Top 5 Google Search Console Features that You Must Know About

Right after launching your website with the help of a web development company, the first step you should take is the creation of a Google Search Console account. It helps you understand the ways Google uses to crawl, analyze, and index your website. You can easily discover all those reasons that are responsible for the poor user experience and low rankings of your website.

Today, a lot of significance has been gained by various Search Console features, among SEO professionals as well as webmasters. Google Webmasters Tool has been renamed and repackaged as Google Search Console in May 2015. If you are looking forward to explore Search Console, read this blog to understand its various features.

What Is Google Search Console Service?

Google Search Console service is offered by Google at no- charge for webmasters. Using this web service, webmasters can optimize their website visibility, monitor, and maintain it, while at the same time checking the status of indexing.

5 Google Search Console Features

Today, a lot of significance has been received by various Search Console features, among SEO professionals and webmasters. Google Webmasters Tool was renamed and repackaged as Google Search Console in May 2015. If you are looking forward to exploring Search Console, read this blog to understand its various features.

Some of the major features of Google Search Console are mentioned below.

  • Search Analytics
  • HTML Improvements
  • Crawl Errors
  • Fetch as Google
  • Sitemaps & Robots.txt Tester

Know about each feature in detail below

Search Analytics:

One of the most popular features of the Google Search Console is Search Analytics. It tells you a lot about how to get organic traffic from Google. Search analytics also offer critical search metrics from the website that includes clicks, impressions, rankings, and click-through rates. It is easy to filter data in multiple ways like pages, queries, devices, and more. SEO professionals never fail to check the Queries section as it helps in the identification of organic keywords that people commonly use to search for the products or services offered by a website. Moreover, the chances for the website to appear in the featured snippet due to structured data analysis by SEOs.

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You can also find out the number of visitors using image search for visiting your website. The average CTR of mobile and desktop can be easily compared. The average position or ranking of specific pages can be checked.

HTML Improvements

This section is associated with HTML Improvements. It helps in improving the display of the SERP. In case, any issues occur related to SEO, these features help in their identification. Issues like Missing Metadata, Duplicate content, over or under-optimized Metadata, and more can be easily identified. If identical content is available on the internet as multiple pieces, the search engines find it difficult to decide on the content that is more relevant to a specific query. Similarly, if metadata like Meta descriptions and Title tags are missing, they can be found out.

Crawl Errors

Checking the crawl error report periodically helps you to solve various problems related to the crawl section. All the errors related to Googlebot encounters are shown clearly while crawling website pages. All the information about those site URLs that could not be crawled successfully by Google is shown as an HTTP error code. An individual chart can be easily displayed, and information like DNS errors, Robots.txt failure, and server errors can be revealed.

Fetch as Google

One of the essential tools is, Fetch as Google, it helps in ensuring that the web pages are search engine friendly. Google crawls every page on the site for publishing or indexing on the Search Engine Result Page. The URL is analyzed with the help of this tool for verification. It includes changes in the content and title tag. This tool helps in communicating with the search engine bots and it finds out if the page can be indexed or not. This tool also helps in indicating when due to certain errors, the site is not being crawled or got blocked by coding errors or robots.txt.

Sitemaps & Robots.txt Tester

An XML sitemap is used to help search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc) to understand the website better while crawling by robots. There is a section named sitemap where you can test your sitemap to be crawled. No web pages are indexed by Google without a sitemap. Robots.txt is a text file that instructs search engine bots on what to crawl and what not to crawl. This file is used to check which URL is blocked or disallowed by robots.txt

Creating an account can help in exploring Google Search Console and understanding its features in a better manner!

Final Note:

This is the end of the blog. You must have understood how important Google Search Console Service is, and what its features are. Technource is a leading software development company in the USA and it develops SEO-friendly applications and websites for a wide range of businesses.




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