Why PHP web application development is so popular?


If you have come here to find out about PHP scripting language’s popularity, what it actually is and where it is used? Then you have come to the right place. As a PHP development company, In this article, I have mentioned all these things in a simple way and especially I have provided the 8 reasons below why the PHP web application development is so popular among developers. Even the most widely used WordPress CMS is built using this language.

What Is PHP

The full form for PHP is Hypertext pre-processor and it is one of the most widely used open-source scripting languages to build web applications. This is although a server-side language that runs on the server but got great compatibility with HTML code and can easily be embedded into HTML.

Well, this is not its main purpose, however, this was developed to build dynamic web pages while web development. The embedded code’s value inside of the HTML changes dynamically over time with the help of the PHP processor unit. And this is the unit that actually creates the web page content.

Where PHP web application development is used

The main purpose of PHP language development to perform different tasks. One of them is to build customized dynamic web pages. In these pages, the content is changed depending on the different users based on their input or the information saved by them.

Moreover, PHP is used with the combination of MYSQL to control the front end by the web developers and programmers where all the backend activities are done without any hurdles.

Apart from creating small websites, it can be used to create emails supervision create social media websites like Facebook. Facebook is built in PHP and also the most popular content management system, as mentioned above the WordPress is made in PHP. Over 25% of all websites over the internet are built using this WordPress CMS.

The reasons for PHP web application development popularity

Web applications built using PHP are fast, the security is enhanced and it’s completely free to use. Apart from Facebook, other popular websites like Wikipedia, Yahoo, Flickr, and more are using this scripting language in their websites. Below are the 10 reasons why PHP is popular among web developers and programmers.

PHP working with CMS

Nowadays, CMS customization is crucial for adaptive content, especially for business owners. If you don’t know what adaptive content is. Adaptive content provides a one-to-one experience or personalized content between the user and the website. This is only possible when your website’s code is customized and integrated with the CMS.

Furthermore, all the websites are built in PHP are highly customizable and transformable to the client. Because CMS like Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla all are built in PHP language. That is why building a website using any of the mentioned CMS is really simple.

Platform Diversity

Another reason behind PHP web application development popularity is it can run on all major platforms out there like Windows, Linux, and Unix. Allowing the web developers to integrate websites across multiple platforms as well as leveraging all existing infrastructure with the ability to interface their websites with MySQL and Apace.

PHP Boasts Simplicity

The writing code in PHP is really simple, it’s like writing an essay for the computer (not in English) that instructs the computer to perform a specific task over the web applications in an efficient manner. The code written in PHP is so personalized that even some developers complain that it doesn’t develop the necessary coding habits that read standardized coding.

Available for FREE

PHP is a totally free and open-source language with a huge community over the internet. Hence it is an easy-to-use and cost-effective method to build robust applications Without getting worried about subscription fees and legal obligations. Due to this, PHP web application development opens the doors for newbies to get started their programming careers using this free tool available.

Add Ons And Extensions

As we know PHP is an open-source language having a huge community online. Therefore, many experts in the field are continuously building extensions and add ons to meet the client’s requirements. Moreover, those are openly available to anyone who wants to use them for enhancing a website’s functionality with ease.


We all know that google now indexing websites using mobile-first indexing. This means that how your website is optimized on mobile will decide how your website’s desktop will look and rank. For that purpose, responsive web design is absolutely crucial to have for business owners. For this purpose, of course, HTML 5 is the standard for developing responsive and dynamic websites. PHP allows itself to be embedded into HTML and the static web page that can easily be converted into a new dynamic web page.

Flexibility and Scalability

Websites build in PHP are scalable and flexible, meaning that the functionality can be increased later. For example, for managing the huge amount of Facebook data, the company built its own PHP derivative language called “HACK”. This is the perfect example of the scalability and flexibility of the PHP language. Unlike some other website’s code, there is no need to reboot the server for updating the PHP code.


The huge community behind PHP

Being an open-source language, the PHP web application development community is continuously growing itself. The expert developers and professionals are willing to help the newbies. Moreover, they are also addressing the new problems found and posting solutions over the internet for others to solve the same issues.

The popularity of the PHP language and a huge community of developers available means that they can offer high prices for their updated skills in PHP language.

Hey guys, these are the 9 reasons behind the huge popularity of PHP web application development among newbie as well as experts. Are you a PHP developer? Or thinking to start learning it? Let us know if you have any questions about it.


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