How to Develop A Voice Assistant App?

New features and emerging trends in the tech world are making our lives easy, fast, and smart. How to develop a voice assistant app is the demand of various businesses because this technology offers many benefits. According to the voice assistant consumer report 2018, people use voice assistants in Cars, Headphones, Watches, Television, Appliances, and many IoT things.

Moreover, the basic activities of searching online are no more a task of typing, people speak and get results on search engines. According to the survey report published on March 14, 2022, by Statista the number of digital voice assistants is expected to reach 8.4 billion.

Shocking, isn’t it? Because the number is higher than the world’s population!!

That is why many enterprises want to hire an Alexa skill development company to work on their voice assistant projects. It is because they know this type of app can generate good revenue in the future.



But why do many people want to hire voice assistant developers? It is because the virtual assistant is becoming popular among the masses. Let’s know about it more in the next section.


Why Virtual Assistant Apps Are Popular?

Virtual assistant apps use AI technology which is one of the hot trends in IoT. Developers combine a large set of intelligent and iterative processing algorithms to make voice assistants more personalized and work effectively for humans. It makes the life of people easy in many ways that make this technology popular. Have a look at the ways below.

1. Easy to Use

You can use the voice recognition app without any interruption. It works equally for people regardless of their age, gender, race, and class. You will not have to think about what to write, just pick up the phone and say “Hey Siri play As It Was by Harry Styles” or any task you want.

2. Enhance Search Behaviour

When you speak, you feel more comfortable and search for anything you want. You don’t need to sit and type, just walk and give instructions to the voice assistant app. So, you can feel more confident and less anxious while using this type of app.

3. Fast Results

You can give fast commands through the voice assistant. Businesses are choosing this technology because it’s way faster than typing and touching your device. So, the USA people are liking it for the instant results. Around 47.5 million people are active users of voice assistants using smart speakers, and 90.1 million use smartphones for voice assistants in the USA.

4. Convenient

It doesn’t matter what are you doing, you can use a virtual assistant. While eating, laying, driving, running, and even bathing, you can instruct through voice. Many businesses are moving to Mobile app development services due to the convenience of voice assistance.

5. Round-the-Clock Support

Voice assistant apps provide 24/7 hours service. You can use them at any time and at your comfort. It helps many businesses to be active all the time for their customers and offers convenience at the office for the employees.

6. Eradicates Language Barriers

When you type, you have to write in the English language. But, the voice assistant has solved this problem. Don’t worry if you can’t write English, you can speak it. A voice assistant that can respond to different languages, it’s untapped potential, and many app developers are working on it, whereas many have already developed such apps.

Businesses want an on-demand app development team because voice assistant is used in many ways and in various devices. Have a look at the image below to know when people use voice assistant apps more.



If you are thinking of virtual assistant app development for your business, know the app-making process and more information further.

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Voice Assistant App Development Process

The Voice assistant app development process takes around 3-8 months time and sometimes more. It is because app development includes many stages, you have to plan things from scratch, decide on the technologies, and many other things. Our team of Technource tried to gather some crucial steps of app creation. If you focus on them, you can produce an amazing

1. Make a Strategy

You can’t directly jump to make an app. It can result in a big mess if you do so. There is a need to research and make a strategy. You should focus on mobile app development trends in 2022 so that you can make your app competitive. Likewise, collect all the data with meticulous research and make a plan.

2. Keep End User in Mind

Who are you making the app for? Who are the users of your app? You must know the answers to these questions before you develop a voice assistant app. By doing so, you can find the requirements and discuss them with the developers. It will help you create an app that will prove beneficial for the users and you.

3. Decide on the Platform

For which platform do you want voice recognition app development, iOS, Android, or Windows? Siri, a virtual assistant service by Apple was the most used (90%) voice assistant app. Moreover, Google assistant was used 75%. The entire development process and stages are determined on the basis of the development platform. So, know your audience and decide on the platform.

4. Hire a Development Firm or Make a Team

You will need a team of professionals to work on your project. It will require developers, designers, quality analysts, and testers. You can research and look for each professional and hire them one by one. Another way is, to hire a voice assistant app development company, by doing so, you can get all the professionals in one place.

5. Integrate Custom APIs & AI Tools

The Voice assistant app will do many tasks, so you have to integrate custom APIs & AI into it. For this, you have to use many tools. The tools are, Jasper,, melissa, Dialogflow, and others.

