How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Music Streaming App?

The advent of smartphones and mobile apps has completely transformed the way we avail services. In the myriad mobile apps that have flourished over the years, music apps have received unprecedented success. Music streaming apps such as Pandora and Spotify have made their place in our regular lives.

But what’s about apps like Spotify that make it so special? It’s because of the ease of access they invite into a user’s life by offering to gift their favorite music at a click of a button. Music has become a necessity for everyone. The temptation to escape reality with tunes just can’t be beaten. With music apps, one can explore various genres of music while customizing their personalized playlist. The only requirement is to access this service is that it should have a decent internet connection.

There are so many options when you search for music apps on Apple and Google play store. A large chunk of their userbase are Millenials and younger generations. But what are the factors that account for a decent music app? They are hidden in the features an app provides. To help you gain more insight on the same we decided to bring you this dedicated read that shares the essential features and cost of music streaming app development.

Benefits of Music Streaming App Development

With the internet becoming an easy availability to almost everyone on the planet, there has been a change in preferences of how we access services. Whether it’s watching videos or streaming music, users today want everything at their tips. Gone are the days when users used to go to the lengths of downloading audio tracks.

Here are the different benefits that you can avail yourself of by developing music streaming app.

  • There has been a definite growth of the music industry with each passing year. Also, users are getting prone to using online services and therefore it’s advisable to invest in an online music platform.
  • Music applications have received huge success in the past five years. Therefore, if you develop one using the right practices, its success is guaranteed.
  • By 2023, the global market for online streaming will reach 10 million USD. Hence, this is the perfect time to invest in the same.
  • Music platforms attract a huge consumer base by personalizing their playlist as per their taste in music and offering added suggestions.


Categories of Music Streaming Apps

Radio Station

Apart from the dedicated music app, radio stations have to go digital to attract a larger consumer base and offer users what they want. They offer a mix of trending and old collections. Pandora and iHeart radio are great examples of the same.

Cloud Storage

This is a different category where users can download and play their favorite tracks using cloud services. They can use this service as per their need. ShoutCast and Apple Music are classic examples of the same.

Server-Based Music Library

This is the most explored music category where a user has myriad options to choose from. Users can freely access your music or pay for subscriptions to access advanced features. With a free service, users have to face ads while they can download and explore tracks while using a premium version.

No matter which music streaming app you develop you have to offer necessary features for your users to make the best of it.


Features of Music Streaming Apps


To develop a smooth and fast onboarding approach one has to concentrate on using minimalistic steps to extract maximum information. This can simply be done by their social media or email.


User onboarding is a process that follows user registration. This process aims to a user acquainted with your application, ask for their preference in music, present them with a tour of your app’s features, and more.


The dashboard is the most interactive part of a music app. Therefore it should be designed with absolute precision. It’s the screen a user will reach after completing the preceding processes. Your dashboard should present a user with different playlists such as top 100, billboard’s top 50, recent releases, old is gold, and more.

This screen would also hold other navigation options in form of clickable buttons such as the library, search, and the home button.


This is the feature that keeps a track of the loved tracks of a user. They can also create multiple playlists and add their favorite tracks to the same.


This is an essential feature from a user’s perspective. Your consumers would want to cultivate their playlists. Offer them this option with other sub-option such as making a collaborative playlist, sharing tracks or full playlists, adding to queue, and more.


This is a key feature when it comes to exploration. An efficient search box is a key to user retention and fuels your reputation as the go-to place for discovering music. You will have to inculcate various filters that filter a song by artist name, genre, song name, and more.

Offering advanced filters can narrow down a search more accurately and quickly than normal filters. Hence, you should use the same.

Additional App Integration

You might’ve heard about the app Shazam. Using the same one can learn or discover new music when played by someone else. When you discover a track on Shazam, it provides you with the option of listening to this track with Apple Music or Spotify.

This is an essential feature to extend your app’s functionality and consumer reach. Any user using the other can learn about your app through that particular platform.

User Profile

Every user should have a personalized profile. It should include the information they’ve shared with the platform, privacy settings, a list of followers and following, and more. This will be a feature where the user can examine their transactions with the app.

In-App Payment

Naturally, you’re not thinking of offering your premium features without charging your users. You can use the traditional ad model to generate revenue and offer an ad-free experience to your premium users.

To conduct this process securely, you would need an in-app payment method. This should include fintech, debit cards, credit cards, and other payment options.

In-App Purchases

This is another open area that you can leave for your users to explore. Here the user can explore things like suggested earphones, blogs related to music, small and large premium packages, and more. Your preceding feature can also be used here.

Above we learned the most essential features of a music streaming app. Here’s how one can calculate the cost related to the same.


Music Streaming App Development Cost

The cost of developing a web, desktop, and mobile application is a big process. It requires extensive time and resources to make successful music streaming app. This process starts by choosing which app you want to build i.e. web app, progressive web application, mobile app (Native or Cross-Platform), and more.

Once you select the preceding you will have to select the tech stack you want to develop it with. Different tech stacks include PHP for web app development, Flutter, or React Native for a cross-platform app, Java or Swift for Android or iOS mobile apps, and more. Each tech has its benefits and limitations. You should learn the native vs hybrid vs web app comparison to make a suitable decision.

Then one has to decide on the features and complexity of your application. A simple app would take fewer development hours than a complex app. Multiply the total number of hours with the hourly development rate of a mobile app development company and you will have your total development cost.

As you see how hard it’s to pinpoint a single price for your app development process, we have curated a tentative list in regards to different app types.

  • Web App Development: 5,000$ – 30,000$
  • Desktop Application Development: 4,000$ – 20,000$
  • Native Mobile App Development: 6,000$ – 45,000$
  • Cross-Platform App Development: 4,000$ – 35,000$

This is though a tentative price range that can change with the scope of the project. To get a quotation from a mobile app development service one has to discuss their idea with their development team and then they can share a priced quotation.


Wrapping Up

Here’s an end to this read. Above we learned the essentials of developing music streaming apps like Spotify or Apple Music. If you’re looking for on-demand app development you’re just at the right place.

Our company has developed considerable expertise in the preceding serving the IT industry sector for 9 months. Therefore we are prone to working on such developmental projects. Our goal is to design business-specific software products while keeping our client’s budget in mind.

We also recommend our clients opt for an MVP, test the waters and then try the fully functional app development. This is because app development can be a tedious and costly affair.


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