How Enhancing your UI/UX can Surge Revenue

How Enhancing your UI/UX can Surge Revenue

When starting an app development project, one always inquires about the tech stack, cost of app development, estimated time of delivery, and other related things. The one thing Entrepreneurs are unaware of is the importance of UI/UX design. But investing in UI/UX can potentially spike up their revenue charts.
Observing some statistics we learn that Google reached a million apps way back in July 2013 and since then the number of apps on Google has crossed the 2.5 million mark. Apple isn’t too far behind, with almost 1.85 million apps on the Apple app store.
In such a competitive mobile app market, one definitely shouldn’t risk their chances of creating a memorable impact on their users from the go. Investing in an app’s UI/UX has a potentially large ROI. It’s important to understand the gravity of the situation, where your app can fail your calculations and expectations, if not pitched in the perfect way to your targeted niche.
This blog aims to add-on to your understanding of how enhancing the UI/UX of your app could widen your revenue streams. So, let the party begin.

Why is it Important to Invest in UI/UX Development?

Let’s start with the basics!

1. Why does your app require an engaging UI?

If you observe closely, you will learn that an efficient UI isn’t just about how your app appears but also about how the product functions. It is the skillful navigation of your app through a user’s instinctive understanding of how apps work.

As the lure says, “A good UI design is invisible to the user”. An efficient UI allows the user to instinctively learn the functionalities and the flow of your app.

2. Why does your app require an engaging UX?

One should understand that creating an engaging UX is much more than how a user feels about your service or product. It reflects the context in which the user engages with the app.

A UX determines if the user returns to your app, uninstalls it, or gives it good or bad ratings and reviews.

For example, a good mobile application UI / UX design can be determined by the amount of time the user spends on your app, their instinctive emotions while using the app, and the engagement it forges with the user.

An impressive UX would be the outcome of the in-depth analysis done during research by the designer.

Now that we’ve understood that UI and UX add enormous value to your app, let’s discuss how it manages to do it.

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How Efficient UI/UX Contributes to your App’s success?

  • Adds Clarity & Responsiveness

A good UI isn’t confusing at all. It offers transparent and clear visuals with the size and shape of fonts offering optimum information. A user shouldn’t require a manual or feel the necessity to ask anyone about how to access a particular feature.

Well, if you’ve achieved the preceding task then one must make sure that the app doesn’t go haywire while functioning.

  • Introduces Familiarity

A well-planned UI always feels familiar. A lot of users would uninstall your app if they don’t feel familiar with your app. It’s a human tendency to reject the things it doesn’t resonate with.

Surely, a few individuals would appreciate your experimental designs, but a larger part of your customer base would reject your app if they don’t find familiar icons, basic buttons, and a disorganized approach to access the features of your app.

  • Captures Loyal Customers

An efficient UI/UX is an investment to increase user satisfaction. A happy user will always stay loyal to the apps that they use, as it offers them a viable solution while releasing the feel-good hormones in their brain.

This is all you need. If you grow popular and provide a great UX, it eventually makes users feel comfortable and recommend features that you can inculcate in your future upgrades. This adds credibility to your brand as well as propels users towards the word of mouth publicity.

  • Helps you Understand your Niche

To build any app you have to understand your niche first. The creation of UI/UX should only be done after thoroughly understanding your audience’s wants and how you can deliver the same with your app.

This empowers a deeper understanding of your customer base that would answer questions like how to convert your prospective customers into loyal customers.

  • Improved ROI

If one includes all the above-mentioned methodologies in their app, along with engaging content, then users are bound to be attracted to the app you’re offering. A happy client would always share a good app with their friends or family or colleagues. Hence, the increase in customer base contributes to an improved ROI.

To create an engaging UI/UX, you must understand the things to keep in mind that help achieve your desired goal. You can also try our blog ‘Impact of influential UI/UX in improving your App Interactions’ to gain a more basic understanding of the importance of UI/UX design.

Aspects to Consider while Developing UI/UX

  • Hierarchy & User Flow

Having a well-represented and detailed hierarchy of the project lays a transparent foundation for your design development. It gives you a complete idea of the screens you want to build, and how to go about building them.

This planning leads to creating great UIs as one already knows which screens would take them where. Knowing the flow one can design screens and pages with meticulous planning.

This results in an enhanced UX as your app or webpage would have a better flow.

There are plenty of online tools that can help you plan the path you should take while designing web pages or apps. Softwares like ‘Milanote’ can avail you of a visual hierarchy before you start developing and wireframing screens.

  • Optimally Navigated

It’s most important that the user when using your app for the first time doesn’t get lost or confused. The saying ‘The first impression is the last impression’ holds prominently for apps. If the user doesn’t get what they were searching for, then no matter how important your product or service is, it’s bound to lose its momentum.

  • Clear Dialogue

One must take care that the text and dialogue that they use on their product or within the app shouldn’t be illegible or confusing. Using good practices to present content on your product is extremely crucial. Some of the wrong practices include overusing the keyword too many times in a paragraph, or improper use of white spacing, or displaying a book that is unreadable and the likes.

One must be aware of the fact that it’s important that the content of your app or website not only looks great but also reads great. No user likes consuming redundant information

  • User Feedback

The user should receive instant feedback on the actions that they take. For example, a hover effect on the desktop versions or loading signals on a button can make the user understand that the app or webpage is responsive and is working on something.

When users don’t receive any response from the application it creates a negative user experience, confusion, and panic.

  • Follow Design Standards

A lot of emphases has been laid on the metaphor “think out of the box” when designing applications. Thinking out of the box is necessary to offer users products and designs in ways they’ve never seen before, but it is also important that it simplifies the process and its representation.

