Meditation App Development – How to Develop a App like Headspace or Calm?

Introduction: Meditation App Development

Never in history has this world enjoyed the convenience of having almost everything at its fingertips. Today, human beings live lives that are in congruence with technology. This works as a double-edged sword. As we invite this flair of ease in our lives we also invite some of the unwanted things such as stress, anxiety, and the inability to handle our own thoughts and emotions. Here we will talk about meditation app development.
Apart from this, life has its ways of making and breaking us. Hence, life can get a bit overwhelming at times. Living a normal life, having a family to take care of, planning for your children’s future, paying your taxes regularly, maintaining a work-life balance, and so much more. The list goes on and on and so does our life.
The life that we want to live also demands a lot out of us. So, it has become essential to switch off all your systems, take a break and meditate. The phenomena of meditation are way old, especially in some places of the world like India & Nepal. It’s in the last few years that the world has started taking the ‘concept of meditation’ a bit more seriously than it used to.
This blog offers insights on what meditation apps are, the benefits they bring into a user’s life, and the things one should keep in mind to create a meditation app like Headspace or Calm.
First things first, let’s dive directly into understanding what a mindfulness app is.

What is a Meditation App?

As per the studies present by scientists all over the world, it has been proved that meditation has the capability of changing our brain chemistry and has a myriad of other positive effects on your mind and body. Apart from this, the emotional issues and the trauma we collect as a result of our actions and life’s uncertainty are released when we meditate. This forms a prime reason why meditative practices have gained much attention and popularity in the past few years.
Meditation is experience-based and is a confusing topic to understand. Developers around the world realized this and thought it would be highly beneficial if they can simplify this process for people. But they wanted to create something that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. And what can be accessed anytime-anywhere? An app for sure!
This is how the idea of creating an app for mindfulness was incepted by the developers of apps like ‘Headspace’ or ‘Calm’. Today’s meditation doesn’t force you to sit in awkward positions and chant mantras you don’t know anything about. It eases your way into meditative practices by offering you the perfect orientation that you need.
There are many such apps that you can use but let’s try to understand the same with the help of the world’s most renowned app named ‘Headspace’. An app that has managed to gain the trust of numerous individuals by offering them astounding experiences and by bringing their internal and external worlds in harmony with each other.
Now that you’ve learned what meditation apps are for, we can try and understand the benefits they hold for you.

Benefits of Investing in Meditation App

Here are a few evident benefits of using a meditation app.

1. Experience Guided Meditation

Guided mediation is one of the first things that you can help your users experience. A pleasant voice that just offers them the necessary insights on what to do when they close their eyes. This guide will help them practice breathing exercises and mindfulness at the same time.

The meditation practices should be such that they can be easily accessed by users belonging to any age group. Along with this, you can include special programs for other advanced meditators. Guided meditation can help beginners initiate their meditative practices and offer additional knowledge to other advanced meditators.

2. Fight Psychological Disorders such as Depression and Anxiety

Many psychological disorders have made their way into our lives due to many different reasons. Problems like insomnia, depression, anxiety, and many others have become more prominent today. Meditation helps one create a certain amount of distance from their thoughts and emotions.

This eventually helps people differentiate right from wrong and offers them intelligence that works for them rather than working against them. Investing in meditation can be compared to investing in mutual funds, you’ll get the right returns only if you invest in the right fund for just the right amount of time.

3. Learnings from Stress to Happiness

Your app can also offer learnings and sessions on different subjects like stress, depression, peace, bliss, and the likes. Above all, it can offer authentic learning on the subject of meditation itself. As it’s as important for one to learn the theoretical side of what meditation is and what treasure it holds for you as opposed to just practicing it.

Meditative practices place immense importance on the necessity of a “Guru” – a teacher that can bring you from darkness to light. Your app can be a personal Guru to meditators. It can help users understand the concepts of life in a better way and improve their experience of life.

4. Regular updates on your Health

You can track daily health updates like meditation time, stress levels, improvement in mood swings, and many other things. This would keep your confidence levels up as you’d daily get to learn the time you’ve spend meditating, listening to other meditative sessions or stories, tracking your weekly and daily updates on how you’re improving.

How to go About Creating your Meditation App like Headspace or Calm?

  • Registration/Sign-in

This is the most common feature for any app you use today. You must make sure that the user spends a minimum amount of time in this process. You can also offer other modes of registration using social media platforms like Facebook or Google to make this process quicker.

  • User Profile

You can add a survey that consists of some personalized questions related to the user’s current psychological and physical health, their futuristic goals with this app, and the likes. This would help the user set a goal for themselves and also help the app remind the user of their goals and how far they’re from them.

  • Meditative Practices

This would be one of the most important features of your app. The meditative practices you offer can start from 1 minute to whatever time limit you want to offer in your Freemium app version.

You can bifurcate meditative practices into logical groups. For example, meditative practices are based to improve sleep, reduce stress, improve concentration, etc.

You can offer meditations of varying durations. Users can choose the duration based on their availability of time.

You can add audio tips and stories to enhance their perception of what meditation and meditative practices are all about.

  • Desirable Start/Stop Button

Your main meditation screen will consist of this button. This button holds unique importance from a user perspective. This will be the “call-to-action” button that a user would press to start the meditation process. Below mentioned are some tips you can use to create a desirable button.

  1. A visibly large button that’s attractive and surges a desire to press it.
  2. Use a background image that is soothing and compliments the color scheme of your button.
  3. You can also add background music to your button. Try using something subtle. Nothing that’s too loud but something that just makes its presence felt and releases feel-good hormones.
  • Discover Yourself

This feature can be a self-exploration area for meditators. Here the user can catch the latest news, blogs, updates, talks, and sessions by experts and Gurus around the globe. You can offer a part of the content in the freemium version while offering individual or fully paid subscriptions to the remaining content.

This feature could work as a perfect excuse for users to stay on your app for longer durations.

  • Push Notifications

This feature can act as a point of contact between your app and the user. You can remind users at their time of meditation, send them various suggestions from the discovery section, show them their health progress, help them keep an eye on their desired goal, and much more.

How to Monetize your Meditation App?

Could you’ve imagined a successful meditation app a few years ago? No one did, including investors and entrepreneurs around the world. Eventually, the world started paying equal attention to mental and physical health. This created a necessity and broadened the spectrum of developing successful apps that promoted mindfulness with a monetizable business model.
No matter how cool an app you design, if it isn’t monetizable it will end up like the other apps on the app stores. Therefore you must plan on how you’ll make money to support your expenses as time passes.
  • Subscription Model

The subscription model is the most conventional form of earning model in apps. Learning from the example of Headspace, it provides 10 free sessions and asks for a subscription if you want more.

The subscription fee for a month is 12.99 USD / per month and it’s 94.99 USD / per year.

Headspace uses a convenient method by allowing users to try their services and then offering them a subscription if they’re satisfied with its services in their initial use. This approach is way better than asking users for an up-front subscription fee. Because no user can decide from their first use if your app is worth paying or not.

  • Built-in Purchase

You can add built-in purchases to your app for certain interesting services or parts that compel users to pay. You can include podcasts or special videos or music that enhances your user’s meditative experience and much more.

  • Advertisements

The Ad based monetization model is the simplest way to earn money in apps. The apps that gain a huge level of popularity always manage to catch the eye of advertisers. Advertisers aim to reach their users in any manner possible. Hence they won’t mind using a popular program or app that offers them an already targeted niche.

The subscription fee for a month is 12.99 USD / per month and it’s 94.99 USD / per year.

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