What is Internet of Things? Challenges and Real-Time Examples

The 21st century is like a digital book. Every day, something new comes out that make human life easier. We are living in the era of technology & we are bounded by it. Currently, the buzzword of a world is the Internet of Things (IoT) and I am damn sure that after reading this buzzword, you will be curious to know more about it like what is it & what are the benefits of it, etc. Therefore, we are coming with this topic & hope that you will like it.

What is Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things commonly referred to as the IoT. It refers to an environment in which the physical object can communicate over the web without human interaction. Each IoT device has its own unique id & can communicate and be communicated to without any human involvement. So, in general words, there is no need for human intervention to send or receive data from the device to another.

In the next few years, we do not need to worry about home security. Run an AC when you enter the home. The garage door will be operated automatically without pressing the button of a remote. It’s all will be done without your interaction and we call it as IoT (Internet of Things). There is the various Internet of Things technologies available for us, but still, there are challenges for it too. Have a look at them here:

Challenge 1: Data Sharing

Connected & sensor-enabled devices or object that monitor a patient’s health are growing as well as getting popularity. We will also seem more of them in a near future, as they have a great potential to improve human health & reduce the cost of treatment. But still, there are some unanswered questions like how to ensure device, data interoperability, who can access a person’s data & how closely private or governmental care should be tied to the ownership of these kinds of devices.

Challenge 2: Interoperability

The biggest persistent problem is an interoperability. It is easy to connect the main device to another one, but it is still hard to make meaningful or relevant connections between two or more devices. If we can agree on the standards instead of aiming to intercept then it can be solvable. IoT has the ability to redefine the world better than current & solve many puzzles, but for that, we all need to work together. There are many Internet of Things companies are combing each other to satisfy human needs.

Some real-time examples of IoT that you can’t believe.
Best for maintaining the temperature of your home & can save up to 20% on your electricity with just one touch on your smartphone or tablet.

Smart Refrigerator:

No one would like to remember what is in the fridge but now fridge itself remember it & inform you about it.

Smart Car:

It is possible to access your car from your mobile phones like turn on/off car ignition system, car status, etc.

Smart Lock:

With this, you will never need the keys to open a door. It locks automatically when you leave home & unlocks too when you reach home. Offers full security & no need to worry about trespassers.

IoT is one of the biggest inventions of the 21st century. These above examples are just a glimpse; be ready for the witness of many other innovative devices which will be running on IoT technology. Many technology pundits think that in the near future, this will run the whole world and it will be true as it is working fine now.


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