Meditation Apps Development – Top 5 Meditation Apps Ideas to Worth Investing your Money and Your Attention

Introduction: Meditation Apps Development

As we grow and start being a part of the cycles of life, we tend to develop certain tendencies beyond our physical control. That’s where the importance of psychological well-being pitches in. And that has been the primary reason why the wave of meditation and other spiritual practices has taken over the world by storm. This has given rise to the flourishing of Mindfulness and Meditation Apps development.
Meditation has always been the inner science of human life. Meditation apps offer people a chance to explore their inner and outer worlds more consciously. The dimensions and experiences that one can be a part of seems to have an evident effect on their psychological and physical well-being. This sudden burst of opportunities has raised the brows of many entrepreneurs and investors around the globe.
This blog shares insight into the top 5 meditation apps that have caught the world’s attention and how to go about creating a Minimal Viable Product(MVP) with your dream app idea.
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Top 5 Free Mindfulness Apps

1) Headspace

Headspace is a cult meditation app that has gained significant success over the years. Headspace aims to help its consumers by training their minds and body in a way that assists them in getting the most out of their day. The app is free for everyone’s use and can be used anywhere.

The app teaches the essentials of mindfulness and meditation with exercises led by the co-founder of Headspace, Andy Puddicombe. It has been coined with the prestigious title of ‘Independent Best Buy’. Headspace has received promotions from some of the most prominent television chat shows such as The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon and The Ellen Show. One of the recent reviews from one of the users states: After a few days with guided meditation I could really notice a difference in my way of handling stressful moments.

The app is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

2) Calm

Calm is an app designed to help beginners understand meditation and has bagged the prestigious title of “Apple’s app of the year” in the year 2017. Calm is a blessing in disguise for individuals beginning their process of meditation, and also has programs for advanced meditators. One of its users described Calm as: “a truly life-changing app”.

One of the benefits of using Calm is the short-guided meditative sessions. In addition to this, Calm also offers you a vivid library of nature’s scenes and sounds that one can use at their leisure. If you’re experiencing trouble going to sleep at night – Calm has the perfect solution for you. It offers bedtime stories for adults ‘guaranteed to lull you to sleep’. Calm has recently managed to raise 75 million USD in funding and has reached a 2 billion USD valuation.

Calm is also available for both Android and iOS platforms.

3) Aura

If you’re a person who is heavily invested in meditation and crave more of a personalized meditative experience then Aura is the app for you. The app has a unique way of offering mindfulness practices. Aura asks you questions and tries to learn a bit about you. You are then offered a daily 3-minute meditative session based on your answers.

The app is adored by Apple (#1 New Apps We Love) and is compatible with the Apple watch. The app aims to help you by keeping a check on your thoughts and stress levels and induce positivity eventually. One of the recent users commented that: “It helps me take a step back from my busy schedule and to calm my nerves”.

Aura is available for both the iOS and Android platforms for you to make the best of it.

4) Stop, Breathe & Think

This app has proven to be one of the most customizable apps to offer meditative practices. According to Cosmopolitan, the app offers meditative practices based on your current feelings and emotions. It aims to offer more personalized mindfulness and meditation experiences to its users.

Stop, Breathe & Think has been a winner of the Webby People’s Voice Award for the ‘Best Health App’ in 2017. A recent survey of the app’s experience from users states that there is an evident 22% decrease in anxiety after mere 10 short sessions. “great app to begin a new meditation practice or strengthen an existing one”, a user review.

The app is available on Android as well as iOS platforms.

5) Insight Timer

Insight Timer has added a social approach to its mindfulness app. The Independent has described Insight Timer as “a social network for meditators”. The app connects you with like-minded people around the globe and allows you to share and discuss your meditative experiences. There are many communities within the app such as Transcendental Meditation, Beginners, and much more.

The app offers you sound meditative practices led by the world’s top meditation experts and mindfulness teachers. The app has also received the high honor of being Time magazine’s app of the year. “Fantastic app! Helped me get back on track with meditation. Huge variety of meditations, talks & support”.

The app is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

Here we learned about the top meditation apps that are worth your time and attention. If you too have a dream mindfulness app idea I am sure one of your first necessities would be to learn how to go about making one.
If you’re already enlightened with a business app idea then you must follow the right app development practices to convert it into a monetizable product. One of the ways to go about it is by creating a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) out of it.
As there is a 0.01% chance of your app making it big like the preceding few, it’s really important that you validate your app idea in these uncertain times. MVP helps you learn honest feedback from your users when tested under realistic situations.
Let’s get a deeper insight into the same.

What is an MVP?

An MVP is your business product that has minimum but essential features. It helps you learn a good deal about your users and the product. It acts as a stepping stone towards creating a better final product. You can release ready-to-use products to collect maximum potential user data. So, the app possesses its basic features but the creators and investors yet don’t know what the exact final product will be. All the future investments in the app in terms of features or functionalities are made by analyzing the data offered by the users.

How can Opting for an MVP Help you?

An MVP presents the core features of your application to its users. If in any case, the app doesn’t appeal to the users you can know what tweaks and changes you should inculcate. If the app manages to create a rapport with its users you would learn what works best for them and how to add to your existing features. In both cases, you learn while losing very little of your investment capital.
There are 2 major problems with offering a fully functional product from its launch. The first being the high investment and the second, 45% of product features are never explored by users. Hence, if you calculate the limited resource and high ROI, you would definitely think that opting for an MVP is a better idea than offering a finalized product.
Due to the high uncertainty rate, it can become difficult to choose the MVP features. Let’s learn why!

Why is it Difficult to Choose MVP Features? For Meditation Apps Development (Mindfulness App Development)

Budget Check

A small start-up that isn’t backed by big-pocketed investors doesn’t have tons of money to invest. And if you’re already on a budget check then you would naturally be more anxious about choosing just the right features.


The competition in every business sector is cut-throat. You have to analyze and learn well about things like what your competitors are offering, is it working for them or not, how is their app’s user experience, and much more. If you choose to offer something that they’re not offering it will help sail your boat easily but if you make mistakes then your app would bleed tears.

User Expectations

Just have a look at the app stores. Many apps have come and gone but didn’t make it big, only because they offered something no one wanted. Hence, it is primary to manage user expectations from the go. If you offer something that people want, you would form a consumer base no matter how small a service your app is providing.

User Time Constraints

Many might’ve had the idea of creating a social network for the world but only ‘Facebook’ was the one that actually did it. Time is money – if you’re not fast enough someone else is going to steal this opportunity from you. So, it’s necessary that you offer the best of services through your product and do it as quickly as possible.

Key Takeaways

Here we learned about how the advent of Meditation apps and Mindfulness apps has generated great ROIs, the top 5 meditation apps, and how can you as a start-up go about chasing your dream meditation app idea.
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