Logistics App Development : How Digital Disruptions are Transforming the Logistics Industry

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  • Introduction: Logistics App Development

    The digitalization introduced by smartphones and on-demand apps is transforming the logistics industry for good. The logistics sector has been the oldest of all the other industries and has faced a lot of adversaries due to a lack of efficient technology to fill gaps between buyers and sellers or customers and buyers.

    The digital disruptions would drive efficient processes, deepen their access to services, and open new markets with myriad opportunities. The logistic companies willing to stay ahead of their competitors have to catch up with the new wave of technology and digitalization.

    This blog offers information on the challenges faced by the logistics industry and how the on-demand platforms are providing efficient solutions to meet those challenges.

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    The increase in the use of automation today has eased logistic workflows by simplifying complicated operations by offering transparent and trackable logistic delivery. There is a dimensional shift in the way businesses operate today and in the dynamics of consumers and businesses.

    Today numerous industries are exploring the on-demand verticals such as eCommerce, grocery, home & beauty services, logistics, and many more. The sole reason for this happening is due to the convenience and quick services that on-demand platforms provide. Before entering the on-demand service sector, a business must be aware of the market that they’re about to explore and how it would benefit them.

    The tremendous growth of the on-demand logistic sector has inspired entrepreneurs around the globe to catch-up with innovative and futuristic technology. Businesses are including delivery management software in their business models to offer a more personalized and efficient delivery experience. As per a survey, the global logistics market is expected to rise in terms of revenue from 8.1 trillion USD in 2015 to 15.5 trillion USD by 2023. The growth is expected at a CAGR of 7.5 % between the time period 2015 – 24.

    Challenges Faced by the Logistics Market in 2021:


    Lack of Visibility:

    When you order a product worth 10 USD from Amazon, you can track the same at every stage. Logistic businesses deliver goods worth millions on one go but don’t have any means to track their products. This is a big disadvantage with a lot of money at stake.

    Inventory Management:

    The management of inventory is such a cumbersome task for logistic industries. Keeping a track of the goods, utilizing the space and managing orders, etc, are tasks that require automation to decrease physical hard work.

    Lack of Speed & Efficiency:

    As there is no way of tracking where your goods are once they leave a warehouse, the whole process becomes vague and inefficient. The lack of speed and inappropriate route selection is making customers unhappy and slowing down the supply chain.

    Loss due Fraud & Errors:

    Shipping & Logistics require huge paperwork involving port documents, bills of the goods being delivered, sales contracts, documents related to cargo and vessel, and much more. So much documentation leads to confusion and parties can at times misuse them by offering false documents.
    As the freight brokers are the ones controlling logistics & shipping services, a transparent and constantly updated system is a must for this industry.

    5 Digital Transformations ways for Logistics App Development


    Blockchain Technology:

    Blockchain offers a system that holds and records data digitally in a distributed database. The whole process is tamper-resistant, where, many users can inspect, access, or add data but can’t delete or change it. The tech offers immense benefits such as greater scalability, enhanced transparency, better security, quality assurance, and monitoring of real-time activities.

    Real-Time Tracking:

    On-demand apps are making use of tech to keep up with increasing demands. They’ve introduced real-time tracking to enhance the delivery process. The advent of fully integrated live tracking solutions is making efficient use of tech to help a customer or buyer track their orders until the last step of their process.

    Data Analytics:

    Data analytics is also a promising tech that offers sound solutions to existing businesses by accessing the numbers well and learning patterns from the same. It also helps companies by exploring additional business capabilities and increasing the delivery efficiency and as a by-product, retain more customers.
    Experts are now emphasizing more on using analytics to gather insights and discover patterns related to customers, trends, and processes. Analytics provides you with specific data on how much time does your service takes to serve certain customers residing in different parts of a city. This can help them save money by optimizing better routes for delivery. Analytics can also predict the service issues that might occur due to unexpected demand spikes.

    Efficient Route Planning:

    Using inefficient routes will never help your company deliver orders on time. Poor time management is a huge drawback for a logistic and shipping company. An on-demand app can make use of intelligent algorithms to assist drivers in completing more deliveries in less amount of time. It can offer you a truly advanced end-to-end tech-powered delivery platform.

    Order Management:

    To manage current and future deliveries order management becomes a centerpiece to any logistic service. Effective order management allows you to schedule deliveries and driver-pickups. To develop complete end-to-end visibility in on-demand logistic delivery a fully integrated order management system is of utmost importance. It helps a company save time, predicting potential delays, and keeps a track of current and future orders.

    Wrapping Up:

    The traditional logistics services face a lot of problems in carrying out regular operations like malpractices with consumers, hindering customer trust, lack of visibility, low speed & inefficiency of the delivery process, and many more the need to develop an on-demand app for your business is inevitable.

    The sooner you start investing in on-demand services, the better it would be for your business. It would also provide you with an edge over your competitors and account for word-of-mouth publicity. To gain deeper insights into the on-demand logistics industry, connect today for a free consultation on our website, and our experts would contact you in no time.


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