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Yogesh Kumar works at a top WordPress development company, Technource as a Digital Marketing Manager. He is a passionate individual who has in-depth knowledge of SEO and uses natural search expertise to attain and sustain maximum marketing share for organic search across the industry. With his passion for writing, he delivers many informative articles and blogs on software development, that help many people to improve their knowledge of emerging technologies, and website & app development. He is featured on Hackernoon, Dzone, Newsbreak, Enlear Academy, Articlesfactory, and much more websites. He likes to cook in his free time and discover new recipes.

Leadership roles have evolved to meet the demands of growing technologies and data-driven decision-making. Many big companies have leadership positions to handle different business processes.

TikTok is a vital platform in the social media world that people enjoy watching and creating. Apps like TikTok drive the fierce competition in the short-form video market.

Businesses want to reach their target audience quickly and effectively. There are many ways to do so, however, UGC (user-generated content) comes across as the latest way to improve brand image and generate more revenue.

Artificial Intelligence is no less than magic for those who have no idea how it works. Industries are thriving like never before with the help of AI usage therefore every business wants to know how to build AI software.

Have you ever gotten stuck in finding research papers and citing them in your dissertation and thesis? It happens with a lot of researchers and Ph.D. students. They have to burn the midnight oil to read tons of PDFs, books, articles, and case studies to extract valuable, factual, and authentic information.

Want to go to a concert next week, but have no ticket? You can get it online at your convenience from the apps like Ticketmaster. It also provides tickets for sports events, theater shows, and arts. You can get individual and family tickets as well.

Financial needs can arise at any time without knowing your salary credit day. Apps like Cleo provides cash advances to fulfill your financial needs. They offer advances against your next paycheck. Cleo cash advance apps help you save money and build credit.

Discover the power of automation tools in achieving e-commerce excellence. Learn how to boost productivity, streamline processes, and maximize profits by harnessing the potential of cutting-edge automation tools.

FlutterFlow can build a native cross-platform application with literally no code. It is an amazing app builder with 10X speed that reduces the time required to take an app to market. This app builder by former Google engineers has the potential to revolutionalize the app development process.

JavaScript is used in most websites because developers can create dynamically updating content and client-side dynamic web pages in a short time using this programming language.

Did you run out of cash and you have monthly bills yet to pay? Escape from late fees and ask to borrow money from people. Apps Like MoneyLion provide you with direct deposit for a particular pay period so that you can pay your bills.

Beautiful designs of applications and websites attract more traffic. It’s quite difficult to fetch customers on poorly designed websites even if it has valuable products to offer. A graphic designer plays a crucial role to give impressive look and feel to the site.

The blog includes information about the top 11 sites where you get app developers for hire. These sites make your journey to find the best team for your dream project on the app idea. You can hire freelancers and an in-house development team with the help of these sites.

The cost of apps like Wordle depends on many factors and “app complexity” is one of them. The cost of a simple game app is $10,000 and a medium app is $25,000. If you want an advanced app, the cost of a game app can go up to $500,000.

Do you dream to start an eCommerce website, but afraid of challenges? This blog will help you make your way fearless to the success of your business. You will come to know about the best free eCommerce website builders and many other things about eCommerce business in the blog.

An operating system is a software, that comprises the entire set of programs. Today, more than 3 billion Android smartphone users in 190 countries and enjoying the services of Android OS. But which is the best version Android 11 vs 12, has been a matter of debate.

What happens when your computers get smarter than you are? This question can be frightening, but humanity is heading to this reality. Openai company is working to develop friendly AI that will be as intelligent as humans. It is widely known as a research and deployment company.

How many websites do you remember? Most of you remember because you like their design and look. Developers use the best web design software to make websites attractive. Since website visitors don’t know anything about coding, they solely rely on intuitive designs to navigate websites.

People use different apps for different services, like Uber to drop and pick, Zillow to sell and rent a home, Allrecipes for a cooking experience, Turbotax to file taxes, Yelp app to check reviews, etc. What if you get all the services in a single app?

You will get to know everything about spring vs spring boot. This blog will guide you through the definitions, benefits, features, and use cases of the spring framework and spring boot. You can find how beneficial is spring boot framework for application development.

App Store contains more than 2 million apps and Google play store contains more than 2.65 million apps. You have numerous options to download apps on your device. But do you know, an app is completed in 3-6 months?

Smartphone users can check on the stock market, pay bills, deal in multiple currencies, and make financial transactions with the help of Fintech apps. It is also known as an online banking app. It helps businesses, companies, and individuals to manage their digital payments.

Crypto wallets are of two types custodial and non-custodial. Third-party has control over private keys in custodial wallets. But require your permission for sending and receiving funds. Whereas, you have control of private keys in non-custodial wallets.

A love relationship is a beautiful experience, but many times couples can’t understand each other. There can be various reasons for facing ups and downs, however, they have to find a way to a healthy relationship. Many apps for couples help them in relationship building.

We all love listening to music and use various apps for it. Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming apps. According to Spotify stats, it has around 400 million active users. The Swedish company allows you to download around 10,000 songs.

The latest data shows, an average person spends 147 minutes on social media platforms every day. Businesses know it so they find social media is a great place for product and service promotion. However, there are some advantages and disadvantages of social media.

Today people are crazy about the best fantasy football apps for entertainment. But do you know? Fantasy football is not a new concept for sports and internet lovers. It was here in the back of 1962. This type of game has increased projects for our app development company because many businesses want fantasy football-like apps.

Around 3740 apps get launched on the Google play store every day. It’s a huge number that shows how fierce is competition. 99.5% of apps get failed, an astounding fact but true. Poor mobile app research is one of the crucial reasons for app failure.

In 2017 first NFT was released. Its name was Crypto Punks on the American Studio Larva Lab’s Ethereum blockchain. However, there are different dates for the birth of NFT. You can find many speculations as well. That is why we researched from authenticated sources to offer correct information.

Around 100 billion mobile applications have been downloaded from the Google play store to date. It’s a huge number and makes Google play store a top platform to download apps and games. In the past few years, there is a rampant growth in smartphones since then Android apps on the play store also increased.

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