Why Is AngularJS the Popular Buzz in Web Development Industry? Big Reasons

AngularJS is a front-end framework for the development of web apps. AngularJS development is based on JavaScript and has the highest number of contributions to the Github community. This front-end framework is widely used for developing single-page applications.

The javascript framework is gaining traction at a rapid pace, thus many businesses want the best AngularJS development company for their projects.

AngularJS was developed because HTML was not efficient to develop dynamic web apps. You can’t declare the dynamic views on web apps only using HTML, so AngularJS extends HTML vocabulary to create expressive, readable, and quick.



Reasons Behind the Popularity of AngularJS

AngularJS framework simplifies the concept of coding. Thus, building an app or a website becomes easy and reliable as well. Moreover, the use of AngularJS elevates the efficiency, and quality of web technology.

With the increasing demand for apps, the prospectus of AngularJS web development is gaining momentum to a great extent. According to the survey by Statista, 22.96% of respondents reported using AngularJS.




Here are some of the important reasons why AngularJS is popular. Let’s check out.

  1. Google Support
  2. Code Reusability
  3. Maintains a Swift Workflow
  4. Allows Many Tests
  5. Effective Handling of Dependencies
  6. Bidirectional Data Binding
  7. Single Page App Development
  8. Promising Career

Know about each reason in the detail below.


1. Google Support

Angular is backed by Google, and this is the biggest advantage you can get using Angular. If you face any issues while developing a web app and get stuck in coding, you can ask for help. A wide number of AngularJS developers will reply to your query, so you can get the solutions within a short time.

Since Google developed Angular so it maintains and resolves all the issues properly. Often, developers face issues to build logic while providing custom AngularJS development services. So, Google support makes the life of Angular developers easy by answering their queries and doubts.

2. Code Reusability

Developers can use the codes they have written before. It saves their time and energy to create fresh codes for the app development. Thereby, the developers can provide AngularJS development services quickly. Moreover, there is no need to create a pipeline.

Even you will not have to use getter and setter functions because the data model of Angular is simple enough. Code reusability makes the process of changes also easy and effective. Moreover, React, a product by Facebook is the biggest competitor of Angular.

3. Maintains a Swift Workflow

It’s true that you can get other programming languages to maintain a swift workflow. But, the fact is that the whole thing becomes easy, simple, and better with AngularJS. The web designer can include markups without breaking the entire application. Moreover, he can also rearrange certain portions of the code with ease.

The corresponding code that does the filtering and binding goes with it. If the designer wants to include or delete certain elements, he is free to do so without any sort of hassle.

Web Development becomes quicker due to the advent of AngularJS. Likewise, it is the perfect medium to merge the two concepts, design and development easily.

4. Allows Many Tests

This is the major importance of AngularJS Web Development. Certain sections of people are still unaware of the advantage of testing the work first. Testing reduces unnecessary defects in your application to a great extent. So, with AngularJS, it becomes very difficult to present an app with a single speck of flaw.

It involves patience and the capability to write the tests correctly. The developers love this part. What does AngularJS do? It makes the building of test cases easy and convenient. Moreover, It is crucial to inject the dependencies into AngularJS.

It will check everything from UI behaviors to the logic of your business. So, there can be no better framework to execute this part with perfection.

5. Effective Handling of Dependencies

The loading of Javascript plays an integral role in web development. So, AngularJS helps in the dynamic loading of Javascript only when you need it. Thus, it also executes the injection of dependencies with perfection. When you hire AngularJS developers, they handle the dependencies effectively.

Moreover, it lets you divide your apps into logical modules. These have dependencies on one another but are initialized separately. Now, this is an interesting approach to your tests. It is because you get to bring forward only the modules, that you need.

6. Bidirectional Data Binding

With AngularJS, you do not have to extract from an existing object and declare your dependencies or properties. You just need to pass your desired part to Angular, and you will see it work. All of these make the data binding in an app unbelievably simple.

Bidirectional data binding is a way of updating the view every time when the model changes. Likewise, if the view changes, the model also changes.



7. Single Page App Development

SPA or Single Page Applications are becoming more popular these days. This type of feature makes the app feel like a native app on the web. Moreover, these are more responsive. Angular helps to build this application without any hurdles.

It takes care of the infrastructure, routing, taking of URL, templates, and every other component required to build this application. So, you should hire AngularJS developer and experience the comfort of using single-page applications.

8. Promising Career

The IT industry is growing rapidly and offering various career opportunities. So, Angular developers can make an amazing career in the IT industry. AngularJS development is on the boom and will remain popular because of the features and advantages it provides.

Likewise, developers can easily learn Angular, use less code, and develop an impressive app in a short time. Consequently, many businesses want to hire Angularjs developers. If you know JavaScript and HTML, you can easily learn and implement the concept of AngularJS. So, the shallow learning curve and effective features offer a promising career to many Angular developers.

There are several other reasons behind the popularity of AngularJS. You can read about more benefits of using AngularJS for frontend development in 2023.

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Final Words

What other things do you need, to use AngularJS as your development platform, nothing, right? From maintaining the swift workflow to single-page app development you get all the benefits. Accomplish your website with our custom AngularJS Web development services & attract visitors to your business.




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