Lyra Health Clone App | What is a Mental Health Wellness App? How Does a Mindfulness App like Lyra Work?


The world can be fascinating as well as a scary place for anyone. If our physical and psychological health is in congruence with each other, we experience the world in a different light. But life holds the sword of uncertainty on our heads at all times. Certain events of life that we’ve experienced can prove extremely overwhelming to process.
Apart from this, our everyday life too brings challenges that can be difficult to cope-up with if we don’t possess a healthy psychological balance. According to a 2015 survey of the population of the US, about 50 million individuals were predicted to suffer from a diagnosable mental health condition. With such a huge number, only 1 out of every 7 would receive effective treatment. The others would be a combination of individuals who go undiagnosed, were diagnosed but not treated, or were treated but not effectively.
Such alarming figures caught the eye of David Ebersman, the former chief financial officer of Facebook and CEO of the mindfulness app ‘Lyra’. This blog offers insights on the importance of mental health and how mindfulness or meditation apps like Lyra work.
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What does a Mental Health Wellness App offer People?

  • There are so many confusing myths that surround mental health consultation. The mental health consultation is not related to offering advice, or developing magical thinking overnight, or prescribing medications.
  • Mental health consulting is coaching one’s mind to help an individual cope up with daily stress, dealing with traumatized events, processing strong emotions like anxiety and depressions, navigating through life transitions, and much more.
  • The process of mental health counseling is a very intimate and emotional one. It guides an individual to observe and explore their own thought patterns, behaviors, and sense of purpose.
  • The aim of mental health counseling is to help people identify the core cause behind their problems, help them understand their own difficult emotions by cultivating a deeper understanding of their own experiences.
  • The counselor’s goal is to follow a present and future centric approach that caters to the client’s well-being. Coaches with the patients prepare a plan of action.
  • The key progress is made by the client’s in-between sessions. These practices help clients engage in making behavior shifts in life.

How does a Meditation App like Lyra Work? or How your own Lyra Clone app will work?

  • Lyra is specifically designed to help individuals deal with their psychological issues by offering solutions that are specifically designed to cater to the set of problems they’re facing.
  • This happens to be a distinguishing feature of Lyra’s coaching program. The app uses evidence-based therapies that can help clients. Some of the content includes handouts, readings, or short video lessons. It also promotes interactive activities that can reinforce their key learnings.
  • The coaches of the Lyra app undergo vigorous training and are highly vetted. They receive education in evidence-based models such as CBT. From all the applicants only 3-5 % of the applicants who are highly trained and experienced get a chance to work for the platform.
  • The counselors are caring and compassionate beings that create a safe environment for the patients to deal with their emotions.


  • The coaches are trustworthy and special individuals. This can be proved by the fact that counseling is usually their second or third profession and most of them have found this passion to help others through their own process of self-discovery. All the coaches are graduates of the ICF.
  • The International Coaching Federation is one of the most renowned and rigorous professional coaching organizations worldwide.
  • They undergo 4 months of training to learn the Lyra Mental Health Coaching Model. They receive education on new methods, are given feedback on their coaching sessions, and receive a consultation to ensure if they’re following evidence-based practices backed by science.
  • Coaches eventually learn to track and monitor client progress. They assess if the patient is reaching the desired goal or is more suited for therapy.

Statistics to know about Lyra Health App / Platform:

Lyra conducted one of the first large-scale mental health studies that included 300 clients. The study was one of a kind that was conducted outside a lab in the real world.
The results showed that almost 85% of the clients using the app experienced improved well-being. Nearly 80% of the patients saw an evident change in their perceived stress levels.
Even higher improvement was observed with participants with higher stress levels and lower well-being. 95% of them showed improvement in their stress levels and 97% of them showed improvement in their well-being. Along with this 95% of the users rated Lyra’s coaching experience as very satisfying or satisfying.

Features to consider while developing Mindfulness App like Lyra or Lyra Clone App or Platform:

Customer App for Lyra Clone app / Platform:
  • Registration / Sign-in
  • User profile / Personalized health dashboard
  • Communication panel
  • Videos / Hand-outs / Readings
  • Meditative Practices
Coach App :
  • Registration / Sign-in
  • Communication panel
  • Dashboard / Client information
  • Individual Client Profiles / Edit or Remove options
  • Online lessons / Hand-outs / Videos
Admin App for Lyra Clone App / Platform
  • User dashboard
  • Client dashboard
  • Add or remove users/coach

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