Language Learning App Development – How to Create a App like Duolingo (Duolingo Alternatives)?


Language learning app development has become an investable market since the advent of apps like Duolingo. One of the reasons is the increase in international travel all around the world in sectors of education, business, and tourism.

Learning a new language is an interesting process. Learning a foreign language has proven psychological benefits such as improved attention and mental alertness. People speaking foreign languages are observed to have a global mindset and exhibit more empathy.
Learning through the conventional roads of coaching institutes and the likes can at times turn out to be a monotonous process. And as a result, one can easily give up on it. The mere thought of going to an institute and learning can appear to be a tiring thing to do after a long day at work.
Technology offers us the chance to learn languages on the go – ‘Anytime-Anywhere’. Other than this our day-to-day life commitments can at times get in our way of learning new things on a schedule. Online learning apps provide the same learning but by promoting teaching through gamification, intuitive learning, and other effective learning techniques.
Online learning platforms have gained significant recognition over the years. An evident example of the same is ‘Duolingo’ – an American language learning app that offers about 98 different language courses in 38 languages.
This blog offers you an insight on how apps like Duolingo work, the top features that your language learning app should have, and the benefits associated with creating one.

About Duolingo

As of today, Duolingo is a top language learning app that allows users to learn 25 different languages using the easiest of methods. Duolingo makes it really simple to start learning a new language. One can download the app and instantly start learning any language they want to learn.
Teachings come in form of audio, pictures, and texts that help you learn quickly. The app offers you the basics of any language without having to spend hours and hours in a classroom. For example, the app recently launched its courses in the Chinese language for its English speakers. Chinese was the most requested language learning course on Duolingo. This course introduction was after the Japanese course that was launched earlier this year.
As per the results of a recent survey, Duolingo managed to become the top downloaded app for learning foreign languages all over the world for April 2019. It had a whopping 4.6 million installations, with the United States having the highest installs of about 24% and Brazil at 10%.
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Top Features that you Should Consider while Developing Language Learning App like Duolingo

1. Techniques that Enhance Language Learning Process

What has Duolingo managed to do? It emphasizes introducing newer, simpler, quicker, and fun ways to promote language learning. It offers convenience for time-poor individuals and has changed the way learning was offered to people.

If you catch a 15-minute break at your work, you can continue with your learning without having to even leave your seat. It renders learning in a fun and interesting ways. You can also research well and introduce newer methods of learning. Your aim should be to make the learning process as exciting as possible.

2. Offer the Freemium Model

It’s too much to ask for a straight-up fee as soon as your user starts using your app. Because no user in the world would show blind confidence on your app and pay straight-up. So, Duolingo offers a Freemium version of the app, to begin with.

The freemium version would offer specific basic lessons to its users for any language. This gives the users a chance to know the app’s teaching proficiency, inculcates trust, and offers beginners and travelers basic learning of a particular language.

3. Offer Competitive Socializing

Competition can really get your adrenaline up and propel you to put in more effort in order to learn something. As socializing has become a thing in almost all the apps we use today, then why not with learning? Duolingo uses this feature to its advantage.

It allows one to team up with their friends and promotes competitive learning. Not only you can compete with your friends but also track each other’s progress. This helps a user know what their friends have learned and create a healthy competition resulting in quicker learning.

4. Single Place to Speak, Read, Write, & Listening

The app has such designated courses designed by experts that one can learn speaking, reading, writing, and listening all in one app. It’s quite a task to inculcate lessons in your app that can promote learning in all the preceding subjects with utmost proficiency.

Benefits of Creating an App like Duolingo or Duolingo Alternatives

1. Learn Many Languages at a Single Platform

When you start using a learning app like Duolingo, you’ll observe that you get an opportunity to learn as close as 25 languages on a single platform. Some of the most prominent languages like German, Spanish, French, Irish, Italian, and many more can be easily learned sitting in your cozy homes. This in-return becomes a major reason for users to opt for the premium version.

Users can easily try their hands at different languages in their free time. You can allow your users to try different lessons like translation, listening, gamified learning, and a variety of other speaking lessons. This will encourage users to learn different languages.

2. Anytime-Anywhere Learning

This happens to be one of the most crucial reasons why the trend of learning through online apps has gained traction. All you need is a tablet or a smartphone and your good to go anytime-anywhere.

One of the other reasons that draw people to start using language learning apps is that it makes their free time more proactive. How many times in a day we spent in commutes or breaks. Your language-learning solution can prove to be more productive for learners than you imagine.

3. Immersive UI/UX

A true learner who tries learning through an app like Duolingo will experience that the whole learning experience is designed to make learning a quicker, immersive, and enjoyable process. In the app Duolingo, a small ‘Turtle’ button allows a user to slow the pronunciation of a phrase or a word to make it easier for a user to learn.

The exercise prompts a user to type what they hear and so the slow and clear voice they hear acts as a learning exercise. These fun learning sessions make the whole process something to look forward to for a user. It creates an urge in users to use the app just to experience fun learning.

4. Variety of Courses that match User Interest

If you want maximum user participation, you can try offering a variety of courses. Because a beginner won’t able to comprehend the lessons offered to an Advanced Learner. You can cover several other courses such as:

Beginners If a beginner starts learning a new language then more focus should be observed on writing and reading skills with simple exercises. The teachings of the most commonly used words of the language are usually the early lessons in such courses.

Advanced Learners Your app can conduct a test to see if a particular user is qualified for the advanced learning lessons. And as every user has different goals while learning foreign languages, some might want to try a more serious approach. You can offer learnings in vocabulary training, complex quizzes, tasks to memorize and read foreign language phrases. What would work best is if there are provisions for an average, amateur, and advanced learner.

The users can be categorized into different brackets. This would also offer the platform a broader monetization strategy and create more provisions to earn money.


Language learning apps have gained great attention worldwide. This is an opportune time for you to invest in a language learning idea. The ROIs and annual growth rate have shown an exponential increase and are predicted to go even higher till the year 2024.
A whole lot of work goes into creating a learning app. The use of animations, UI/UX, seamless flow, content presentation, and other such features need an experienced and dedicated development team. If you’re too confused about whom to contact regarding such concerns, you’re at the right place.
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