6. Decide on UI & UX Design

It’s important to conduct user research to know what interface would be the best for them. The user flow can be improved with proper voice interactions. Look for some FAQs, find what issues people face while using voice assistant, and build UI and UX accordingly.

These are the points related to the basic understanding. Now comes the core of the app development, technologies. Let’s read about it below.



What Technologies Are Used to Develop Voice Assistant Apps?

App development requires the use of many tools, frameworks, and technologies for core functionalities. When you develop a voice assistant app, focus on the below technologies. They are vital for this type of app.

1. Speech to Text (STT)

It is a process to convert speech single into digital data. Many developers use CMU Sphinx for its processing. Moreover, convert the data into human understandable speech. This AI technology is widely used to know the correct pronunciation of a word.

2. Text to Voice/Speech (TTV)

As the name implies it converts text to speech. Moreover, the images are translated into human speech. The user can get the translation of a word and a sentence. It’s an important technology for voice assistant app development.

3. Noise Reduction

If you are in an area where noises of people, cars, machines, and others come while using the app, the noise reduction technology can clear your voice. In the absence of this technology, the voice assistant can face difficulty to understand your voice. So, integrate noise control or reduction technology into your app.

4. Speech & Image Recognition

Speech recognition is a vital feature of the app. When the users speak, the app recognizes the voice and responds. Moreover, many businesses are integrating image recognition technology as well. So, you can also go for it, well this is optional.

5. Voice Interface

All the voice assistant apps use a voice interface. A voice user interface (VUI) technology is helpful for speech recognition. It allows interaction with computers, smartphones, and other devices with the voice command.

6. Voice Biometric

A person’s voice is a uniquely identifying biological characteristic and authenticates the user. Ask your voice assistant app development company to integrate voice biometric technology into your app. So that the app can perform transaction-related tasks and other security tasks properly.

7. Speech Compression

This technology improves the performance of your app. A compressed and brief speech is sent to the server for response. It eliminates the issue of latency and gives the best user experience. Many big companies’ apps use this technology for effective performance.

So, this is all about the voice assistant app development process. Make sure you read all the points carefully to come up with a robust, impressive, and high-performant app.

Examples of Top Voice Assistant Apps?

Many voice assistant apps are ruling this digital age for a while. Have a look at the image below to know the timeline of popular voice assistants and understand their evolution.



We are making you aware of some popular apps in the space below. Let’s know about them.

  • Siri : Siri is a virtual assistant app for all Apple devices. It is one of the best voice assistant apps in the iOS community.
  • Alexa : Alexa is a popular voice assistant by Amazon. It was initially available only for Amazon devices but is now available for iOS and Android as well.
  • Google Assistant : Google assistant is a popular and most used voice assistant app on Android phones. It powers voice commands on Android to type messages, emails, dials contacts, and more.
  • Cortana : It is a product of tech giant Microsoft. Receives voice instructions, organizes your calendar, set up reminders, etc. The best part of it is that it can learn and adapt features.
  • Bixby : Bixby is a product of Samsung and a multilingual assistant. It is popular among Android phone users and is gradually expanding its reach to other devices.

Let’s have a look at the image below to know the leading devices used with Voice assistance in 2021 in the United States.



Now move ahead and know about one of the crucial things for app development, Cost.

Cost to Develop an App Like Alexa?

Voice assistant apps have made the lives of people smarter and faster. So, many businesses are attracted to these types of apps. They want to develop an impressive voice assistant app for their businesses. If you are also thinking of the same, must know about the app development cost in 2022.

The cost of voice assistant app development is around $5,000-$10,000. But the cost depends on the features, functions, technologies, and many other factors in the app-building process. If you want an advanced app the cost can go higher because it will require more time and effort.

A lot of people want to know the cost to develop an app like Alexa because it is gaining popularity rapidly. So, the cost to develop an app like Alexa is somewhere between $10,000 and $50,000. Again the price depends on your business requirements, features, and functions for the app.

The Bottomline

As you can notice that you will have to focus on many things to develop a voice assistant app, so it would be better to research and make a strategy. No doubt voice assistant has huge potential for the future. So, choose the best AI developers for your project and began with a bang. Technource is a leading software development company and handled various AI projects to date. You can hire our skilled developers and get an impeccable voice assistant solution within your budget.

Top Frequently Asked Questions

People have numerous questions regarding voice assistants as it is still a new technology for many people. Have a look at some of them.


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