How On Demand eDelivery Services has Worked Wonders for the Logistics Industry?


The ‘tap and get economy’ or popularly knows as on-demand services are generating enormous revenue for various industries around the globe. The ease in services that these platforms invite in user’s lives is the sole reason for these services to gain such rapid recognition. As per a survey annually 22.7 billion people spend 57.6 million USD by accessing on-demand apps which also include on demand edelivery services.

The on-demand app development services are making adequate use of the technology to offer services at a user’s fingertips. The service giant Uber just experimented with its first self-driving truck delivery. This expresses clear intentions of what the company’s planning next.

This blog shares the benefits the on-demand app services are showering in the logistics and courier delivery sector. Read on till the end to gather significant insights on why you should invest in an on-demand application for your logistics or courier business.

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Overview: On Demand eDelivery Services

The incoming of on-demand services has disrupted many industries. Users have already tasted the convenience that food, grocery, and other home delivery platforms invite in their lives. Consumers today want to access services at their convenience with minimal human interaction and the on-demand services provide just that.
The most challenging task for any business owner is to ship their products to their destination. Big business houses have a massive requirement for on-demand services as their drivers can anytime fall sick or bail on them for a better fare.
Here is the list of the benefits the on-demand services offer.

Benefits of On-Demand Logistics and Courier Delivery:


Quick Services:

The whole concept of on-demand service revolves around providing quick services. Hence, these apps are a boon to the businesses needing everyday delivery of goods. In case of an emergency delivery or if their driver bails out they don’t have to rush searching for truck transport services.
The middlemen who provide truck carriers also charge a heavy fee for making instant deliveries. We offer the best ever affordable app development solution. Technology helps business owners by removing all the middlemen from making cuts. This also offers a free hand to the drivers to make a quick buck and work at their convenience.

Realtime Tracking:

Conventional trucking services don’t offer the facility of tracking your courier every moment of their journey. At times the businesses can lose their prestigious goods or fall short of their time commitments and incur losses. This can be avoided as a business owner can at anytime track where their shipment has reached and keep the receiving party informed on when to expect delivery. The app also sends notifications in case of bad weather or any other hurdles on the way.

Quick Booking & Payment:

The on-demand apps development facilitates the quick booking feature and also offers the luxury of making payments at your fingertips. As we are well aware of the way the truck drivers are paid, the on-demand services offer them instant payment for safe delivery of the goods. Unlike the conventional truck carrier services that make a driver wait for months before releasing their payment, an on-demand app does the same instantaneously.
As the allotted driver completes the trip, the business owner transfers money to the driver’s wallet or bank account. This helps inculcate trust between the platform, driver, and business owner.

Digital Accounting:

There was colossal paperwork that came into existence while making conventional shipment delivery. An on-demand platform for the same offers digitalization to your process. A business owner can at anytime observe the ongoing and completed deliveries, goods shipped, payments made, and much more. The same feature allows drivers to keep a track of the deliveries they’ve made and the fare they’ve earned from the same. Offering digitalization also invites the convenience of anytime-anywhere access.

Ease of Access:

Using the conventional courier deliveries one had to put in a lot of physical work and running around to find the right transport service with reasonable rates. Plus, the question of trust always pondered in their minds. With on-demand logistics delivery apps, one can sit in their offices and search for truck drivers. Check their profiles, reviews, ratings, history, and then decide if they want to hire them.
The drivers can also work independently while not having a sword hanging over their heads. They too have the liberty to accept or reject a particular shipment. This ease of access is a prominent reason to create an on-demand logistics and courier delivery app.

Optimize Future Deliveries & Warehouse Management:

An app for on-demand edelivery services or courier delivery doesn’t only offer quick deliveries but also offers added benefits. Using an app you can also optimize your delivery cycle by scheduling future deliveries with potential drivers. This would help you plan your deliveries for the month. In case of any glitches or cancellations, you can always search for currently available drivers.
You can also manage your warehouse digitally if you incorporate features for the same in your app. This would be a huge benefit for you as now you can keep a bird’s eye on every delivery that is being made.


Here we learned about the top 5 benefits of having an on-demand logistics app for your business. The on-demand logistics and courier delivery business is booming and with the giant Uber taking interest in the same, there are many potential opportunities in the future. What are your thoughts on the same? Please express your views in the comments section. You can also contact us for on demand solutions.

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