Mobile Apps Maintenance

Maintain mobile app to make it updated and running. Mobile app maintenance may decide the fate of your business. Technource’s app maintenance services will make your app always perform up to expectations

Mobile Application Maintenance- Comfort & Ease Of Employing

Did you know that 90% of the time on mobile is spent on apps? Also, that 60 billion apps have been downloaded just from the Apple app store. Launching a mobile application is an easier and better way to reach the masses. However, your concern does not end with developing an app. As they say, there is always room for improvement. Mobile application maintenance is just as important as developing one. Various aspects, such as version updates, new hardware, changes in SDK, third party structure, and APIs, can affect the performance of your app. Here is how employing our mobile app maintenance service may help you!

  • Significant improvement in the quality of the application.
  • Increased app life.
  • Reduce the risk of investment failure significantly and cost-effectively.
  • Boosts app productivity.
  • It boosts the app's ROI.

Technource Mobile App Maintenance Services- Find What We Can Fix!

We, the Technource team, believe that mobile app maintenance is important to avoid unnecessary downtime and poor performance. Ignoring the much needed app maintenance leaves you with only one option in the long run-new app development, which can be costly, time-consuming, and completely unfeasible. We highly recommend availing the following services to avoid such a fate for your mobile app.

Technource App Management Services- Why You Should Trust Us?

  • Technource has proven its technical excellence by acquiring global clients.
  • Our app maintenance team constantly keeps itself updated.
  • Technoure mobile app management team is sound in maintaining android apps, windows apps and ios apps.
  • We manage requirements wisely and deliver results on time.
  • Affordability and credibility are two strong pillars on which Technource stands.

We Offer:

  • Performance monitoring, testing, and management
  • Bug fixes by detailed analysis
  • Proactive maintenance and support
  • Post-strategic research update for the app
  • Constant consultation on technical updation of the app
  • Regular Changes in UI
  • New Device Integration
  • Moving the app to another OS
  • App store management
  • Accurate statistics, performance report and analysis


Advantages Of App Maintenance


Data Security

By regularly maintaining app can help you to resolve some of database errors. This will improve data integrity & security.


Improved User Experience

With preventive app maintenance, you can provide on-time service to your customers with quality. Happier customers will lead better reviews which can ultimately generate a higher ROI.

Service Reliability

Improve reliability

By reducing clone code, you can be sure that your application performs better and there are probably fewer chances of failure.


Reduce Churn Rate

App maintained properly are free of frequent crashing or run time error. In this age of high competition a better performing app ensures lower churn rate.

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