders and developers consider CakePHP the best PHP to work with. Its built-in tools empower developers to create features and functions efficiently.

4) Codeigniter:

Codeigniter is a small framework with effective tools. Developers can build full-featured applications using its simple and elegant toolkit. The exceptional performance of the tool can outperform its competitors and become one of the most useful PHP frameworks. Although Codeigniter is an excellent framework it is not a PHP substitute. You can create dynamic websites in a short time using Codeigniter.

5) Yii:

Yii is a high-performing PHP framework that follows the Model-View-Controller. It is known for its qualities like security, features, and speed. Yii offers many built-in tools for database access, authentication, caching, testing, and more. It supports the rapid development of web applications with the help of robust features and a strong community.

6) Phalcon:

Phalcon is a full-stack PHP framework. It is popular because of the high speed and low overhead. It is all because of its C extension architecture. It is written in C and filled as a PHP extension to make it one of the fastest PHP frameworks present in the market. Phalcon offers features like Object Relational Mapping, Caching, Asset management, and more. Its architecture makes it well-suited for creating impeccable and innovative web applications.

7) FuelPHP:

FuelPHP is a flexible, community-driven PHP framework, designed to provide full-stack experience. You can build a secure and robust application using its unique features. FuelPHP also has features like ORM, security features, Caching, Restful Routing, and much more. Developers can build quality software software as it emphasizes, performance, flexibility, and security in its approach to web development.

8) Zend framework:

It is also known as the Luminas project. It is a robust and enterprise-level PHP framework.  Zend framework offers components for various functionalities like MVC, authentication, caching, and more. You can build secure, reliable, and scalable web applications, making them popular among enterprises.

These were only a few PHP frameworks. There are many other also available in the market. Learn the basics of these frameworks and understand what features align with your project goals.

Explore the image below, it presents popular technology skills in the PHP tech stack in 2022.

PHP tech stack

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Cost of PHP web development

The cost of PHP web development is not the same for all types of projects. It varies depending on the requirements of stakeholders and the requirements of the business. Not only this, but also, various other factors are responsible for determining the cost of a PHP website.

An estimated cost of PHP web development is $25,000. The cost can go up to $95,000 as per the type and requirement of the project.

PHP web development

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Factors affecting the cost of PHP web development

1) The size and complexity of the project significantly impact costs.

2) The specific features and functionalities needed in the website development process affect the cost. Custom functionalities add to the development time and cost. The cost of training on PHP web development through industry trends web development course.

3) Complex UI and UX design, graphics, responsive design, and animations for multiple devices. More intricate designs usually result in high expenses.

4) Integration with external APIs, third-party services, or systems can impact cost based on the complexity.

5) Scalability needs, database architecture, and performance optimization affect cost. Building a website or application for high-traffic scenarios often involves additional development efforts.

6) Rigorous testing, quality assurance, and bug fixing are essential—the more extensive the testing requirements, the more time, money, and effort required.

What makes Technource the best PHP web development company?

Technource is one of the trusted PHP web development companies. It is like any other software development company, but one thing that separates it from others is “NDA”. Technource signs a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) to protect the ideas of clients. It cares about the app’s ideas as much as its owners.

You will get high-quality and impeccable services from industry experts, from project research, prototyping, designing, and development to deployment. Technource works with various technologies like Java, Python, PHP, and more. Professional developers analyze the market to find what is trending in web development and implement that after analyzing its usability in the long run.

Blindly following the trends is not the solution for building a successful web application. Use technology and trends that best go with the business and project needs of the client. This is what, the project manager cares about at Technource before building a software solution.


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