What to choose? Custom Web Development or Wordpress Development

You have already business or recently have started a new business and now you want to launch on the internet. You have the most well-designed website of your service/products. If, you have decided to develop it on the WordPress open source, then you need to consider what you want either custom development or WordPress development. You need to study both options carefully before finalizing the project.

Your decision may be based on the budgets, size of website, design of the website according to business and a time frame to live on the internet.

Have a look at the numerous advantages of a custom website:

• Custom WP website has a unique and professional appearance, it is grabbing more focus of visitors than your competitors.

• The flexible design of site impresses the visitors and encourages them to stay on.

• It is search engine friendly and optimized quickly, hence good rank in search engine.

• Uniqueness looks of a site more effectively represent your business.

• Easy administration so, you can more focus on your business and powerful control on entire contents.

• Favorable for various internet marketing techniques like PPC, SMO and SEO.

• You can powerfully brand your business with a custom design

• The custom website more secure than WordPress development due to unique coding.

• Professionally designed for eCommerce solutions.

You have shown the advantages of the custom developments, you may agree with me that it is a better option for the first step at online business. Although, some business owners are simply just do not prefer the custom development because of the price and time. Obviously, you must pay more for custom website as well as it takes more time to be completed.

If you want to launch your website quickly and have limited budgets for a professional developer then you can choose WordPress development. It is a quite popular and you will start your online business with a very low budget.

See, the advantages of WordPress website

• WordPress development is cheaper, you can build a website in a low budget.

• Just need to customization of themes and plugins hence it will be completed in less time.

• You can use free & paid themes and plugin for a unique design and better performance of a website.

• The search engine optimization is made simple with a great SEO tool.

• WordPress Development is a self-contained system and does not require any HTML editing software.

Probably, your mind will be cleared now for what is the best option for you. You can also seek the more suggestion through publishing the comment in following comment box.

Best of Luck…!

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