On-Demand Laundry App Development Cost And Features

Google play store has around 3.29 million apps as per the report by Statista. So, this number is huge and ever-growing because these days, people look for apps for every work. On-demand laundry app development is one of them.

The lives of people have become hectic. They don’t have time to do daily household chores. Washing the clothes, drying, ironing, and folding them. So, people face many difficulties to manage all the work at a time. They can have some leisure in their lives by relying on apps for work like laundry. Moreover, they can get rid of the boredom of sitting in the launderette for hours.

If you have a laundry app idea and want to help people, find the best Mobile app development company to turn the idea into a successful business. If you don’t know how helpful is this type of app, check out the below write-up.


Benefits of On-demand Laundry App

Laundry apps are in huge demand because they offer many benefits and make the lives of people easy. Some of the crucial advantages are mentioned below.

Advantages for the app user:

  • People can have extra time for other stuff if they use the laundry app.
  • You can have chemical-free and scent cleaning clothes as per need.
  • People will not have to take out time to wash big clothes like blankets and cushions.
  • You can get dried and ironed clothes at your home.

Advantages for the app owner:

  • Laundry app development is a unique business idea. So, you will not face much competition.
  • By owning a laundry app, you can increase the visibility of your business.
  • You can offer many other services to increase the traffic on your app.
  • Moreover, you can generate revenue by running ads, selling merchandise, in-app purchases, & referral marketing.

So, these are some important pros of using and owning a Laundry app. Since this type of app is in huge demand, many businesses want to hire a dry cleaning app development company to run their business online.

There is no dearth of app uses. You will find apps for almost all the work. Have a look at the image below to know the number of mobile app downloads worldwide from 2016 to 2021.




Many people want to enter the laundry business because they want a successful app like Laundrapp. If you are also thinking the same, know the Laundrapp-like app development cost because it will give you an idea. Moreover, be aware of the features that a laundry app must offer.

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Features of On-demand Laundry App

You have to incorporate many features into your Laundry app to make it more useful. We have divided the features into three categories. Have a look.

Customer Panel:

These features are related to the app users. Let’s know what are the important features for your customers below

1. Registration

In the customer panel, registration enables the customer to log in with their email or social media accounts.

2. Select Service

There are different types of services provided by the Laundry app related to laundry like washing, drying, ironing, coloring, and dry-cleaning. Customers can select services as per need.

3. Cost Calculator

The cost calculator helps the customer to know the price of the services he is taking. The cost to develop a laundry app is affected by this type of feature also.

4. Arrange Pickup

The customer can arrange a pickup, and choose a convenient time for the same. Make this process easy for the customers with impressive UI.

5. Order Tracking

You must include this feature in your app so that the customers can know the status of their orders.

Admin Panel

The owner or the service provider must know every movement in his app. He should have control and view services. Moreover, he can check the clients’ details and orders. Find the best dry cleaning app development services that incorporate the below features in your admin panel.

1. Log in

The service provider can log in using his or her email ID or Phone number. This is a crucial feature to view the customer details.

2. Manage Account

The app owner must have access to assigned and pending requests and manage the service cost.

3. Manage Order Information

The service provider must have access to manage all the orders placed through his app. Enable the features through he can check the details quickly.

4. Accept/Reject Order

If you take an on-demand dry cleaning app development service, ask your developers to incorporate a feature through which you can accept and reject orders.

5. Reviews & Ratings

This is an important feature for the service provider. He can check reviews and ratings by the customers about the service and solve the problems of the users by improving services.

Driver Panel:

As the name implies, this panel is for the driver or the pickup boys. Know the important features of the driver panel.

1. Manage orders

The driver can see the upcoming orders and manage them. He can organize the order and select one. The driver can accept or reject the order as per the location and availability.

2. Earning Management

This feature in the driver panel allows the driver to check how much money he earned in a day or week. So, he can manage his earnings.

3. Location Tracking

As the laundry pick-up address is given the driver has to use location tracking or GPS services to reach the address. He can follow the route with the help of a map.

Laundry apps come under home service app development, and many businesses find them fruitful apps these days. The revenue from drycleaning and laundry services is expected to amount to more than 8.40 million by 2024. Let’s know more about the industry revenue of drycleaning, and laundry services in the USA from 2012 to 2024.




How to Make Money from Laundry App?

Startups and large enterprises want applications so that they can generate revenue from them. If you don’t know which would be the best idea for a successful business, read 21 excellent industry-based app ideas.

Once you have found the app idea, now how will you make money with the help of an app? We are highlighting the ways through which you can make money.

1. Priority Listing

The business owners appear on the top part of the services in the app, they receive maximum revenue. Moreover, if any customer wants fast delivery or urgent basis delivery, you can prioritize and charge extra for it.

