On-Demand Trucking App Development : Things to Keep in Mind Before Starting an On-Demand Trucking Business

Introduction: On-Demand Trucking App

The wave of convenience and automation has disrupted every business sector in the world. This has been made possible through the advent of on-demand services. Since Uber introduced its cab-hailing services and observed astounding success with the same every business sector wants a piece of the pie. Here we will talk about building an on-demand trucking App.

After success in the transportation sector, Uber introduced its expertise in on-demand freight shipment services. For a business owner, transferring the goods from their place to the destination is the most hectic process. The on-demand services would certainly introduce convenience and speed to the process.

On the other hand, if we observe the life of truck drivers it’s filled with boredom, minimal pay, perils of the night, health constraints, and what not? An app for this would give the drivers freedom in the way they want to go about earning their money.

The on-demand services have brought benefits and ease to both parties. The transport and logistic industry is a huge one and trucking is the most conducive mode of freight transport across the globe.

The on-demand trucking company has offered a lot of business by removing all the middlemen. It provides a platform to help meet the shippers and truckers. Technology has proved to be immensely efficient in equipping yet another business with the tools it needs. This blog shares information on things to keep in mind before creating an on-demand trucking app.

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Overview of On-Demand Trucking business/On-Demand Freight Business :

The trucking industry contributes heavily to a country’s GDP. There is no business that can function well without making use of freight shipment. The incoming of raw goods and the delivery of the final product both require freight shipment. Though rails too provide shipment, trucks offer more convenience while getting the goods delivered on the floor.

The industry has been working in the presence of middlemen, that earned a profit by connecting the shippers and the truckers. We have inevitably entered the era of digitalization and should make the best of it by not filling a middlemen’s pocket. The same role can be played by an app removing all the intermediaries.

Shippers who have to ship freight, post their details on the platform. Drivers can send the request for the fare and booking is made on mutual agreement.

Let’s see how the on-demand trucking app development takes place.

For Truck Drivers:

Most truck drivers freelance or work with a shipping agency. The ones working as freelancers get a permanent place to look for work which also has a high delivery rate. The ones that work with shipping agencies get an opportunity to work independently and on their terms. Drivers only have to register themselves on the platform and they can see the nearby shippers and shipments ready to be loaded.

A driver can book shipments that offer them the best deals. It becomes easy for the drivers as they can scout for trips right from their homes. They also get a variety of shipment options and also get a return load. Drivers face a loss of fuel and potential as they return with empty trucks en route back home, but on-demand apps make it possible for them to earn fare even while returning. This motivates truck drivers to join the platform and keeps them satisfied and happy. The app provides the complete shipment details and the exact location where it has to be delivered. They also get paid on the spot through the in-app payment integration feature.

For Users/Shippers:

There are ample options to provide the details of the kind of shipment they want to be shipped. This includes the load weight, type, pick-up destination, and the likes. They get notified through the app as the driver books their freight for shipment.

They can see where their shipment has reached in real-time while being shipped. The app provides the shippers with all the important details about the drivers. They also get notified of any other barriers like weather problems. These features make the shippers feel secure about their shipments.

The admin app is like a warden of the platform. The truckers can get enrolled on the platform after being verified by the administrator. The admin keeps a check on the drivers and also manages the shippers on the platform. He can also keep a track of their performance, settle payments, manage payments and refunds, settle payments, and become a database of all the shippers, trucks, and drivers.

Learning how the apps function lets have a look at the important features of each app.

Features for Shippers:


Login/ Registration:

The first time the shipper visits the platform they would have to provide important details like their authentic company details, e-mail id, address, bank details, and much more. The user would get a unique username that would be used to log in after the first time registration.


A Dashboard is a window a user enters after signing in. It becomes the base of the app from where other features of the app can be accessed. It contains different menu options such a truck details, estimated fare, history, and the likes.
ic_Booking Scheduler

Booking Scheduler:

This is an important feature for a freight shipment app. A shipper should be allowed to enter a date and look for the availability of trucks on that particular date.

Push Notifications:

Push notifications help a client become aware of their ongoing transaction with the app. For example, they help them learn where their shipment has reached in real-time. It also makes them aware of the new offers and updates related to the app. They’re independent of a user’s interaction with the app and can be sent anytime by the app.

Payment Gateway:

As the whole process is automated and the shipment is sent to distant places, it’s important to include secure payment gateways to support safe online payments. As the shippers would provide their confidential details it’s important you design this feature providing maximum security.

Communication Panel:

A communication panel is an essential feature to ensure proper communication between the platform and the shipper in case they have any queries or doubts. It makes the shippers feel safe as they have a place to go to in case of any problems.

Features for Truckers:


Login/ Registration:

A driver can log in on the on-demand platform by providing their essential details. The admin would approve the driver’s request after verifying their details. After completing registration, the driver can log in to his account to look for shipment jobs.


This is the first screen that a driver sees as soon as they open the app. Here they can see the upcoming jobs, past earnings, and other important data.

Real-Time Request:

A driver can book shipments in real-time if the trucker finds the weight, tariff, and delivery time suitable.
ic_Shipment Info

Shipment Info / Document Upload:

This feature would offer all the shipment info like time for pick-up, delivery time, location of the delivery, details of the person receiving the shipment, and much more. As a driver may have to pay some tax while crossing borders or have some other important documents, there should be a feature that allows the driver to upload such important documents.
ic_Track Earnings

Track Earnings:

This feature will act as a record keeper for the driver. It would offer all the information related to the past and current history of the earnings made by the driver.

Admin App Features:


Admin Dashboard:

The admin’s dashboard should contain all the important information about all the ongoing and past activities of the app. S/he can witness all the shipment details of the month, make payments and awaited refunds, and can also add or remove shippers and truckers.
ic_Vehicle Management

Vehicle Management:

This feature would allow the admin to keep a tab on all the different vehicles transacting on the platform. As different types of trucks carry out different freight shipments, the admin must be able to manage them efficiently.

Manage Shippers / Drivers:

This area would keep the detailed information of all the drivers and shippers who are registered users and the ones whose applications are being processed. This feature would also offer info on the transaction made with the shippers and drivers, and the trips made by them, reviews and ratings, and much more.

Why Choose a Professional IT Company for On-Demand Trucking App Development?

It’s an undeniable fact that a company that has ample experience in working within the IT sector would be able to offer you the best guidance on how to go about creating an app. Whether you want to create a web or mobile app, it requires an experienced team of developers, designers, QAs, and many other talented individuals. Creating a functional and successful application isn’t a one-man job.

We – Technource, have been serving the professional IT sector with our expert web and mobile development practices for the past 8 years. Our specialty is creating on-demand apps. Whether you wish to develop a clone app or a brand new one, we can make that happen for you.

We work on platforms such as Java and Swift for native app development while we prefer working with React Native, Flutter, or Ionic for cross-platform app development. We recommend MVP development to our clients who want to test the waters while keeping a tab on their budget. You would be happy to know that we offer our services at the most cost-effective rates compared to other regions of the world.

If you’re already a part of the trucking or logistic industry or are trying a new business venture, now is the best time to get ahead of the competition by creating an independent on-demand platform for the same. Your idea backed up with our technical expertise could disrupt the market. Sign-up for a free consultation to explore the on-demand trucking business concept to its length.


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