Reasons Why Your Website Disappeared Suddenly and Solutions to Fix it

You will not get enough traffic to your website if your website is not visible in Goggle Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Millions of internet users type their query in the search engines rather than type website name in browser & then go to a website. If your website did not appear in Google then how can people know about your website? In short, your website must be appearing in a good position on the search engine result page.

So many websites owner complained that why their website suddenly disappeared or lost the ranking in Google. Unfortunately, your website may face such problems in the future, you should need to understand, why the website suddenly disappeared or lost its ranks in Google. You can read in this post, how to protect the website going to disappear and in case it disappeared, then what kind of steps you should take for it.

Google Algorithm

Perhaps, you may have an idea that website rank is considered by the algorithm system of Google. Your website’s visibility or invisibility, ranking, position, etc. all decide by the algorithm. If your website is not according to the algorithm’s standard, your website will not appear in search engines even your website is great.

Why Website Lose Rank Suddenly

You know that “To provide the accurate result to users for a given query” is Google’s motto. Nobody can say exactly why a website loses ranking in Google. But, the common reasons are poor content, unresponsive designs, inappropriate URLs, ordinary on-page SEO, and so on. The other reason is that Google periodically updates the algorithm for a better experience for users.

Reasons Why Your Website Disappeared Suddenly and Solutions to Fix It

Why your site disappeared nobody can give you an exact answer because nobody knows that how Google work. Although, some common reasons are responsible for the disappearance of websites. You can see the responsible factors in the post…

If a Website is Hacked

Unfortunately, website hacked is a common activity now if it is not secure and some websites are hacked by unethical hackers every day. If the hacker has hacked your site or webpages and tries to display spammy content or links. You should clean your site and fix any security vulnerabilities.

Spammy Content

If search engines found that your website or web pages have spammy content such as gibberish, scraping, cloaking, and sneaky content then they will stop displaying these pages. You should check your entire content to check whether any content is spammy or not. If you found such content on the website, remove it ASAP and must follow Google’s webmaster guidelines.

Duplicate Content

If an algorithm found that contents on your site are duplicated or tricky of another website, it will penalize your website. Examine the entire content of your site with standard Plagiarism checker tools to detect duplicate content.

Keyword Stuffing/Hidden Text

Hidden text and keyword stuffing are old techniques. Many website owners used these tricks to crawl their website in Google a few years ago & loses the ranking. But, still, a few website owners are using this technique to increase website rank quickly in SERPs. If the algorithm finds such tricks then it removed the page from the index. Never try to mislead the search engines to achieve a good rank of a website.

Black Hat SEO Techniques

This is the most common reason for the disappearance of the website. Several SEO experts are using the black hat SEO techniques to improve website ranking in search engines. Through, such activities may website rank is increasing quickly but when the algorithm finds such activities, it will ban the website and web pages. You should always follow standard SEO techniques for achieving a good rank in Google, it takes more time but gives you quality results.

Unnatural Links

If Google found that the pattern of your outbound links on the site and links that point to the site is unnatural, artificial, deceptive, or manipulative then Google considers that you are selling links that pass Page-Rank. You should create proper URL links for your web pages.

These are the major reasons that disappear your website from Google. I hope that this information helps you to reappear your website and improve ranking in Google.

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