Java vs JavaScript: What Is the Difference Between Java and JavaScript?

Different types of programming languages are being used to build websites in 2023. The most popular are Java and JavaScript. However, many people get confused between Java and JavaScript because of their similar names. But let me clear it up first, they are totally different programming languages. You will know about Java vs JavaScript and have a clear understanding by reading the blog.

Well, 98% of websites in the world use JavaScript as a client-side programming language and 95% of organizations use Java for web development. A JavaScript development company generally has more Java developers than other languages. According to Slashdot JavaScript is the most sought-after programming language.

In the same way, you will find many other facts about these popular Java program languages in the blog. If you have a business plan and want to build robust and feature-rich web pages for an effective online presence, you will not get confused between Java and JavaScript language after going through this blog.
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What Is Java?

Java programming language was developed by James Gosling in 1991. It is used to build mobile devices, gaming consoles, notebook computers, and medical devices. Well, whoever knows C and C++ language, learning Java language is easy for him because most concepts are directly taken from these programming languages. It has a strong presence in server-side web development.

Unlike JavaScript, Java code uses the compilation process. It is one of the compiled languages. Moreover, Java can run anywhere, but JavaScript only runs on browsers. However, with the help of NodeJS, JavaScript code can be run outside the browser now.

Java is an object-oriented programming (OOPs) language so it uses classes to write code. Here is an example of Java code. Classes are reusable templates to produce objects and these are data structures. Likewise, you have to define data structures and variables before using them in the program. You as a developer always have to write public static void main, then write a statement to print something.

image 1

Besides it, Java’s popularity is not unknown to the world. Various studies have found that Java is still a widely used programming language. Have a look at the image below.

The biggest advantage of Java is its portability. When you write code in Java, you can move it to a mobile device. It’s been more than two decades since Java is developed but it is still a popular language.

What Is Java Virtual Machine?

Java Virtual Machine provides a portable execution environment for applications developed using Java. JVM has two primary functions; one, allows Java programs to run on any device and operating system, and second, manages and optimizes the memory of the program.

What Is an Object-Oriented Programming Language?

Without knowing about OOPs, you will face difficulties to understand Java vs JavaScript code. It relies on the concept of objects and classes. C++, Java, Python, and JavaScript are examples of OOPs languages.

In OOPs class-based code is written. Class is nothing but a category for example “Animal”, “Car”, and “Color”. Classes include some attributes as follows.

Animal- Dog, Cow, Cat

Car- Mercedes, Ferrari, Tesla

Color- Red, green, black

Have a look at the below image to know the OOPs concepts.

image 4

If you want to know more about the OOPs, Watch this video –

What is Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)?

What Is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a scripting language or you can also call it an OOP programming script. It is lightweight and interpreted language. It enables developers to update content,  build a web page, control multimedia, and animate images dynamically. Developers can create more dynamic interactions while building applications, pages, servers, and game development as well.

JavaScript is used alongside HTML and CSS. HTML elements can be formatted effectively using JavaScript and CSS. This scripting language can do what CSS alone can’t do. Moreover, JavaScript is one of the popular interpreted languages while Java is a compiled language. And all browsers have a JavaScript interpreter. It is crucial to understand Java vs Javascript or the difference between Java.

Unlike Java, JavaScript is not bound to a code pattern. JavaScript first appeared in December 1995. ECMAscript2021 is the 12th and the latest version of JavaScript. Well, JavaScript doesn’t provide the basic class functionalities of OOPs. Here is the Scripting language code. Check out the JavaScript syntax in which HTML code is extended. Well, JavaScript resides inside HTML documents.

image 5

There is no need to use classes and functions in JavaScript like in Java programs. And JavaScript objects are prototype-based. You must be thinking if JavaScript is efficient, then why do JS frameworks are developed?

JavaScript frameworks offer pre-written code to the programmer mostly for the front-end development process. Frameworks execute JavaScript code faster because of tried and tested tools. Check out the best JavaScript frameworks for your project.

Where Does JavaScript Code Run?

JavaScript code on web browsers. It is platform-independent because JavaScript applications can run on any device. It is a cross-platform independent technology and different browsers support JavaScript. However, with the help of Node JS, now a JavaScript developer can also run the code outside the browsers.

Java vs JavaScript: A Comprehensive Table to Explain Difference Quickly

No. Java JavaScript
01 Java is a standalone programming language Java is integrated with HTML content to extend its code.
02 Java is mostly used for the back end JavaScript is used for both the front end and back end
03 Java tends to use more memory JavaScript uses less memory than Java
04 Java requires a Java development kit (JDK) to run the code JavaScript requires a browser console or any text editor to run the code
05 Java is a strongly typed language JavaScript is a loosely typed language
06 In Java, variables must be declared first to use in the program It has more relaxed syntax and rules
07 Java applications can run on any virtual machine or browser JavaScript used to work only on the browser but now with the help of Nodejs, it can run on the web server also.
08 Java uses OOPs concepts. It is a suitable choice for complex enterprise applications JavaScript is a scripting language used for building interactive and dynamic web pages.
09 .Java is the file extension of Java. It translates source code. .JS is the file extension of JavaScript. Every browser has an interpreter to execute the code of JavaScript.
10 Java has a thread-based approach to concurrency JavaScript has an event-based approach to concurrency

After knowing the differences between both Java vs JavaScript, you can clearly move ahead with your dream project. However, you need to know one more thing, the type of developers. Check out the difference between front-end, back-end, and full-stack development  to find the best suitable talent for your dream project.

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How Much Is the Cost of JavaScript Web Development?

JavaScript web development cost is around $10,000. However, this is not the fixed price because many factors affect the cost. The complexity level, web and app type, features, designs, location of developers, and sectors are the most common factors that add variation to the price.

Let’s know the cost of web development as per the website type.

  1. eCommerce website- $10,000-50,000
  2. Corporate website- $10,000-20,000
  3. SAAS website- $30,000-$100,000
  4. Small business website- $5000-15,000

The price of a website can also get affected by the type of technologies. Kotlin is a great competitor of Java. Well, Kotlin is an amazing choice for Android development while Java is a perfect choice for client-side app development and web applications. Know about both languages in detail by reading our blog on Kotlin and Java.

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