MEAN vs MERN: Which Stack Development is Considered to be the Best for Start-Ups?

70% of the small businesses in the USA are owned by individuals. You can start a business in the USA in just six days. Which is faster than other countries (Dynadot). If you also have a business idea and want to start a business in the US, you need to have a strong online presence. For this, you need to be aware of the MEAN vs MERN stack.

It is because both are technology stacks that are vital for any type of app or web development. If you don’t know the technology stack, you can’t understand the MEAN stack vs MERN stack. Although you can leave everything on your app or website developers, it is better to know what type of technology they are using.

So, move ahead to know about the technology stack, because then you can understand MERN and MEAN effectively.

What Is Technology Stack?

As innovations and developments happing in the world, new technologies are coming. Or you can say, to deal with the problems effectively and timely, regular updates are needed in the world of app and website development. It leads to mergers and combinations of the best technologies.

So, the technology stack is a combination or collection of technologies. These can be the best programming languages, frameworks, and tools. This type of stack makes the work of the developers easy. When you read MERN vs MEAN, it should be clear in your mind what the technology stack is.

You can make a tech stack, but for this, you need to be clear about some questions below.

  • How to Analyze the business idea?
  • What are good examples of the tech stack?
  • How to find the latest technologies?
  • How to analyze competitors and target audience?
  • What to do to select between industry and process-specific tools.

Well, this is all about the technology stack and questions to prepare one. But, if you don’t want to make it, MERN and MEAN stack can be the best choice.

If you have plans for a business start-up, read about both the stacks one by one. So that you can decide which would be a better option for your app or website. Technource is the top web development services provider in the USA. Some expert developers explain to you the meaning of MERN and MEAN stack in the below section.



What Is MEAN Stack?

When developers in a MEAN stack development company have knowledge about MongoDB, Expressjs, AngularJS, and NodeJS, they are called MEAN stack developers. Many people call these types of developers full-stack framework developers also.

So, the combination of these four technologies is called MEAN stack. Let’s know about all these technologies below.



  • MongoDB: It’s a NoSQL database system
  • Expressjs: It is a web framework to build web applications
  • AngularJS: A client-side Javascript framework developed by Google
  • NodeJS: Server-side Javascript execution framework

This is all about the MEAN stack. If you have knowledge about the same, you can hire mean stack developers effectively. Now, scroll down to know about another technology stack, the MERN stack.

What Is MERN Stack?

When you hire a MERN stack developer, make sure he has knowledge about MongoDB, Expressjs, React.js, and Node.js. This type of developer is also called full-stack developer by many people. Move ahead and know about this stack below.



  • MongoDB: It’s a NoSQL database system
  • Express.js: It is a web framework to build web applications
  • React.js: It is a Javascript library for designing UI
  • Node.js: It provides a cross-platform javascript runtime environment.

Several MERN stack development services providers discuss your business idea because they make sure this technology suits your idea or not.

The most used frameworks among developers worldwide have been several. But, there are top development frameworks that Statista highlights through its facts. The below-given statistics will help you understand which frameworks are widely used by the developers in 2021.



As you can notice in the statistics above that Reactjs was used more than any frameworks in 2021, so you can find a MERN stack developer easily.

But, you need to be clear about which technology stack would be better for your app or website. For this, it is important to know MEAN vs MERN in detail.

What is the Difference Between MERN and MEAN Stack?

In the previous details of both the technologies in this blog, you must have noticed there is one major difference. It is due to the use of Angular and React respectively. With the help of the below table, you can understand the negative and positive aspects of the MEAN and MERN technologies and their difference as well. Have a look.

Parameters MEAN Stack  MERN Stack
Language Javascript JavaScript, JSX
Type Javascript Framework Javascript Library
Features Moderate Level High Level
Performance Slower  Faster
Security High Medium
Data Binding One-way & two-way Only one way
DOM Regular DOM Virtual DOM
Data Flow Bidirectional Unidirectional
Scalability Medium High
Architecture  Component-Based Component-Based
Learning Curve Medium Low

By seeing the table, you can have an idea about the MERN stack vs the MEAN stack. For detailed information read about each parameter one by one.

