All About Online Freelancing App like Fiverr

Did you have friends or colleagues that say things as they doubled their salary by freelancing jobs at times of the pandemic? Well, don’t be surprised as they aren’t lying. This is happening for sure and the world is experiencing a shift from the boring 9 to 5 job scenario to complete flexibility of working hours. Due to the pandemic and online freelancing app like Fiverr people have got prone to the new normal i.e. working remotely and at their convenience. And people are happily working as freelancers more than they ever were.

We bring you this read that shares essential information on how one can go about creating apps similar to Fiverr. Try this read and gain significance on important aspects of app development such as cost, features, business model, tech stack, and more.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr was launched in 2010 with the sole aim of helping potential clients connect with freelancers. As per some surveys, there have been over 50 million transactions on Fiverr ranging from 5 USD – 10,000 USD.

Fiverr has numerous categories and sub-categories to browse myriad job opportunities. You can also try the advanced search option to seek other niche job options. Fiverr is the best place for buyers and sellers all around the globe to launch their careers.

How Does Fiverr Like App Work?

Fiverr is free for registration for everyone but it’s compulsory to create an account to buy or sell on the app. The users offering freelancing services are termed sellers and clients or customers who wish to access these services are called buyers.

Sellers can create ‘Gigs’ on the platform that lists the type of service they wish to provide. And buyers can use specific keywords to search this marketplace for the services they wish to access. After completion of your, each job Fiverr earns a flat 20% in commission.


  • The revenue earned by freelancers in the US alone stood at 1.2 trillion USD in 2020, and this rate grew by 22% by the end of 2020.
  • 36% of the workforce in the US is employed through freelancing jobs.
  • A number as high as 68% of freelancers prefer working this way as it adds more flexibility to their working schedules.
  • Out of the top 20 in-demand skills on freelancing platforms, 12 are related to programming or development.


Essential Features for an App like Fiverr

Registration/ Sign in

The foremost interaction with any app is through this page. A pre-requisite for users to try your app. Apart front the traditional information-seeking forms, one can also offer Facebook, Gmail, or Instagram login options that are quick and secure.

On a freelancing website one also has to offer confidential details such as bank details, phone numbers, and more. This is a necessary security measure to avoid breaches of data and confidential information.


Verification is necessary to add another security layer to your services. One can try the ‘OTP’ and other authentication techniques while logging in through other devices than their primary one. Many users might not notice it but this feature offers a sense of security to them.

User Profile

Before a conversation gets initiated between a buyer and seller, their profile is the only thing that gets examined by buyers and sellers. A thorough profile can help them know each other mutually, inculcate a feeling of trust, and examine their prior work.

The company profile will include things such as the website, logo, contact information, name, and more. While the freelancer’s profile will have skills, experience, name, social media handles, achievements, and more.

Ratings & Reviews

Ratings and reviews work as a guiding light for the buyers or sellers in need. They have a huge impact on conversion rates and purchasing decisions. These platforms function on the core principle of trust and therefore this feature adds a lot of value to the application.

Time Tracking

Buyers will always need an estimated time on when their project will be completed or when their ordered product will reach them. This feature assures them that their project is being completed on time. It invites transparency between the buyers and sellers.


There are many filters that one can introduce based on work experience, skills, cost, and more. This makes the search processes more responsive and quick. This prevents the buyers from the hustle of searching through numerous pages.

Payment Gateways

In today’s day and age online payment has become an important part of our life. Therefore integrating a payment gateway is extremely important to automate the payment method. Security is an essential aspect of having this feature. A feat that can easily be achieved by an on-demand app development company.


Communication becomes primary between buyers and sellers. Therefore you would have to inculcate an in-app communication feature. Apart from offering easy communication, it also offers a common in-app platform that helps them agree.

Admin Panel

An app requires management. And the admin panel is created to achieve the same with efficiency. Some of the essential features of the admin panel are:

  • Sign in
  • Verification
  • User management
  • Dashboard
  • Payment management
  • Work time management
  • Data analytics
  • Service management
  • Offering Discounts/Offers


How to Make Freelance Marketplace App like Fiverr?

