Things to learn from Grocery Startup Weee while developing on-demand grocery app or Develop Weee Clone app

Introduction: Weee clone app

Developing an on-demand grocery app is too easy with a mobile app development company like Technource. You can Develop Weee Clone app in no time.

Weee is an online market platform that deals with Asian grocery and skincare products. The idea behind Weee was to cater to the unmet needs of people looking for authentic Asian products often unavailable in local American stores. Larry Liu, founder of Weee and a Chinese native, launched this online platform. He realized the potential of this gap in the market and left his high-earning job to fulfill the needs of this large customer base. The business, established for the last five years, has recently seen exponential growth due to the outbreak of coronavirus and the future for all such online platforms seems to be promising.



Prominent features to be included while on-demand grocery app development or in Weee clone app


Customer segmentation:

The first highlight is how Weee segments the customer area-wise in the very beginning. For accessing the online store, any customer has to first input the area zip code.

Multiple languages:

The user has the option to choose from four different languages. Since this application is primarily for Asian customers, three Asian languages are incorporated along with English.
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User profile:

A customer can sign up through his phone number, email id, and other social media accounts. This also allows users to form a Facebook community as well.

Merchant module:

Weee has incorporated this feature for vendors to manage their orders, inventories or payments.

Convenient browsing:

The search tool in the application allows the customer to instantly find what he is looking for. The app has divided all grocery items into different categories to make it easier for the customer to browse through the items. Along with general categories, the items are also divided on the basis of new arrivals and best sellers. The application also brings suggestions for the customers based on their previous selections. Therefore the application gives the user a personalized experience.

Delivery schedule:

Weee allows customers to schedule their deliveries according to their preference, making the application a convenient alternative for brick and mortar stores. The application also allows the customers to view the delivery status of their orders.

On-Demand Grocery app business model – Know How Weee works?

The objective is to give its customers a seamless experience without any hurdles or time wastage. Weee has targeted a niche in the online grocery store segment. It specializes in Asian grocery products with its unique selling point.
The buying process for Weee is fairly simple. The customer visits the website, registers as a new member, and gets logged in. After browsing and choosing the products, the customers proceed to check out and make the payment. The main revenue source of this platform is the commission that comes after selling the products. The commission can be different for different products. Also, the secondary revenue scheme is through blogging sponsored content.
Through an easy-to-browse online market, efficient delivery, and easy returns, Weee plans to earn its customers’ loyalty through the ease and convenience it provides. Loyalty is a major feature of increasing the customer base and keeping the old ones. After rewarding the customer with a beginner’s discount, Weee has devised a plan of rewarding the customers with additional bonuses and discounts through engagement schemes such as “post and win.” The business also offers membership benefits to its loyal customers who have the option of being well connected through a Facebook community.
Another important feature for winning customers is that Weee enables its customers to keep the overall grocery bill low through bargain deals and shopping festivals. In times of this pandemic, Weee has facilitated its customers through contactless delivery.

How Technource can help you build an on-demand grocery app or Weee clone app to step up your idea into an e-commerce reality

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  • The reliance on online shopping is increasing, especially in the time of the recent coronavirus outbreak. Any grocery platform has a high chance of increased profitability in such dynamics. Selecting a niche for the business will give an edge over the competitors. Technource will help its clients leverage the right technology and build an app that will be consumer-friendly, mobile-ready, and suitable for the respective business model.

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