Saikat Ghosh

Saikat Ghosh working as a Business & HR head at mobile app development company, Technource. He is an Electrical engineer by education and studied management from IIM, Calcutta. He has worked last 23 years in client-facing roles like Marketing, Sales, and Support. He loves to work with on-demand app development, Marketing & Sales strategies, brainstorm new ideas, and learn from people. When he is off from his regular job, he works for his theatre group.

Today, it’s impossible to fathom a world without digital payments because it continues to strengthen its iron grip. NFC payment apps offer a great level of speed, convenience, safety, and efficiency to online transactions. NFC-enabled payment device helps to make payments quickly and securely.

$116 billion was the revenue from outsourcing software in 2022. It was more than 6% from the year 2021. Revenue from offshore software development is expected to reach around $145 by 2027. More than 60% of companies outsource software development services in 2023.

As the name of the title implies, both Bootstrap and React are front-end development technologies. However, selecting one technology is not easy. So you need to go through the Bootstrap vs React comparison table.

A Slackbot delivers automated messages and sets reminders for you and your team members. Slackbot is an amazing helper for business operations to generate customized responses. In this blog, you will learn how to develop a Slackbot with the help of Golang, what is Slackbot, Golang, and much more.

Your non-profit organization can maximize its efficiency, revenue, and impact with the help of non profit salesforce software. Your staff in nonprofit organizations can be more productive because the software empowers staff to do more with less.

Custom software solutions are apps and software according to the business needs and goals. The development process of custom applications is difficult because a development team has to go through requirements gathering.

The software development life cycle includes many phases and the design phase is one of them. SDLC design phase helps to define how to turn the idea into a product through this multistage process. A development team works to develop software.

You are surrounded by many embedded systems, but you don’t realize that. It is because embedded system programming has become very common and is used in various devices. Embedded devices are electronic components.

Taxi booking apps have taken the world by storm. Uber is a popular name that comes first to our minds when talking about taxi apps. It generated revenue of around $17.4 billion in 2021. Many best taxi apps are performing effectively.

It can be shocking that 90% of the time spent on mobile is on applications. Apps have become an important part of people’s phones and lives as well. It is because people look for every solution in the apps.

Organizations in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East reported that they use on average 3.56 different communication methods within their organizations, and the HR portal is one of them. More than 50% of large-size organizations are planning to increase spending on enterprise hr portals for the smooth running of their businesses.

Fastboot mode offers many benefits to customizing the Android device. But when your phone stuck in this mode, how to exit Fastboot mode safely without losing the data? This blog presents you with the best ways to exit Fastboot mode.

The world has around 1.6 billion websites. They are from different industries like education, real estate, healthcare, advertisement, manufacturing, and others. But do you know the core platform without which these websites can’t even open? It is system software in the system.

Internet of medical things (IoMT) is going to swell to around a $158 billion valuation in 2022. The revenue continues to grow in the Medtech industry. It is expected to grow by 600 billion U.S. dollars by 2024.

“Data is the new fuel”. An organization’s decision-making and strategy rely on it. There is no doubt, that data has become an inevitable part of a successful business. Companies are spending millions to manage their data.

Are you waiting for the iOS 16 Beta 2 Release? Here ends your wait. Because iOS 16 has been released on 22nd June 2022. Sometimes back, a report from Bloomberg alleged that the iOS 16 public beta might arrive a bit later than usual.

Angular is Google’s one of the excellent frameworks. It is a type-script-based web application framework. After the success of Angular 13, developers were waiting for the release of Angular 14. So, on 2nd June 2022, Google released the latest version, Angular 14. It is a methodical pre-planned update of Google.

Communication between the applications and devices is crucial for the success of the product and to deliver comprehensive services to the users. REST API plays a crucial role to enable effective and fast communication. That is why REST API development is growing more than ever before.

React Native powers most mobile apps and its popularity is not a secret. It is a cross-platform mobile framework that is used for app and web development. Developers have to find the best local database for react-native to make the app scalable and robust.

Are you planning to develop a WordPress website, but don’t know how to begin? The professional developers of the top WordPress development agency Technource are presenting you with this write-up to help you.

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Almost all companies have their websites today. It is because they know the importance of a website. A large number of people have access to the internet and take services online. In this case, if a company doesn’t have a website, it can’t reach numerous target audiences.