Things to keep in mind before going for On-Demand Real Estate Application Development

Introduction: On-Demand Real Estate Application Development

The global pandemic in the year 2020 initiated a handful of new trends and needs for people to be able to carry out their daily life tasks and processes. This outspread of disease halted many usual lifestyles and had made people develop new ways of interacting with one another. Many business sectors are now operating in new ways and are trying to manage their usual ways of dealing with business tasks.

On-demand real estate applications are majorly helping out realtors to carry out their real estate business without any worse effects of COVID 19.

Want to Develop a Real Estate App For Your Business_

Current market post the COVID

COVID-19 has hit almost every sector of the industry. It made 20 million jobs disappear altogether. Due to this, the real estate market has faced a big shock too. People are either not buying new homes at all because of a shortage of money and not being able to pay huge checks. But apart from that, a more major issue is a health risk. People refrain from their houses, and going out to see the property they are going to buy physically is impossible.

In such a state, realtors who don’t have a web or mobile application are out of business as a whole. During March, housing sales in Washington, D.C. dropped completely. Whereas in usual days of March and midsummers were the times when housing sales were at their peak. The pricing is increasing but doesn’t indicate that there is any chance of profit if you, as a realtor, are not on the web easing out the services for your clients.

Real Estate Business Approaches with Covid-19

Having your real estate business runs safely even during the COVID-19 conditions you will have to take certain
measures and keep your business afloat. You can carry out the following business approaches as a realtor in
situations of lockdown:

Allow clients access to information:

Your clients will find it difficult to access any information about the realtor world because of the limited travel opportunities. But here you can be at service. You can provide them authentic information about the market, prices, and all other related real estate topics. You can do all this and gain benefits in return if you have a web or mobile application. Also, you will provide your clients with a way to access information that may end up in sales through your platform.

Provide virtual tours:

Realtors know that their clients are in no position to visit properties physically, and hence a shortage of sales is happening. But to keep your real estate business running well and good in lockdown as well, you can provide your clients with virtual tours to the houses they might want to buy. You can either provide a camera or phone to record the property or have a web application to provide an integrated and well-presented source of having virtual tours. Realtors who have been using virtual tours to let clients visit the properties have been making considerable sales even in lockdown.

Automated solutions:

You can automate your posts on social media so that you may save time and focus on more important business factors, ie your clients. Giving most of your time to clients virtually by letting automated posting do its job for your website and social sites is going to benefit you big. You may find many software and plugins that are free and help you schedule your posts online.

What app features can you get covered while developing an on-demand Real estate app?

On-demand applications can help you big time to get your business through this pandemic safely without facing any loss. A real estate app development will have the following features and will provide you with maximum accessibility:

A fast application:

On-demand real estate applications will help you in building a stronger relationship with your clients. You will be able to have smooth conversations and carry out real estate sales by providing your clients with virtual tours to real estate properties. You will be able to get feedback and comments from your clients as well.

Application admin:

You being the admin will be able to deal with everything that your application does on the front end. An on-demand application is built just as per your requirements, and you get to choose the level of accessibility you want to have through your real estate online platform. You choose what your application looks like and also the features it contains.

Customer application:

Having an application for your real estate business will help you be more customer-friendly and be accessible for them at all times. You can access their comments and feedback and also address their needs at all times.

How will Technource have in application development for realtors?

Technource is one of the most trusted web and mobile app service providers. On-demand app development can be smooth through Technource. We can help your real estate business to keep running even during such pandemic situations. Our research team can help you to find and understand the business opportunities, required mobile app features and can develop best-in-class mobile apps to meet your day-to-day industry needs. Having an online portal for engaging real estate processes with real estate brokers, agents, and real estate customers will get a lot easier with real estate app development through our on-demand app development services.
Our full-service real estate app will not let your business suffer even during lockdown situations. Below few must need features/services for on-demand real estate application development:
  • Property listing section
  • Professional and potent look
  • Appointment manager
  • Agent management
  • Client profile handler
  • Chatbots


COVID-19 has made it evident that businesses can not bear stopping, and the only way out is through web and mobile app development. One can carry out the usual business processes through on-demand web applications. Real estate business processes can be carried out digitally through applications from Technource.

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