Creating a functional app like Fiverr is hard work. There are numerous stages from planning to launch that require detailed attention following the right practices. Here is a list of the essential stages before the launch of your app.

Research & Planning

You can be a freelancer trying to create an online freelancing app for others, or an entrepreneur intrigued by this idea. No matter what everything starts with a plan. As there are so many variables surrounding the subject one needs to have a visual about everything they would need to build an app of their imagination. Or it would be possible to move forward. You would need to find answers to questions like:

  • Who is your targeted niche?
  • Do you want to create a fully-functional app or an MVP?
  • What’s your budget for this project?
  • What will be the USP of your app?
  • What pain or problem will it solve for your users?

Other apps like Fiverr such as Toptal, and Upwork, already rule the market. All the preceding platforms are extremely secure, popular, and trustworthy. Since you’re trying to be a part of this competitive market, you should enter the same with utmost research and planning.

Developing an MVP

A Minimal Viable Product (MVP) is an app that consists of your core app features. And is designed to examine how your product is welcomed by its consumers, how your features serve them and analyze their response towards the same.

By doing this one doesn’t have to invest all their money in creating a fully-functional app that will also consume more time with development. With an MVP you will be able to differentiate between users’ needs and what you’re offering. This would help you design an appealing app that would eventually earn you more consumers. MVP is also a source of validating your dream app idea.


This is the last step of the process. You have to launch your app in their respective app stores to see how they react to your services. User response is important to analyze whether your features are appealing or not. It also helps in planning for the future of your app.

What is the Business Model of Fiverr?


We learned above that apps like Fiverr are generating huge revenue. But how? Here we will talk about the Fiverr Business Model and discuss the top 4 monetizing strategies that you can use for developing a successful freelance app like Fiverr.

Transaction Fees

The most convenient and effective way to earn is by charging a fee for each successful transaction. Fiverr makes efficient use of this technique and charges a good 20% on deals above 5 USD. This fee applies to all buyers and freelancers.


One can access the basic features of your app with this technique and are allowed to download these apps for free. But you can offer premium features by charging a small subscription fee.

In-App Benefits

You can offer benefits to freelancers who wish to be at the top of the list by paying for the same. It makes them more visible and frequent in certain specific search niches. So, your app can work as a platform to advertise and promote profiles.


You can design different subscription plans with basic, premium, and enterprise subscription plans. With every upgrade in the plan, there will be other niche benefits that a user can access.

The preceding are some of the tried and tested monetization techniques that one can use with their app.

How Much Does It Cost To Make an App like Fiverr?

Developing a web or mobile app is a long and cumbersome process. This is the area where most entrepreneurs seek help from mobile app development services providing companies. They have the experience and expertise to guide you through this unfamiliar terrain and the app development cost.

For instance, if you opt for an Android app you can create an app using Java or Kotlin or you can try a cross-platform tech such as Flutter or React Native. If you wish to create an MVP, you would also have to prioritize your MVP app development features. A cross-platform tech will offer you two apps i.e. iOS and Android in less time, and money.

It’s almost impossible to pinpoint a single price for web or mobile app development before learning the entire scope of the project. But we’ve curated a tentative price range list as per our experience with the development

  • Web App Development: 6,000 USD – 35,000 USD
  • Android App Development: 7,000 USD 0 45,000 USD
  • iOS App Development: 6,000 USD – 40,000 USD
  • Cross-Platform App Development: 5,000 USD – 35,000 USD

Wrapping Up

Here we are to the end of this read. Fiverr clone app development is currently one of the trending niches for business app development. Technource, a top-notch mobile app development company has an experienced and enthusiastic bunch of individuals with an extraordinary passion for tech and related subjects.

We aim to simplify tech and make it available to entrepreneurs with a distinct vision and the ability to change the world for the better. Get in touch with us by signing up for a simple consultation form on our website. Thank you for reading.


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