Top 7 Features to Consider Before On-Demand Tutoring App Development

Introduction: Tutoring App Development

The COVID crisis has brought incalculable trouble to students and learners all around the globe. As the world managed to find other solutions to run their businesses, so did the education sector. Due to the lockdown, the conventional teaching practices have been disrupted and schools and colleges are looking forward to online tutoring and homeschooling as their only alternatives. Here we will talk about on-demand tutoring app development.

Ever since the pandemic, we have also received numerous requests for creating an on-demand tutoring app. Yes, the project is not a big challenge to an experienced IT service provider like us but there has been a shift in the way schools and colleges offered their teachings.

This blog offers information on the top 7 features that you can include while creating your on-demand tutoring app.

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Overview: Tutoring App Development

The K-12 online tutoring platforms have generated significant revenue in the past year. The tutoring services associated with this sector earned a whopping 600 million USD last year. The market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 23% between the years 2019-23.

Apps are becoming the new go-to place to access any service. The revenue generated by mobile apps in 2020 was around 581 billion USD. The only thing required to grab a thin slice of this economy is a sturdy mobile application. If you concentrate well on the app development process and offer features that are most required by the consumers, your app will generate a loyal user base in no time.

Here is a list of the top features of an on-demand tutoring application.

Top 7 Features to Keep In Mind While Going For an On-Demand Tutoring App Development:

Parents are always worried about their child’s education and this has given the on-demand tutoring apps the recognition and push it needed. An on-demand tutoring app is only welcomed by the consumers if its features serve the purpose they should serve with minimal or no glitches.


Convenient Registration/ Sign-in:

This would be the first step for any user before joining your platform. Those long information forms that we used to fill are a thing of the past now. Every user might not have the agenda of using your app for a long time. You must offer a convenient and quick registration process.
Providing your users with a Facebook or Google login option is the quickest way to gather user information and allow them to access the in-app content. If you want to gather their basic information asking for their name, email, age, and mobile number should be enough. You can also keep a two-step verification by sending an OTP on their mobile numbers. Asking to create complex usernames and passwords is not entertained by consumers today.
ic_Advanced Search

Advanced Search:

Once a user completes its registration, they’re bound to sign in and start looking for their desired courses. It’s your responsibility to provide your users with relevant learning material when they search for courses using keywords. You must equip your app with long-tail/short-tail keywords that an average user might be friendly with.
You should develop an intelligent algorithm that guesses what a user is trying to search for. Not every user would know the spelling of each course they’re trying to search. Hence, an advanced search feature that can intuitively learn what a user is trying to search for will do the trick.

List the Best Courses:

The homepage of your app should display a list of the best courses offered by your app. Users won’t become aware of the best courses provided by your app until and unless you inform them. Your app must contain a diverse and value-adding course list. If your teaching provides no value to your consumers, eventually this would be the word of mouth publicity. Udemy is one platform that you can learn from. Their content quality and the number of users are both exquisite.

Personalized Dashboard:

An on-demand tutoring app should have a personalized dashboard that offers personalized recommendations and the history of a user’s explored courses. Your algorithm should learn a user’s preferences and offer relevant recommendations.
The dashboard should offer recommendations of related courses as per browsing history and purchase history. It’s like what a user is offered in an eCommerce platform by learning their frequently bought items.

Resume where you Left:

On-demand entertainment services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime make efficient use of this feature. No user would like to find their currently running courses every time they use your application. The user’s ongoing courses should be displayed at the start of their dashboard. Your app should remember where the user’s left the previous lecture and start right from there. The feature may sound simple but requires a high level of programming expertise to offer efficient use.

Interactive Learning & Assessments:

Your app can turn out to be a boring place if you try the conventional methods of learning. Your app would be no better than an e-book if there is no interactive learning. The tests you take also shouldn’t be boring. This is where learning through gamification comes in.
Using such interesting features you can even introduce a test at the end of each chapter. You can also have a revision tracker at the end of each chapter. The students should be provided with the liberty of choosing the type of test they feel is best for them.

Offline Sessions & Notes:

If a user has paid for a particular course they should be provided with the option of downloading the entire course on the app. There are still many areas where the internet hasn’t made its reach. In such situations, a user can download the entire course at once and watch it at their convenience.
The user would also require a note of the lessons they’ve learned for reference. Your course should have notes that can be downloaded, minimizing the user’s efforts and helping them concentrate on their course.

Wrapping Up:

Above we learned how the on-demand tutoring market has surged in revenue over the past year and the top features to develop an app for the same. If you possess an Edtech idea that can take the world by storm, we’re all ears. Now is the best time to act on it.

If you’re in search of an app development company to collaborate with this is just the right place for you. We possess the infrastructure and team to develop an on-demand app for you from its inception to competing with the best. Sign-up for a free consultation on our website and get in touch with us as soon as possible.

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