11 Reasons Why CakePHP is Best for Web Development

PHP is one of the most widely used languages for web development all around the globe. Being in the business for more than 2 decades the language has gained a massive community and popularity. To adhere to quick and efficient programming many frameworks offer the best PHP services. One of these frameworks is CakePHP. Here we will talk about CakePHP development services for Enterprises.

CakePHP is an open-source framework that offers exquisite features to support enchanting web development. CakePHP stands among the top PHP development frameworks as it offers the best functionality for developing trending web applications.

This blog brings you all the stand-out features that make CakePHP one of the best platforms for web development. So, stay tuned and read till the end.

What is CakePHP?

This is an open-source framework that has been written in PHP and has received high developer preference since its release. A perfect combination of classes and features that allow developers to increase productivity while decreasing their development time. Developers can easily develop a variety of applications as it supports multiple languages.

The platform saves time by offering the feature of code reusability. Therefore, one doesn’t have to write the same code while creating different applications. It’s primarily used for developing cloud-based web applications without compromising on its security. There are many other popular PHP frameworks that one can learn about for comparison.

CakePHP made it to the market in 2005 and its latest version i.e. 4.0.3 was released in January 2020. In addition to all this, it follows a Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture using which coders can create dynamic and interactive applications. These features also make collaboration with other developers a cakewalk.

What Makes CakePHP Standout from Other Frameworks?

  • Quick code testing
  • Efficient database management system.
  • Customizable templates.
  • Huge community support.
  • Highly Secure.
  • Third-party integration.
  • MVC architecture.
  • Built-in Authentication.
  • Easy upgrading.
  • Built-in libraries
  • Custom routes and URLs.
  • Developer friendly.

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11 Reasons to use CakePHP for Enterprise Level App Development

1. Open-Source Platform

The platform is open to all developers and easy to install. While installing the same it doesn’t ask for a recurring fee or licensing and is easily accessible. It has been backed with PHP, which makes developing dynamic, effective, and robust web development extremely easy.

2. MVC Architecture

This accounts for one of the main reasons for CakePHP being the most preferred choice for developers creating large-scale web apps and websites. The MVC architecture divides the application into 3 different parts, each adheres to different development phases. Hence, each phase can run its course separately, this bifurcation adds high value from a developer’s perspective. Therefore this platform has received huge popularity amongst businesses looking for scalable web solutions.

3. Easy to Configure

Using CakePHP, one doesn’t need to invest a lot of time with installation and configuration. One only needs to set the database correctly and they’re good to go. Hence, a developer can quickly complete the initial processes and start with the development.

4. Easy Testing

Testing your website or web app is a crucial factor for any organization. This framework offers you the convenience of easy testing. Development can be a tedious task and therefore developers can at times miss out on subtle things. And a fun fact is that these bugs in code are seldom visible to developers. But as a surprise, CakePHP makes error analyses and corrections extremely easy. And as a result, businesses can develop bug-free websites.

5. Built-in Libraries

As CakePHP is a part of the PHP framework, it offers a huge set of modules and libraries. Built-in libraries highly contribute to developing web solutions that are scalable, robust, and feature-rich. It also promotes efficient coding resulting in an Agile development process.

6. Reliable & Secure

Security is of prime importance in today’s day and age. A website collects a lot of user data regularly, and also holds its confidential data. Hence, it becomes mandatory to build web solutions that are secure and reliable. Using CakePHP you can rest assured that all your data is completely safe.

7. Large Community

CakePHP has managed to gain massive popularity amongst developers who are extremely passionate about this framework. The community of developers is highly inclined on helping others, therefore if you get stuck anytime while using this platform, help is right around the corner.

Also if you’re a beginner with programming this is one of the best platforms to start your career with. The community is highly motivated to improve this framework with every passing year and offers a free will to express things that work and things that don’t.

8. Object Relational Mapping 

ORM or object-relational mapping is primarily used for defining relationships between different tables. This model helps companies map tons of data and store them efficiently into tables. An ORM is extremely essential for organizations, and CakePHP offers exquisite data management techniques.

While developing a web application, database management is one of the most difficult tasks for developing web applications. CakePHP offers a flexible ORM to keep the database well managed. It’s skillful with hunting and sorting data and therefore offers effortless execution of web applications.

9. Built-in Validation

There is a lot of data that one has to deal with while operating a website. This requires numerous validations for text inputs, dates, numbers, time, forms, radio buttons, and more. Therefore one needs meaningful data to conduct clean and correct operation of their software.

This makes data testing all the more important from a security viewpoint. Hackers may try to enter your system with malicious SQL injection. So, if data entered isn’t entered in the right format or the desired range, or there are multiple attempts including codes from the same IP address, it means that someone is trying to breach your system.

CakePHP makes use of models. Models that are validated by rules and play a huge role in gathering information that is of absolute relevance to the platform.

10. Adjustable & Inherent Localization

This is a dire need for international businesses. Internationalization and localization work best if exercised well since inception. Or it can prove to be a nightmare. Using CakePHP one can implement both without making it a tedious task.

You need not worry if you get stuck with some depth problems, CakePHP offers exaggerated support for the same. Therefore, you can study code, and copy the same to inculcate your desired functionality. And you wouldn’t need backup if you have the habit of keeping disciplined backups.

11. CRUD Platform

CRUD is the abbreviation for Create, Read, Update, and Delete. These account for the most performed activities while creating web applications. It creates an organized framework that promotes visible and smoother code management. One can observe a single line of application programming preliminary and convert it under the process of CRUD. A CRUD platform assists a developer by designing useful code and supporting simple implementation that fosters creative and cost-effective website development.
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CakePHP: Convention Over Configuration

All software frameworks make use of software design paradigms. CakePHP makes use of the ‘Convention over Configuration paradigm. It aims to offer flexibility by reducing the number of steps that one has to follow to make decisions.

Now, an ‘Arbitrary Decision’ is referred to as a ‘Convention’. Convention means that which is already decided, it saves a lot of development time and reduces bugs in code. One of the most competitive ongoing comparisons is between Node.JS vs PHP.

How does it reduce bugs?

  • It helps focus on other important problems by making certain decisions for the developers.
  • Components and module mismatches are reduced.
  • The deviation is apparent due to the reflection of the standard code.

Why does CakePHP use Convention over Configuration?

Conventions followed by CakePHP allow developers to add functionality sparing the hassle and maintenance of configuration.

Wrapping Up

Web application and website development have seen an exponential rise in the past 5 years. The popularity of CakePHP has reached to enter comparison with the oldest player in the game i.e. Laravel. And with the incoming of the pandemic, a wave of digital awareness has been observed among businesses that used traditional methods of conducting their business.

If you wish to hire PHP developers for your next project, you should get in touch with a PHP web development company as soon as possible. The competition in the online business world is increasing day by day and the sooner you start this race the better. Remind you this is a marathon and not a sprint, therefore you would need time and will have to follow the right practices to reach someplace significant.

But first, you would have to invest in an experienced CakePHP web development company that holds the expertise and knowledge to design the web solution that suits your business needs. We – Technource has been serving our clients around the globe for 9+ years now. And PHP is one of the techs we began our journey with.

After almost a decade of challenging projects and learnings, we have earned ourselves the title of a top web development company in the US. We offer customizable business solutions at affordable rates and love taking on new projects. If you’re looking forward to hire CakePHP developers, our team can be of high assistance to you. Get in touch with us today by signing up for a free consultation on our website. Thank you for reading.
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