Start Your Multi-brand eCommerce Store Or a Website With an Ease!!!

August 11, 2017
By Technource

Have you ever thought of choosing an extraordinary eCommerce platform that can make traffic to your websites? For making your eCommerce store more approachable, what steps should be taken in terms of technologies used to build a website? Well, nowadays the Magento E-commerce Development and Shopify Development has covered almost the online business markets.

For recommending the best eCommerce platform to your client, it is important to know the usability of each platform. For selecting the best Content Management System and to make it adequate for the clients there should be a clear understanding of suitable platforms respective to the projects. The latest ones and most promising platforms are Magento and Shopify. How are they different from each other? Which is the best suitable for building specific online Stores? To clear out such fundas let’s discuss here:

The questions arise in the minds of internet merchants:

Which Shopping cart to use?

When someone asks, which shopping cart to use Shopify or Magento? This question can be answered with the awesome functionalities of Magento and Shopify both. Among the multifarious array of CMS platforms includes Magento, Shopify, WordPress Woocommerce, Joomla, and Opencart. We can also say eCommerce platform Magento and Shopify can be chosen according to the suitability to the online stores. Because they are both in different with their working tools.

Internet merchants can be of two types mainly: As we know, Magento seeks a skilled developer to manage the eCommerce website. Because It has enhanced functionalities that can be added or deleted according to one’s feasibility. To do so, one has to change the coding of their websites and need to add plugins or add-ons. For that, sound knowledge of programming should be there. So these websites can be afforded by the people having such knowledge or capability to manage a developer team. Secondly, for the people who are not having knowledge of programming languages and want to build online stores. For those, Shopify can be the best option. Because it provides all in one functionality with their package including hosting services and 24×7 support. It does not need any developer to be engaged with the building of online stores.

Shopify app development provides complete templates and designed structure for the online store to make it your website. Prior knowledge of HTML and CSS is enough to handle the websites. However, it is more useful with small business stores whereas Magento will be used for large business solutions. As it provides customization in each and every stage of coding. Both platforms are excel in their work areas and preferred by the developers eCommerce websites.

Why Magento and Shopify are most preferable?

Firstly, being an open source platform is one of the most favored things for developers. Yes, Magento is a fully open-source platform used for building eCommerce websites. It is having immeasurable features that attract many big brands, like Samsung, Ford and many other entrepreneurs. In today’s scenario, everyone wants to get the desired website and create a business that can stand out of the competition. To fulfill this Magento is the best solution for a digital period. Magento has some notable plus points that make it unique from thousands of shopping carts.

Same as Shopify is the best solution for hosting and launching your eCommerce website directly with the help of choosing a template. You need not to hire a developer or skilled programmers for developing an online store. It is mostly used for small and medium-size business empires.

Why is Magento trending? Does Shopify cover almost the big brands?

It is not new to hear that Magento has made 235,000 online stores out there. With Magento’s different editions one can easily cope with this amazing platform. It provides “Community Edition”, “Enterprise Edition” and the “Magento GO” edition. In addition to this, it has the most powerful back-end tool. Because there are 65 unique features among the total 77 of other platforms in order to make back-end more strong. This will need an assistance of some experts from Magento Community.

If we go for Shopify, it is the handy resource for building rapid online stores. Especially when building small sized business portals. Because it builds reliable websites rapidly with low-cost budgets. Additionally, it has the complete set of ready templates and platforms in which a developer does not need to change except theme editing or HTML codings. Shopify covers almost more than 10 percent of the world’s online stores. The giant business communities have worked with Shopify such as Red Bull, The Tesla motors, and the New York Stock Exchange.

Shopify presents a store which is visually appealing to the world without any complexities. Also, it has built marketing tools so that one can seize a traffic to their websites. Additionally, web hosting is done by Shopify from their end. Web hosting seeks a great knowledge and skilled developers but Shopify does it on behalf of merchants. This can be one of the greatest advantages of eCommerce platforms.

Hence, these both eCommerce platforms are having SEO friendly nature. Busing these platforms one can easily attract traffic to their websites. Both platforms have their different performance up to the mark. Stay connected with such eCommerce platforms and their developers to make your business updated with the world.

Magento VS Shopify