2. Incentives

It enables the owner of the laundry app to charge a particular commission fee for the purchases made through the app. It is one of the widespread business models. You can generate some amount of laundry app development cost by enabling this feature.

3. Referral Marketing

If you have just started an app, referral marketing is the best option for promoting services to a wide range of customers. Your existing customers rave about your services in front of their friends. Enabling referral marketing feature also affect the final cost to develop an app.

4. Advertising

Advertising is one of the finest and most obvious to make money. Since it is a major revenue model for making money, even big companies enable ads in their apps. But make sure you don’t do it excessively, and the ads must be relevant.


How to Develop a Laundry Application?

You know the benefits and features of the laundry app. Now comes, how to develop a laundry application. It is a process and includes various stages. The developers have to focus on every feature, design, and function in the app. We have highlighted some important steps for the On-demand laundry app development.

1. Do Market Research

If you want a successful app, do market research meticulously. It will help you collect crucial information for your app. Moreover, you can know who will be users of your app. Check the features of the existing Laundry apps so that you can make your more advance and better.

2. Note Down the Requirements

Whether you are going to hire on-demand app developers or build an app on your own, if you are not clear about the requirements, the result can’t be satisfying. So, understand your business model effectively, decide on the features, and list all the requirements.

3. Decide on the Platform

Who are your app users, do they use Android or iOS? Decide on the platform after analysis. Well, a laundry app is needed by both types of mobile phone users. So, you must make a cross-platform app that can run on iOS, Android, and Windows.

4. Create a Wireframe

Once you have decided on the requirements and done the research, now create a wireframe. Wireframe creation is a crucial step because it helps you visualize the structure clearly, clarify features and interface, and save time and effort. Know how to create a wireframe for a Mobile app by clicking on it.

5. Plan for UI Designs

Color graphics, layout, and typography on the app attract customers and help to increase ROI. That is why plan UI designs meticulously because people buy later, first they will judge your app. Be ready to find the best laundry mobile app design services. For this, focus on the top Mobile app development trends also.

6. Decide on Technology Stack

How your app will look, function, and respond to everything depends on the technologies you use for its development. Programming language, database, framework, and server provider are the elements of the backend stack. Likewise, UI/UX designs are the elements of backend developers.

7. Develop Logic

Now comes the code writing, for this, programmers develop logic for the features and functions needed in the app. This step is the lengthiest and tiresome, thus most of the time in the laundry mobile app development is spent on logic building.

8. Test Your App

There are many testing tools for apps. Developers can test the apps with these tools effectively. Kobiton, TestProject, Zaptest, and Perfecto are popular app testing tools. This is a crucial step to ensure whether the app has any errors and bugs or not. If yes, then, fix all the of them.

9. Launching & Marketing

This is the last but crucial step of on-demand laundry app development. If you hire a company for app development, it can launch your app too. You can do it yourself by registering as a developer on the app store, and after paying some fees, you can launch your app. Make sure you discuss making the app SEO-friendly with the developers for effective marketing.

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What Is Laundry App Development Cost?

Laundrapp is a popular app that offers dry cleaning and ironed laundry, iron only, wash, tumble, and fold. So, numerous businesses are planning to make this type of app. If you are also thinking of the same, know the cost to develop an app like Laundrapp.

On-demand laundry app development cost is around $10,000-$50,000. But you can see the variation in the price due to app type and project size. If your project size is large and complex it will take more time and effort so the price will be high automatically.

Moreover, in-house and offshore app development also affect the cost. Development companies follow different development methodologies like Waterfall and Agile, so the pricing model is decided accordingly. Let’s have a quick look at the estimated price of simple apps for different platforms.

  • Android App Cost-$5000-$20,000
  • iOS App Cost– $20,000-$40,000
  • Web App Cost– $10,000-$30,000
  • Hybrid App Cost– $10,000-$50,000

These are the prices as per the Operating Systems. Now have a look at the prices as per the complexity level.

  • Simple App Cost– $5000-$20,000
  • Medium App Cost– $10,000-$30,000
  • Complex App Cost– $20,000-$120,000

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Top Players of Laundry Mobile Applications

There are already some laundry apps on the market. So, before you take any laundry delivery app development services, check out these apps. Understand how they function and why they are popular among the people.

  1. Delivery.com
  2. TaskRabbit
  3. ByNext
  4. FlyCleaners
  5. Rinse
  6. Laundry Care
  7. Lapels

These are just 7 laundry apps, but you can check more and collect crucial information for your app. It will help you do your homework to hire Mobile app developers effectively.

Final Words

Many companies offer on-demand laundry app development services because these types of apps are in demand. Technource also offers on-demand app development solutions as per the business objectives. You can get a feature-rich, scalable, and impressive app within your price from the professionals.




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