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A secure and modern PHP framework for Web Application development. If you want to build an impressive and modern website which offer high ROI then opt Yii Website development services at Technource.

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YII is a powerful framework of PHP programing language. It is easy to install and configure, it supports agile development. YII is identified as a very strong framework because it uses OOP standards that makes it secure and reliable. Hire Technource, a top Yii web development company. We build feature rich websites and web applications to enhance business productivity.


YII Framework Web Development Advantages

Service Reliability

Yii is a high performing framework that enables rapid development. It is easy to install and configure and offers all basic operations so that a web application can start working in shortest possible time.

Utilize Modern Technologies

Yii supports MVC design. It’ is a OOP framework that holds more advanced features of PHP, like late static binding, SPL classes etc. Yii offers a clean architecture with a way to extend it easily.


Yii framework offers an efficient control over the database migration, that helps all applications to upgrade and downgrade its version on various installation. It allows to get code from Zend or Pear frameworks to work in a application built on Yii framework.

Simplifies Security

Fortunately, Yii comes with various Security application component that helps in combating security threats such as generatePasswordHash, validatePassword, generaterandomkey, etc Yii includes client and server side validations although that can be enabled or disabled without writing a specific rule for it.

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