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PhoneGap is an open-source framework which used to build cross-platform mobile apps with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Those who are planning to create an application which can run on different devices PhoneGap app Development services are the best option. Devoted PhoneGap app developers of our company have ample of project experiences and are able to put their efforts in making a rich-featured application. Using the advantage of PhoneGap, we can create the app for multiple platforms with a single codebase to target potential customers.


PhoneGap App Development Advantages
Technource Service Cost effective
Fast and Cost-Effective

When you have less go to market time or a limited budget, Phonegap is your best bet in the technology front. Single code can be used for different platforms. Rapid Development and testing is a possibility with this technology. Great option for MVP development.

Technource Service Technology
Open Source

The PhoneGap community offers the facility of the free compilation of new codes and modules with open source license. With a large community of developers the technology platform is ever evolving.

Technource Service Flexibility

PhoneGap has arisen as a comprehensive and flexible framework for mobile app development. Those who are familiar with HTML, CSS, and so on can get started with PhoneGap development. Development, maintenance comparatively low cost.

Technource Service Hardware
Tapping into the device’s hardware

PhoneGap framework taps into the device’s hardware such as the geolocation, camera, accelerometer and many more. The PhoneGap app easily uses the properties of native devices’ resources to offer best user experience.

Technource PhoneGap app development provides A Wide Array of services

  • PhoneGap Framework Development
  • PhoneGap Apps Testing and Portability
  • PhoneGap consulting services
  • PhoneGap Apps Support and Maintenance
  • Development of PhoneGap plugins
  • Existing mobile Apps Re-designing

Hire PhoneGap App developers to build next level PhoneGap application. Technource team leverages HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript web technologies using PhoneGap platform to deliver mobile appsto work equally well on iOS, Android, Windows, tablet, iPad etc.

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