Food Business App Development Company – How to develop Your Own Food Delivery App amid the Pandemic?


The sudden outbreak of the pandemic has drastically affected businesses all over the world. The global economy has never taken such a brutal hit in the prior years. Governments all over the world are working day and night to help improve the economy but yet industries continue to lose large chunks of money. The UN Conference on Trade and Development reported that there can be an impact of 1 – 2 trillion USD on the global economy due to the coronavirus outbreak.
Due to the unavailability of a vaccine any company has to work with restrictions and that can always prove to be less productive than having normal working conditions. However, the on-demand food delivery business is exploring new opportunities with the closing of cafes and restaurants. Due to safety reasons consumers now prefer to order their favorite food at home. Grab’s revenue has spiked up by 20% in Singapore according to a report by CNBC.
Though offering a no-contact delivery has been a challenge for the companies, Postmates seem to have cracked the code. Postmates added a “non-contact” delivery feature on 06th March 2020. The underlying aim behind this feature was to minimize and remove the spread of coronavirus through their contract workers. Posstmates introduced a new “Drop Off” feature that asks the user how they’d like to receive their delivery.
According to Bloomberg, ‘Meituan Dianping’ – a Chinese food delivery platform has also introduced a similar “non-contact” delivery feature.
In this blog, we discuss prominent ways of starting an on-demand food delivery business amid the corona outbreak. It also shares insights on how one can effectively sustain the on-demand food market in these challenging times.
Let’s start with the basics!

Basics of On-Demand Food Delivery business

There are three basic types of on-demand food delivery apps.

  • On-demand food delivery app for your restaurant with your delivery personnel.
  • On-demand food delivery app for takeaways.
  • On-demand food delivery apps with your delivery drivers working for others’ restaurants.

Among the preceding 3 types, the most profitable is the one with your troops making deliveries for other restaurants.

  1. In this model (your drivers working for others’ restaurants), you can reduce the operational cost and resources utilized by 30% if you opt for the gig economy model.
  2. There are three important sub-apps of a conventional on-demand food delivery app. The primary two are for users and drivers. The other is a dashboard that is designed for the admin and is a part of the on-demand food delivery app.
  3. On-demand services have introduced many ways of earning money. Some of them include offering premium versions, commission-based earning on each order from partner restaurants, earning through ads, rating-based commission, and much more.
  4. They also offer various discount coupons and offers to their users. Extra delivery charges for distance higher than 3-4 km is also a way for earning.
  5. The most challenging part of the on-demand business is aligning the deliveries with the demands and that too on a disciplined timeline. With the introduction of technology such as Artificial Intelligence, these criteria are also being met more effectively.
  6. Food delivery companies pay a higher per delivery wage in the high-demand areas and encourage drivers to serve the same. They also offer the same benefits on rainy days as the demand surges up quickly due to bad weather conditions.
  7. The on-demand food delivery giants use the ‘divide and rule’ formula to deal with the queries and problems of delivery drivers. They allocate dedicated teams and centers that only focus on this one domain.
  8. The company keeps track of the driver’s activities to ensure they’re following the standard practices of the company.
  9. These companies tend to deposit earnings of drivers and restaurants on a predecided day of the week. Some companies also give them the liberty to claim their payment anytime – any day.
  10. These apps also offer utmost transparency among users by helping them add their reviews and ratings to restaurant owners, drivers, and food quality.
Having learned the basics of how on-demand apps function let’s now switch our attention to learning the things to keep in mind while developing an app for the same.

Things to Keep in Mind while Developing an On-Demand food business App

Here are some of the most important things you should ponder before developing an on-demand food delivery app.

Think Long Term

In these tough times, creating an on-demand app just to earn money can tempt any individual. But what you should focus on is creating a loyal consumer base from your initial launch.

Hence, your primary goal should be laying out your short and long-term goals with your business. You should be thorough with the business model you want to implement. Many other things would be required to initiate your on-demand business. Some of them include your targeted niche, app features, locations, legal service, and much more.

Your app would only be as good as the amount of hard work you do before you go ahead with your launch.

Choose your App Development Company Wisely

You must be careful in choosing your app development company. Due to the outbreak almost all the countries are taking extra measures such as shutting down offices, ordering companies to implement work-from-home policies, practice social distancing, and much more. So, if you’re outsourcing your project to a company heavily affected by COVID at the present time, then it’s natural to experience delays.

Other than this, in such challenging times, every company is keen on becoming a part of a project like yours. You must study the company’s profile to its length. And, you should examine the projects they’ve already delivered and how successful they are.

You must prepare a timeline on which you want your project to launch as ‘Time is Money’. If your app development company takes forever to deliver your project then someone else could capitalize on this priceless opportunity.

We – ‘Technource’ – are a professional IT service company that has been cultivating expertise in this domain for 8+ years. Our work and case studies are available on our website for you to examine. We design client-specific software solutions at the most cost-effective rates as compared to other regions of the world.

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Brainstorm Ideas Together

Having an experienced team to guide you is always important when it comes to app development. You should discuss your business idea in detail with your on-demand app development company and brainstorm ideas with their team of experts. You must validate your idea and identify the scope for it.

The company would charge you for every feature they develop for your application. Hence, you must discuss everything ranging from your app design to its set of features to your marketing plans in detail.

Stay with your Vision

The app development companies tend to give you weekly or monthly updates on your ongoing app development. The updates include how far your app has been developed and what are features they’ve added to it. If you’re not comfortable with the design or features or anything in particular that they’ve added to your app, be vocal about it from the start.

Your app would be a representation of your services. From the first login page to the check-out page, everything is equally important. So, keep an eye out for every single functionality you add to your app. Your users will make note of everything and it will account for a good or bad user experience.

We at Technource follow the ‘Agile-Scrum’ methodology to develop our applications. It helps promote transparency and inculcate trust between us and our clients.

Test your Application

You must test the waters before you present your app to the world. Your apps can have many bugs that will only surface on subjecting it to real-time use. You should put your app to testing conditions so it doesn’t falter after its release.

Use Effective Marketing Techniques

Marketing your app can be one of the most costly affairs. You mustn’t fall for the conventional marketing traps that are already being used by your competitors. The only you should focus on the 2-3 stand-out features that aren’t being offered by anyone else and can attract consumers.

You can achieve your goals by setting up small goals that you achieve effectively rather than chasing unachievable large goals and falling short of them.

How We Can Help You to Sustain with On-Demand Food Business?

You must take into account that this virus outbreak isn’t going to stay here forever but your app would. Hence you should develop an app that is in congruence with futuristic times. If your app isn’t adaptable to the current market scenario then it would become difficult for it to survive in the long run.
  • App creation isn’t a one-time process. You would have to stay updated with the changing market trends and map appropriate changes from time to time. So, you should choose an app development company that provides you with continuous support as long as you run your on-demand app business. It becomes a real convenience if you have a company that is always ready to update your app to quick market changes.
  • Your goal should be to form an initial consumer base but that shouldn’t be your only goal. You should introduce strategies that keep your users actively involved even after the pandemic is over. To achieve this, your core focus should be on designing a captivating user experience with your app.


Above we learned the basics and important techniques of how the on-demand food app business works and how you can approach your app development process. The following section offered information on how to survive the on-demand food market if you’re a newcomer.
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