Everything you Need to Know About Windows 11: Features, Release Date, Supported Devices & How to Upgrade

It might’ve taken a bit too long but Windows has finally announced that it’s going to what it has termed the “new generation of Windows”. Windows 10 made it to the market 6 years ago. So, you can imagine the hype in the market related to the Windows 11 release date.

Due to such an overhaul, you can expect significant changes and upgrades. Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO announced that its users would be free to do anything with the app as Windows 11 is designed as an open platform. A feat, similar to custom software development.

To fill in your curiosity we bring you this read that offers information on features, release date, supported devices, and how one can go about upgrading to Windows 11. Let’s begin.

All you Need to Know About Windows 11

The design of Windows 11 is very much similar to macOS. One of the major attractions includes the no-commission purchases done through their payment solutions. The upgrade offers a refreshing look and will be made available on PCs, laptops, and other devices.

Windows 11 Release Date

Microsoft hasn’t confirmed Windows 11’s exact release date. But a tentative time when we can expect its release is the holiday season of 2021 i.e. sometime around November. The rollout is expected to continue till 2022, which would offer users ample time to upgrade to the new platform. The same rollout schedule will be followed in India.


What’s New with Windows 11?

There has been a lot of hype with the Sun Valley update for Windows 11. No, this isn’t a codename for the OS but a name for the new UX designed by Microsoft. Microsoft plans to improve the mistake it made in Windows 10 UX and offer a more user-friendly UX. Here’s a list of new features that we know of.

  • Android Apps
  • Visual Treats
  • Gaming Improvements
  • Microsoft Store
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Layouts

Android Apps

Yes, you would be able to run Android Apps in Windows 11. The hyped rumors about Project Latte proved to be true. You can download these apps from the Microsoft store too. And to your surprise, you will see the Amazon app store on the Microsoft store as Microsoft has partnered with Amazon. This means that now you can use your Kindle app on your desktop and laptop.

Microsoft plans to allow its users to access all Android apps including the ones that require Google services. But this is just their goal and not a commitment.

Visual Treat

Windows 11 has again transformed its look completely and is a visual treat for users. It will give you that old feeling that we typically expect from a Windows update. Ever since the Windows 8 update, we see that there have been sharp corners. Windows 10 too had squared-off tiles. The Windows upgrade focuses more on creating a modern operating system such as Android or iOS.

The start menu is like Windows 10X, floating and centered. In the modern file explorer, device manager, and almost anywhere else, you will find new and colorful icons. There will be an evident difference in the UI of the update. Windows 10 wasn’t as good with touch and so the sole focus with Windows 11 is to offer a responsive design.


Gaming Improvements

Microsoft has a console play, a viable PC gaming platform, and a cloud back end that’s incomparable. This has made it highly focused on gaming. One of the foremost improvements in gaming is the Auto HDR feature. This feature was primarily introduced in Xbox Series X|S consoles. As the name suggests it automatically adds HDR to the older games.

DirectStorage is one of the other borrowed features. DirectStorage accounts for a faster loading time and improved performance. To make the best of it you would need a “DirectStorage Optimized” PC. And for game lovers, there is going to be an Xbox Cloud Gaming built-in as a part of the Xbox app on Windows 11.

Microsoft Store

This is an essential part of the update. If you remember, Satya Nadella announced in the Build Keynote that the update will “unlock greater economic opportunities for creators and developers”.

You can expect some huge changes with Windows 11. Desktop apps haven’t made it as far as Microsoft would’ve expected them to. This update would allow developers to submit and host apps on their own CDN. This doesn’t mean that they actually have to be distributed by Microsoft but on the Microsoft storefront. The previous updates faced a huge problem where renowned apps such as Google Chrome were left out due to the platform’s strict rules. Putting your app in the store will be much easier now.

Microsoft has no barriers to the kind of app you’ve made. Whether it’s created using React Native, Java, PWA, Xamarin, Election, .NET, UWP, or Win32, it doesn’t matter. Microsoft wants it in its store. In addition to this TikTok, Zoom, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Disney+ are all coming to the Microsoft store.

Microsoft Teams

You will now find Microsoft Teams into the OS. There will be a Teams chat taskbar on the right. This adds extended convenience to your chatting experience. If your friends haven’t downloaded Teams, the same would work well with SMS. Microsoft refers to it as “two-way SMS”. To add further ease there is going to be a mute/unmute button on the taskbar.


Windows 11 introduces us to Snap Layouts. You will be presented with many layout options when you hover over the maximize button. Your app will migrate to that position on the screen as you select the tiles in the layouts. This feature is most useful for users with ultra-wide monitors.


The update will offer you a widget panel that will slide in from the left. It can appear to you like a pane of glass sliding out. This feature is visually pleasing to the eyes.

What is the Upgrade Process for Windows 11?

Microsoft is offering a free update to Windows 10 users. Once the upgrade is released, you can go to ‘Setting’ on your laptop or PC, search for the Update & Security option, and click on ‘Windows Update’. You can check for updates by clicking on this option. There will be an update available for Windows 11, click download and install and your OS will be upgraded.


Which Devices will Support the Windows 11 Update?

Microsoft has announced that only the devices that are capable of supporting the high-end features of Windows 11 will be able to upgrade. If you want to upgrade, your system should have the following.

  • Your device should be hosting 2 or more cores on a convenient 64-bit processor or System on a Chip (SoC). It should also possess a processor that is 1 gigahertz or faster.
  • It will need at least 4GB of RAM (Random Access Memory).
  • There should be 64 GM of minimum storage available on the system.
  • It should have a graphics card compatible with DirectX 12 or later with a WDDM 2.0 driver.
  • The device should have a minimum of 720p display which is higher than 9” diagonally and that is capable of adjusting to 8 bits per color channel.
  • Having a Microsoft account and a stable internet connection is compulsory for your Windows 11 upgrade.
  • Your device must have a 5G modem to make it compatible with 5G internet connectivity.


This brings us to the end of this read. We hope our blog offers you the necessary information on the upcoming Windows 11 upgrade. We live in a tech dominant world and as a mobile app development company, we believe that it’s our privilege and duty to share such important tech updates with our readers.

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