  • Language: In the MERN stack, the Javascript JSX language is used. It is a statically typed object-oriented programming language. While in the MEAN stack, Javascript language is used.
  • Type: MEAN stack uses Javascript framework that is a collection of javascript code libraries. It helps the programmers to code fast and effectively. In the MERN stack, Javascript libraries are used; it helps in the easy and fast deployment of web applications.
  • Features: Knowing about the features helps understanding MEAN vs MERN better. You can develop efficient codes in a short time in the MERN stack. It has inbuilt testing tools like Jest and Mocha. MEAN is customizable with single language development, & stores data in JSON format.
  • Performance: With the advanced features MEAN makes the process of development fast and effective. Development in the MERN stack is even faster than the MEAN, likewise provides robust pages.
  • Security: MEAN stack offers high security and MERN provides medium-level security. But MERN ensures the durability of data storage. Generally, both are considered secure and robust.
  • Data Binding: In MEAN stack data binding can happen in both one and two ways. Whereas in the MERN stack, data binding takes place only in one way. This information will help you deal with mean stack development services providers.
  • DOM: MEAN stack updates the Document Object Model by using Angular. DOM is a programming interface for the languages XML and HTML. Whereas in the MERN stack DOM is virtual and uses React.
  • Data Flow: To understand the MERN vs MEAN stack, data flow is crucial. In MERN stack data flow is unidirectional, so it helps to deal with large projects. While, in the MEAN stack, if you alter the UI, it changes the model state at the same time. The reason is, MEAN stack is bidirectional.
  • Scalability: MEAN stack offers medium-level scalability while MERN offers high-level scalability. You can select any stack according to the need for scalability in your app or website.
  • Architecture: MEAN and MERN stack both are open-source, full-stack frameworks. They provide a complete development cycle from the front-end to the back-end development of the app or website.
  • Learning Curve: There is no major difference in the learning curve of both stacks. MEAN stack developers can also learn MERN stack. However, you will have to learn differently when it comes to Agular and React.

So, this is all about the difference and details of both stacks. When you hire developers from Technource, a MERN stack web development company, you can also discuss the MEAN stack. It is because we have developers for both technologies.



For your startup business idea selecting a tech stack can be challenging. Read about MERN and MEAN that which would be the best one for your app or website.

Why Should You Hire a MERN Stack Developer for a Startup?

  • If you have less time to start the business, then going for the MERN stack can be good. This ensures speedy web and app development.
  • MERN stack is cost-effective thus you can get an impressive online presence under your budget.
  • Short time is needed to train the developers for the MERN stack.
  • A set of flexible tools help the developers to build app or website even faster and effectively.
  • If your business idea is large, going for the MERN stack would be the better choice.
  • MERN stack provides a more scalable and robust development environment.
  • MERN stack is a better option for developing mobile applications.

When you hire a MERN stack developer, make sure you know the above information. It will help you make the right decision for your startup. Or if you want to use, MEAN stack for a startup business, read its benefits below.

Why Should You Hire a MEAN Stack Developer for a Startup?

  • MEAN stack can offer a full-stack app or website development only using Javascript language.
  • It provides high speed, maintenance, reusability, and testability to your startup app.
  • All the technologies in the MEAN stack are open source therefore app or website development cost is lower in it.
  • You can move the code of the MEAN stack to another framework easily. It is called Isomorphic coding.
  • MEAN stack saves developers to use monotonous and lengthy codes.
  • It has in-built testing tools therefore automated testing saves time and energy for the developers.
  • MEAN stack allows easy switch between server-side to client-side.

Our MEAN stack web development procedure is also easy and complete projects on time. If you want to hire a MEAN stack developer from Technource, be relaxed as a proper discussion happens between the client and the company representatives.

Moreover, if you are clear about the app or website type, you can make a quick and right decision. Don’t worry, below mentioned top examples of apps will help you get an idea of the type.

Famous Apps in MERN and MEAN Tech Stack

MERN Stack


MEAN Stack


These famous brands are using both tech stacks. It is because they find them effective and robust for their online presence. But one thing you must have noticed is that the choice of tech stack depends on the business idea and type of app or website. Likewise, you have to decide between MEAN vs MERN for your startup idea.

If you are thinking about which company can offer the top web development services for your startup, the below write-up is for you.

Why Is Technource the Best MERN & MEAN Stack Developer Company?

Technource is one of the famous software development companies in the USA and has been in this field for more than 9 years now. Here are the reasons why you should hire MERN or MEAN stack app or website developers from this company for your startup.

  • Custom Solutions: What type of features do you want in your app, how complex is your project? Regardless of both the conditions, our developers make sure they build an app as per your choice. You can give your input at any time.
  • Hire MEAN or MERN stack developers: from us, you don’t have to worry about the bugs in the app. It is because we have an experienced team that tests the product before final submission.
  • Affordable Prices: We keep the mobileapp development cost reasonable so that you will not have to worry about unnecessary expenses. We don’t have any hidden prices. After a proper discussion on your project, the cost of the app and website development is decided.
  • Seamless Communication: You better know what you want in your app and website. We provide seamless communication so that a lucid discussion can take place before the work begins. Even, you can communicate with us at any time.
  • Timely Delivery: We understand how important it is to get the product on time. So, provide app development services on time. We have 50+ developers to work on your project for timely completion.


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Wrapping Up

Information about the MEAN vs MERN stack in this blog will help you know which tech stack would be better for your startup. Both the tech stack have their importance. Technource can develop an app or website in both MERN and MEAN stacks. It has a skilled team of developers that has handled several projects.




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