Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Apps (AI Apps) for Android in 2023


Have you watched the movie, Avengers? If not, you would at least be familiar with the cool character Iron Man and the advanced technologies he introduced us to. But the coolest part of the movie was J.A.R.V.I.S (Just a Rather Very Intelligent System). An Artificial Intelligence system that on a single command did almost everything that it was asked to do. Here we will discuss the best AI apps for Android. AI technology apps assist us by doing the tasks assigned to them while saving a lot of our time and resources. AI has become a prominent point of discussion for numerous business industries. AI is serving the mobile app development industry in myriad ways and that has increased our familiarity with terms like “OK Google or SIRI” type of virtual assistant.

What’s interesting to learn is that in 2022, AI hasn’t stayed limited to just passing voice commands. They have crossed the clouds of imagination and have opened up the horizon for infinite possibilities.

With this read, we bring you 10 AI apps for Android that have raised brows all over the world. So let’s get to it.

10 Leading AI Apps for Android for 2022:

There are many applications used by people but some are the most popular due to AI technology. Amazon Alexa is an example of smart AI. You can know what is the best artificial intelligence app for android in the blog. Here’s a list of the best AI apps for Android.

  • Cortana
  • Hound
  • Databot
  • Elsa
  • Socratic
  • Replika
  • Recent News
  • Edison Assistant
  • Swiftkey Keyboard
  • Sifter Magic


Cortana is a personal voice assistant developed by Microsoft. It’s your own productivity assistant that will assist you to initiate requests, locating something on your computer, scheduling tasks, searching the internet, and anticipating future needs.

Microsoft’s game Halo has a character named Cortana and the app is named after the same. Actress Jen Taylor has given her voice to the character and Microsoft has used her voice for the Cortana app since its inception in the US.

Here’s a list of things that Cortana can do for you.

  • Browse the internet for a phrase or keyword.
  • Add events to your calendar.
  • Compose an email or set an alarm.
  • Generate lyrics from audio.
  • Show weather forecasts and set an alarm.
  • Locate a folder or a file on your computer.
  • Schedule a reminder related to a person, time, or place.


Many tech companies are invested in helping computers understand human speech. Yet this Santa-Clara-based start-up has made its way to the top by creating a digital assistant app called Hound. It is like Google assistant. SoundHound the company behind Hound initially released it as a beta in 2015.

What sets apart Hound from other voice assistants is that it’s proficient to handle several demands at once. For instance, you can ask intricate questions such as “What day it would be on July 14th in 2029?”. This makes it better than anything you might’ve tried before.

Most other companies try “speech to text” and “text to recognition” for voice assistants, while Hound uses “speech to recognition”. This helps it deliver faster and more exact results as compared to its competitors.Moreover, the medical field is also not devoid of AI; you can know the Mental health condition.

Here’s a list of things that Hound can do.

  • A personal assistant that can hail a ride for you on Uber while also informing you of the distance, fare, and time of the trip.
  • It will schedule appointments for you in different parts of the world while informing you of time in different time zones.
  • Hound can perform niche searches. For example, you can search for Indian restaurants nearby that don’t serve Continental or Chinese. You can also add filters to these results like the ones that are currently open, are inexpensive, and have parking.
  • When choosing a hotel you can offer a list that you want working for you, like “A hotel in California from June 02 to June 08 that costs 400 USD per night and is pet friendly.” Hound connects all the preceding attributes in your search.


This is one of the most entertaining voice assistants for Androids. This AI answers all your queries with its voice and offers the best user experience. This AI answers all your queries with its voice. Some of the stand-out features of Databot are as follows:

  • It can customize multimedia presentations using text, images, and voice.
  • You can easily share answers via email, social networks, and email.
  • As the app is cross-platform, you can use this for your tablet, smartphone, or laptop.
  • It’s available for multiple languages such as French, Italian, Spanish, English, German, and Portuguese.
  • It can also act as your personal secretary and help you by saving your notes and reminders, setting alarms, searching contacts, and more.


If English isn’t your native language, it can be difficult to learn the correct pronunciation of every single word. You can read and write well but having the same fluency in speaking while not having your mother tongue’s influence on your accent can be a bit challenging. To achieve the same one has to practice a lot to sound like a native.

To help with this problem Vu Van created an app called ELSA, which stands for English Language Speech Assistant. Elsa makes use of speech recognition technology and artificial intelligence to help language learners better their English pronunciation. Elsa assists more than 1.5 billion language learners in the world to speak English more fluently. There are many other AI-based apps that are helping people with the same.

