Go Vs Python For Web Development and Machine Learning Project

Go vs Python, both languages are popular among software development companies. Although Python is a more popular programming language, Go is also climbing the ladder slowly and becoming the first choice of software developers in 2023. Go programming language was introduced in 2009 whereas Python was introduced way back in 1991. So, people know Python language more than Golang.

Our web development company works with an open-source programming language, Golang, and Python as well. Python is also freely usable and distributable like Golang. Although this blog is about the differences between Python and Go, you should start knowing about the same with a little introduction to both languages.

What Is Golang?

Golang programming language is popularly known as Go. Organizations in every industry like Google, American Express, Bitly, Capital one, Cloud Flare, Meta, Microsoft, Wild Life, and many others use go because of the various features offered by this programming language. It supports many operating systems like Linux, FreeBSD, DragonFly BSD, macOS, NetBSD, and others.

Go is unlike python because it is not an object-oriented programming language. Moreover, Go was designed taking inspiration from Python. So, it is also one of the simple programming languages.

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Python: The Basics You Should Know

Python is an object-oriented programming language. It has dynamic semantics and is combined with dynamic typing and dynamic binding. Many software development companies use it for rapid application development. It is one of the popular programming languages because it is also widely used for machine learning, data science problems, and others.

Python libraries are effective for systems programming because the Python programming language is easy to code, easy to read, portable, and extensible. Its robust standard library provides many advanced features for innovative software development.

Go vs. Python: Quick Comparison Table

Both python and Go programming languages have strong community support. Many Python developers know Golang as well. Well, Python is a more demanded programming language than Golang. Have a look at the image below.

Most demanded programming languages by recruiters


You can get a lot of information and understand the clear difference between the two programming languages in this section.

Basis Python Golang
Object-oriented programming Supported by Python Not supported by Golang
Verbosity Level Python is more plain Golang is more verbose
Purpose Effective for data analysis, versatile website development and software development Widely used for system programming. Developers’ can build efficient software.
Concurrency Support No concurrency support Has concurrency support
Exceptions Supports exceptions Exceptions are not supported

What Are the Python Use Cases?

Python is popularly known for writing codes for websites and software development. Well, you know that this programming language is used for many websites, but if you know the use cases, it will help you understand the technology effectively and compare it with Golang.

You can write programs in Python for many reasons. Have a look at them below.

  • Automation or Scripting
  • Web Development
  • Data Analysis & Machine Learning
  • Game Development
  • Data Visualization
  1. 1. Automation or Scripting

    You can automate repetitive tasks with the help of Python and save time and effort. Automation is crucial in writing repetitive codes, converting files, executing simple maths, removing duplicate data, and checking for errors.

  2. 2. Web Development

    Most developers use Python for the back-end development of websites. Python offers many possibilities with Python web frameworks for website development. It makes the programming language more suitable for complex and innovative projects. You can become a back-end engineer, full-stack engineer, Python developer, and full-stack engineer.

  3. 3. Data Analysis & Machine Learning

    Complex statistical calculations bother developers and they face issues to implement them in the software. Python is widely used in data science because it reduces the complexity level of the project. Moreover, it creates data visualization, builds machine learning algorithms, and manipulates data. Machine learning is an important process that developers complete with Python.

  4. 4. Game Development

    Python language is used for game development. Many big software companies use Python code to build innovative games. The most used frameworks are unity and the unreal engine for the Python code development process. Moreover, Pygame helps various Python app development companies in game development.

  5. 5. Data Visualization

    Python has many data visualization packages. Python is an interpreted language and gives a powerful graphic capability. Seaborn and bokeh are great data visualization options for interactive visualization. The procedural language lets you drag sliders, colors, and change input values, and more.

What Are the Golang Use Cases?

To understand Golang vs Python effectively, you should also know about the Golang use cases. The programing language empowers systems and developers to build them impeccably. Golang is commonly used for application development. Have a look at its use cases in the space below.

  • Cloud Native Development
  • New Outlets
  • Distributed Network Services
  • Existing environment replacement
  • Utilities & Stand-Alone Tools
  • Media Platforms
  1. 1. Cloud Native Development

    Go is a concurrent programming language. Kubernetes, one of the best cloud platforms, was built with Golang. Likewise, Google cloud also uses the Go programming language to enhance its scalability and performance.

  2. 2. News Outlets

    News outlet like BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) has been using Golang in their back end for a long time now. Many developers use Go for multithreading and maximize CPU usage. So, you can use it for managing a massive multi-media website.

  3. 3. Distributed Network Services

    The networking environment of Golang is suitable for concurrency. It uses Channels and Goroutine. Developers use Golang for Networking services like web servers, mini frameworks, APIs, and more.

  4. 4. Existing Environment Replacement

    Various old systems were rewritten in Golang to make them innovative as per the demand. Software that has become obsolete over time is modernized with the Go language. NTP (Network Time Protocol) relies on the Golang language.

  5. 5. Utilities & Stand-Alone Tools

    You can use Go for small tooling items because it is fully functional with little to no dependencies. Developers can easily make use of simple yet meaningful development tools.

  6. 6. Media Platforms

    Statically typed language Golang is used in YouTube, Netflix, and SoundCloud because of its capable data processing. Many big brands choose Go language to handle tons of data. If you are also planning to develop a website Go can be an effective option.


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Advantages And Disadvantages of Python and Go

Knowing the pros and cons of both languages will help you choose between them effectively. You can develop customized applications as per your business need after knowing the drawbacks and positives of programming languages.

Advantages of Python:

  1. Python has a large developer community
  2. Python is a portable programming language
  3. You can write less and do more with Python

Disadvantages of Python:

  1. Python has a slow speed
  2. Poor memory efficiency
  3. The database access layer is underdeveloped

Advantages of Golang:

  1. Golang has simplified code
  2. It is internet friendly
  3. Fast garbage collection

Disadvantages of Golang:

  1. Error handling is not up to the mark
  2. Unlike Python, Golang is not declarative
  3. Manual memory management is missing

GO vs Python: Which One Should You Choose for Your Project?

After reading the comparison table and the pros and cons of Python and Golang, everything must be clear to you. Still, you are confused contact Technource. We have professional Python developers. They have worked on various projects to date so they can suggest you the best. Moreover, they use the top Python framework for your project.

Well, selecting a programming language for a project depends on your business and app type. If you want a simple application you have to choose a tool that is lightweight yet comprehensive. On the other hand, if your project is large, you need a tool that can handle big tasks. Likewise, when you consider productivity more important Golang is the most suitable programming language.

It is because the syntax is limited and libraries are much less heavy. In just a few lines of code, you can write a program. If we talk about the developer community then Python wins the battle. Since Golang came after Python so it offers more advantages than Python. So here Golang wins the battle.

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