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Introduction: Foodboss Clone App

There are a ton of on-demand food delivery apps that have successfully captured their niche and are generating high revenue with each passing year. It’s worth investing your time and energy in the on-demand food delivery market, it offers astounding results. But as of today, you would require a really strong business strategy and a lot of funds to get anywhere near the already established players of the food delivery market. Here we talk about foodboss clone app.
You don’t want to spend your years working day and night on an idea that holds no futuristic potential. Having said this, it simply doesn’t mean that there is no room left for innovation in the on-demand food market. The only trick you need to learn is choosing just the right idea that can earn you profits from the go.
One such idea with striving potential is the ‘Food Delivery Service Comparison App’, which has been exercised by a US-based company named FoodBoss. This blog offers insights on how this platform serves its niche, features you can include to make a clone app, and much more. So read-on!

How Does the Food Delivery Service Comparison App like FoodBoss Work? or How FoodBoss Clone App work?

You might’ve observed that the same dish costs differently on different on-demand platforms. FoodBoss allows its users to compare prices, delivery timings, total costs, and other such parameters. So the app acts as an aggregator that aggregates third-party delivery platforms as well as direct restaurant delivery options. You can think of FoodBoss as an all-in-one search engine for food delivery apps.
This app idea has been inspired by the hotel price comparison app called ‘Kayak’. The app shows you comparisons between apps and restaurants and then redirects you to the partner sites for you to complete that order. On a typically busy day, you can order the quickest deliveries and save some bucks at the same time.
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User Benefits:

Let’s understand this with the help of an app named ‘Kayak’ that allows users to compare flight timings and prices. At times a user wants to know the timings for the cheapest flights while other times they might want to know the timings of the quickest flight.
Similarly, FoodBoss allows its users to learn the comparisons between the estimated delivery timings, delivery prices, total fees, and even different menus from the available restaurants and third-party apps.
Since every user has varying preferences using FoodBoss proves to be a cost-effective and time-saving way to order food on a day-to-day basis.

Business Model:

The app functions by integrating third-party app APIs on your platform. As all popular food apps are open to sharing their APIs one can easily integrate the same. A user can explore and compare different apps on your platform. The platform charges the third-party app and direct restaurant partners with a CPC or a percentage of the revenue they make on each order.
As the app starts generating a considerable amount of revenue you can add other filters like Liquor or Grocery comparison. Following the same model users can then order groceries and liquor as per their preference.
The app holds great benefits for the already established and start-up restaurants. It provides them with increased visibility among a new mix of restaurants. Due to the comparison module the smallest, as well as the established players, are showcased on the same dashboard. This offers upcoming restaurants with recognition and encourages them to try your platform.

How to Make Mobile App like Foodboss


Since the app currently has only two participants namely Customer and third-party apps or restaurant partners, let’s learn the features necessary for them.
User App Features:
  • Registration / Sign-in
  • Search option
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Comparison filters
  • Push notifications
  • Payment Gateways
  • Communication panel
Restaurant Partner App:
  • Registration / Sign-in
  • Update / Change / Delete Menu
  • Restaurant profile
  • Order tracking
  • Statistical analysis dashboard
  • Communication panel

Which App Development Method Should I Prefer?

The two basic methods of app development will serve you well. The first is creating a clone app and the second being MVP development.
A clone app can offer you the most affordable and budget-friendly version of the app you’re looking for. Clone app observes the best user flow and This app would have all the features copied from that of the original app.
MVP development is the preferable option for start-ups and companies with serious budget-check. Creating an MVP is cost-effective, allows one to develop only the core features, involves lesser risk, and helps test the waters in real-time.

How can Technource Assist?

Technource is a competent IT service company that has already developed on-demand apps and MVPs for numerous clients around the globe. This gives us an edge over other app development companies. We have a dedicated development team that has cultivated expertise in creating web and mobile apps.
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You can sign-up for a free consultation session and our experts will get back to you as soon as possible. If you’re looking for a new app idea to invest in the food segment FoodBoss clone app is an already validated idea that can help you earn high ROIs. Let’s exchange ideas at the quickest.

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