Top Angular 7 Features You Should Know

What is Angular?

Angular is one of the most popular javascript frameworks built by Google to build interactive applications. When it was launched in 2010 the name was Angular.JS and people call it with the same name until Angular 2 came out in 2016. Angular decided to change the name from Angular.JS to just Angular to drop the confusion. Because Angular 2 was a complete rewrite of the framework. Not even a small thing was common to the previous version. In this article, as an AngularJS development company, we’ll let you know about the new top 10 angular 7 features that you can utilize in developing new applications.

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Before moving directly to the angular 7 features, let me tell you briefly about a framework and a library. Most of you readers might be confused between a framework and a library, the reason behind this is that even most of the professionals out there use both of the terms interchangeably but these two things are different.



Framework VS Library




A library is a collection of useable code that is used to solve common as well as complex problems. There are a lot of libraries for solving different types of problems are out there built by various developers to help others. We have libraries to solve math problems, we got libraries to solve machine learning problems, and so on. React, most of you must be familiar with it is a javascript library developed by Facebook for user interfaces.

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A framework provides us a bunch of reusable code, the same as a library but it also provides a structure to build applications. This means that if you’re using a framework you have to build your applications according to the structure of the framework. Angular and the Vue both are frameworks.


List of top Angular 7 features

Although angular 7 came with a lot of features to use in building applications here are the top of them that you’d really want to use in your applications.

  • Virtual Scrolling: Next in our list of top angular 7 features is virtual scrolling, although the scrolling feature was available in angular’s previous versions. But the angular 7 comes with something different called virtual scrolling. It allows developers to bind a big list of elements in small packets. After the implementation, as the end user will scroll down, the data will be shown to the user. This feature really helps for mobile as well as the desktop version of the application where the performance is affected after the long list of data is scrolled.
  • Angular Compiler: Now the new updated angular compiler allows 8 phase rotating ahead of time compilation. The angular compatibility compiler will convert the node_modules compiled with NGCC(Angular Compatibility Compiler) into node_modules with a TSC compiler transformer.
  • Angular Elements: Angular Elements were introduced in Angular 6, it’s a part of the Angular framework. Therefore, Angular 7 came with new updates into this part. For the custom elements, Angular now supports content projection utilizing the web standard.
  • Drag And Drop: This is one of the best features introduced in Angular 7, and my favorite too. By utilizing this feature, the users can reorder the list items as well as the transfer of elements between lists is also possible. If you want to customize the drag area you can do that using the CDK drag handle. Even the multiple drag handles are possible to apply on a list. The drag and drop feature restricts the movement along with X-axis or the Y-axis, it depends on what command a user chooses.
  • Bundle Budget: Bundle Budget has been added in Angular 7 where now the developers can set the limit of bundle size. The lower limit can be set to 2MB and the higher limit can be set to 5MB. If you have other requirements regarding limitations these limits can be customized as per the need. But keep in mind that the lesser the bundle size is the more the application’s performance will be improved.
  • Error Handling: The error handling in the angular framework is improved now. The @Output in angular 7 provides better error handling the feature in applications.
  • CLI Prompts: Command Line Interface prompts have been updated to version 7.0.2 in angular 7. This new version of Angular CLI comes with new features, for example, now if the user runs the commands like ng add @angular/material or ng new, the users will be prompted. This helps users to explore inbuilt routing and SCSS support as well.
  • Applications Performance: As compared to the previous angular version, this new version is more efficient that makes the applications more robust. Both the framework and the applications being built using it are smaller in size.
  • Native Script: This is one of my favorite angular 7 features before Angular 7 came out, developers have to create separate projects of the application for the desktop version and for the mobile version as well. But utilizing this new feature in angular 7, developers are able to create both of them using a single project. The source codes for both the mobile version and a desktop version are maintained in such a way that the sharable part will be in one place and the non-shareable part can be created separately in a single project.These are the top angular 7 features that you can utilize to build efficient applications. You can hire AngularJS developer as per your need. Let us know in the comments below which one is your favorite that you were waiting to arrive in the Angular framework?

These are the top angular 7 features that you can utilize to build efficient applications. You can hire AngularJS developer as per your need. Let us know in the comments below which one is your favorite that you were waiting to arrive in the Angular framework?


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