If you notice the search bar of most websites or apps is almost in a similar place. A unique design would be one that simplifies the user experience while piquing the user’s interest.

Having understood some of the points that can contribute to a satisfying UI/UX let’s directly move on to learning about companies that have already achieved this feat.

Top 3 best UI/UX Apps

  • Jumbo

Jumbo is the perfect answer to apps that don’t respect your privacy. Companies like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and much more feed on your data like parasites. Jumbo increases your data privacy and protects it by adjusting your privacy settings like deleting your old tweets after saving them, erasing your google search history, Amazon Alexa history, etc.

The app offers a cute design with icons, cute elephant animations, and a happy color scheme that soothes your eyes. It also offers a clear menu of actions that the user wants to take. Jumbo makes it easy for everyone to protect their privacy in just a few taps.

  • Databox

Data protection and privacy are have been debatable topics in previous years, it is interesting to see that data has become the single most important entity for almost any organization. Databox spotted this trend and came up with a platform that helps one learn new insights, track their company’s performance, and plan future strategies accordingly.

It can deliver you the metrics not only through mobile devices but also on browsers, big screens, slack, and Apple Watch. Databox allows you to witness all your KPIs in one place, design dashboards with the tools provided (without coding), and set up future goals, and track your progress. Zapier acts as a bridge to transfer data from Databox to other devices or software.

Databox has an elegant design with straight-up parsing and presentation techniques that help you observe your business in the form of data.

  • Bear

Bear is the go-to app if you are looking for an app to write emails, blog posts, articles, manage your to-do list, and much more. It is only available for iOS users and not for android platforms. Bear offers the simplest yet intelligent ways to write and store your written data.

It provides the user with an inbox that keeps all their notes. The notes section is divided into a few parts like to-do lists, tags, archives, locked notes, etc. The simple design invites simplicity in understanding the features offered by the app. It also offers data sync between different Apple devices.

The app offers a simple design, seamless flow, and essential features.

While these apps offer great designs and user engagement, it’s also important that they are monetizable. The following section offers insights on how enhancing your UI/UX can generate additional revenue.

How Improving your UI/UX can Generate Additional Revenue?

UX designs are evident proof that “Love at first sight” really exists. It often happens that a new website or mobile app that we visit will fill our minds with euphoria. It’s because we are seeing something that is visually captivating, gratifying, as well as useful. This becomes a prominent reason that transforms potential customers into loyal users.
Let’s understand some methods that contribute to increasing your webpage and mobile app revenue.
  • Ease of Use

This feature is essential for any app or service that you’re trying to build. In the fast lives that people live today, every user wants to acquire their desired services in the simplest of ways. Hence, creating out-of-the-box designs that introduce the user to confusion and distress is just a waste of time and creativity. Easy-to-use apps should include these features.

Intuitive Navigation

A well-designed and instinctive path that helps the user explore your app with their collected intuitive information about how certain apps should function.

Useful Onboarding

Onboarding is a conventional process that collects users’ relevant data and assists them in gaining perspective over the app. Users at times quit in the middle of the signing-up process if it feels cumbersome or asks for irrelevant information. Hence, the key is to only ask for information relevant to your platform.


It’s mandatory to design time-efficient designs that take minimal time to get used to and offers a proper understanding of all the functionalities of the app.

  • Reduced Number of Steps

The efficacy of an app is learned through the number of steps it takes for a user to achieve their desired goal. The goal can be buying a product, or donating to charity, or subscribing to a particular service and the likes of it.

The number of steps required is inversely proportional to the efficacy of the app. Efficient apps directly contribute to generating additional revenue. For example, UX designers offer one-page checkout options on eCommerce websites, the UPI integration on e-wallet apps, and much more.

  • Clear Call to Actions (CTAs)

A button that reads “Subscribe to our Newsletter” or “Contact Us” is referred to as ‘call to action’ buttons. They are designed to respond instantly when the user clicks on them.

It often happens that the CTAs used are unresponsive and inefficient in providing proper user feedback. A report from ‘Kissmetrics’ found that users are 380 times more likely to click on a CTA if a video is attached to it.

  • Relevant Content

Any website or mobile app you try represents itself through the means of content. Content includes videos, blogs, articles, advertisements, and so on. Content is created to better explain the services or products offered by a particular business.

Investing in relevant and informative content helps users get acquainted with your app and convinces them on why they should prefer using your services. Enriching content can increase the users’ knowledge of your services or products and can act as a direct motivator in generating revenue for your company.

Technource Experience with Creating Engaging UI/UX

Technource, a professional web design company based in the USA, planted its roots in the IT service sector a decade ago. Ever since then, the organization has always been on a learning curve, offering its services in 12+ countries.
The prior years have been extremely crucial and interesting for our organization, it has helped us learn judiciously through the 500+ projects that we’ve been a part of. We have been optimistic and received great opportunities to develop websites like ‘Hommati’ and ‘PlayPal’ or mobile apps like ‘Hatch’ and ‘Aphro’.
We have designed a myriad of UIs and UXs that are a combination of our client’s requirements and our development team’s vivid imagination. We’d love to demonstrate our work and be a part of your next app development project or help you assist in improving the current UI/UX of your web or mobile app.

Mr. Sanjay Singh Rajpurohit, An early-aged entrepreneur who always leads his team from the front and achieved success. As the founder & CEO of Technource, a top mobile app & Web development company, he made a global presence in a short time by offering custom software development, premium mobile apps, and website development services to global clients. In his free time, he loves writing. He is featured on Hackernoon, Dzone, Enlear Academy, Articlesfactory, and much more websites.

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