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React Native is an option for app development experts to create a well performing app in a much shorter development cycle and deployment time. React based on view aspect of operation. While a part of code is written, it also describes how it will look in the application.React being a java script based technology work seamlessly on supported mobile platforms like Android & iOS.

It is a framework that complies native components of mobile application development in Javascript. React Native UI is completely native in nature and the apps we develop in React Native is equivalent with native apps in terms of look and feel or performance.

Technource being a full service React Native development company provides end to end development solution.


React Native Application Development Advantages

Technource Service Cost effective
Cost Saving

While creating the app developer needs to write code once in Javascript. So it saves the cost of building and maintaining two native apps to be created traditionally. Further website code if written in React can be reused up to 90% and even business logic also can be shared.

Technource Service Improvement

React Native apps are not only having shorter development and deployment, they perform on equivalent level with native apps. It is faster and using a React Native app feels like using native apps.

Technource Service Support
Community Support

React Native is free and under MIT license. Lot of developers throughout the world use RN now as their premier choice for app development. With such community support it is easy for businesses to find developers for development or maintenance.

Technource Service Flexibility

Modular and intuitive interface of React is available in React Native as well that creates a flexible development environment so that modification can be done on the app code by other developers as well. It also allow linking third party plugins.

React Native Development Services by Technource

  • React Native Development Services by Technource:
  • React Native UI/UX and API Development
  • Migration to React Native Platform
  • React Native Cross Platform App Development
  • React Native App Extension
  • Support, Maintenance and Upgrade
  • Integration with Other Systems

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