The platform can detect users’ pronunciation mistakes with 95%+ accuracy by merging proprietary speech technology with deep learning and AI. The feature Elsa Speaks listens to the way users pronounce words, conversations, or sentences to showcase exact errors and offer real-time corrections on pronunciation mistakes and how one can improve on the same.


Socratic is a mobile learning app that was acquired by Google in 2018. It is designed to help high school and college students with their studies by making use of AI outside of their classroom. It offers them the available resources while also suggesting to them the core concepts that will lead them to desired answers.

To use this platform a student can click a picture of their question or ask the same via voice assistant. The app would find all the relevant resources from around the web and display them. It will also help them in understanding the textbook handouts or content. They can take pictures of the same and try alternative explanations.

The platform has created smart algorithms that understand complex problems and automatically suggest the underlying concepts. Once this is found the app would suggest concept explanations, and online resources like videos to help them work through their problems.


Chatbots are some of the most well-known used applications that make use of machine learning and natural language processing. Replika is a platform where even a layman with no knowledge of machine learning can create and train their own chatbot.

Eugenia Kuyda, after the sudden death of her best friend, made use of her chats and email history to recreate her friend as a chatbot. Based out of San Francisco, Replika AI is a chatbot that doesn’t need a gigantic amount of data to learn. All it needs is you. Replika is an innovative platform that assists you in creating a digital version of yourself.

As you converse with Replika it will store information about you such as:

  • Traditional Info (name, gender, work status, birthdate)
  • Mood Spectrum
  • People you’re interested in
  • Interests & Hobbies.
  • Instagram (You’ve to enable it)
  • Images and Videos you send.
  • Chat history

Replika stores your information with the only purpose of improving the chatbot’s capabilities. As you interact more with the platform, you will observe that Replika becomes more human and starts having deeper conversations. Replika can adapt to your likes and dislikes, create its own ideologies, and even learn the way you speak. So in a nutshell, Replika replicates you.

Recent News:

Recent News is an AI-powered news app that has made it big in the global market just by studying users’ reading habits. If you are someone that likes to go through everyday news from your mobile then this app is the perfect fit for you.

The platform makes use of advanced algorithms to study a user’s reading habits and recommends the latest news, trends, articles, and other relevant reading materials. The AI will pick up on your past behavior, interests, and reading habits. It will send you news updates based on what you follow, and the articles are exported to later reading as they get bookmarked.

Edison Assistant:

Edison uses artificial intelligence and machine learning that help you manage your digital life more effectively. The primary aim of the app is to invite smart ways for its users to manage their digital tools such as calendars, emails, and contact lists.

The app offers already offers intelligent services to manage your mail such as collecting key information automatically into simple folders such as bills, receipts, travel info, package tracking, and more. For instance, if you’ve ordered a package the app will share the delivery status or if you’ve booked a bus the app will update you on delays or cancellations.

The platform has also introduced the feature of smart reply. Using the same you can choose from 3 possible answers to any given email that uses AI techniques powered by your own phone. It also has a security assistant to monitor high-profile hack attacks. It pings you when your email address is used on any list that is affected by data breaches.

Swiftkey Keyboard:

Having a decent keyboard is the perfect key to enjoying a good Android experience. As we can learn from the name this app offers a keyboard to its Android users. Swifykey makes use of AI and offers an intuitive interface. It adapts well to how an individual user types creating a personalized typing experience. The app suggests and corrects sentences automatically, saves time, and allows them to type in several languages at the same time without making any changes in the settings. The app also offers changes in themes, color, font style, design, and external emoji.

Sifter Magic:

In the world of communication and social apps, there are tons of memes, photos, screenshots, and more that we receive every day. The same keep piling up in our gallery app. To get rid of the same one either has to clean everything while losing some important data or go through the tedious process of removing each image one by one.

Creators at Siftr observed this pain and developed an app that converts the space-wasting image file cleaning into a quick process. The app scans all your images in batches of 500 categorizes them as memes, junk photos, forwarded images, and others received in messaging apps such as Whatsapp.

The app uses neural networks and deep learning to its advantage. This helps it recognize and sort photos on your phone. This is how the app differentiates between a meme from a screenshot or a Telegram image from a WhatsApp one.

Wrapping Up:

So, here’s a wrap on this interesting blog. We hope our read was a fruitful one. AI is empowering businesses to offer services in a way that invites ease in the user’s life while utilizing minimal resources.

If you too have a cool idea that you want to exercise making use of AI you should get in touch with an AI development company and hire AI developers for Android & iOS. We – Technource, a reputed name in the IT service industry have also created industry 4.0 solutions that cater to our client’s specific needs. To get in touch with us sign up for a simple consultation form on our website or give us a call. Thank you for reading.

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