Education is a domain that has been massively migrated to online medium over the past few decades. Almost every university, school, and college has an online portal that is accessible to its students. Some of today’s educational organizations don’t even have a physical location and are wholly based over the Internet. Still with increasing demand of stakeholders of this industry, organizations are falling short of adequate software applications. The list of gaps for not having proper software applications in educational organizations includes but not limited to:

  • Limited access to education and related information sources to the students
  • A lost connection between administrators, educators, parents, and students because of lack of an unified platform
  • Chances of bias and mistakes in assessing students
  • Unable to track the progress of students with proper data
  • Less clarity of offline study material

Technource with its experience of education domain created software applications:

That combined courseware, assessment tools and supplementary reference materials with defined roles of creators, administrators, teachers and students and accessible through different devices

That created wide platforms for institutions, associations even countries education ministry to structure, organize and manage education system

For students to learn in an visual and interactive way to add clarity and ease to learning methods

Education Portal Web & App Development Services

Web Application development for Educational institutes

Mobile Application development for Educational institutes

SAAS Platform for management of multiple institutes

Courseware development and managment system

Quiz and assessment application development

Interactive learning management application development

AI application development for education

AR application developement for education

Significant Features Developed in Education Applications

Institute Management

Online exam & assessment

Online courseware

Realtime sessions

Classroom tools

Interactive learning tool

Learning through AR


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Development Cost of Education Applications or Website.

Software requirements in the education industry is diverse so as expenditure for it. Simple web applications cost as low as USD 2500 to go up to any extent when development is needed for the education system of a country. Technology is also a factor for an application's performance but it is equally significant cost factor as well. Technource can pass on the advantages of low cost development for having it’s development facilities in India to it’s clients.

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Technource is serving the education industry as a technology partner for a long time. Having experience of working with academic administrators, teachers, students, consultants and business heads Technorce team knows what exactly can work for different stakeholders of this industry.

Here are some more facts:

  • Experience of education software application development for 8 year
  • Created more than 20 applications for education industry with different features
  • Technource team consists of subject matter experts, business analysts, designers, project managers, web developers, quality assurance experts
  • Agile methodology of project management
  • Experience in working in AWS environment
  • Complimentary support after project completion and after that continuous support under AMC

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