Top React Developer Tools to Build High-Performance Apps in 2023

Revenue generated by applications is going to reach US$431 in 2022. Increase in the smartphone users has driven the demand for different applications. Today, various businesses want to have apps for themselves. React is a popular technology for app building. Various React developer tools make this framework able to build impeccable software solutions.

Due to high competition in the app market, people want to choose the best technology for their apps. Tech stack is crucial because it decides how your app will look and function. React is one of the most used and popular frameworks which is why most enterprises want to hire the best ReactJS development company for their project.

Unlike other technologies, React offers a vast number of features and UI components. Several big brands still use react developer tools in their products because it is a JavaScript-based technology. It indicates that React is a highly useful framework. If you also want to use React, a javascript library for your project, this blog would be a great help for you.

I will walk you through the sections in this post so that you can gain all the crucial information about the React JS tools. Let’s begin with the introduction of ReactJS.


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What Is ReactJS?

React is a JavaScript library and is used for building beautiful UI designs. It is an open-source front-end technology for building engaging user interfaces for the front-end community. And many people consider it as a framework but it is a Library. It first came in 2013 and since then developers are using it for front-end web development.

React technology includes various extensions that make it full of features suitable for advanced applications. Moreover, it helps to create dynamic applications. React saves coding to get complex and lets the app complete with less coding. React JS library is backed by Meta (Facebook) and has a vast community of React developers. You can ask for help from this community when you can’t find a solution while building React app. Since JavaScript is the core technology in this library, you can build a robust software solution effectively.

JavaScript is a popular programming language because of its flexibility. Likewise, it can be integrated with other frameworks with less effort. Have a look at the image below. It presents the most used programming languages among the world’s developers.




What Are the Top React Dev Tools?

JavaScript has been dominating front-end development for a long time. It resides in many popular applications in the market. Since this is a flexible programming language, adding new extensions and features is easy in it. There are several react Devtools based on this technology. You can use them in your new react project. Many tools support react native as well.

I have curated some of the most important React developer tools in the space below. You can build the best on-demand apps ever with the help of these tools.

  • React Developer Tools
  • Redux
  • React Hooks
  • MOBX
  1. 1. React Developer Tools

    react developer-tools

    This tool is an extension to Chrome and Firefox browsers. It is also called one of the best chrome developer tools. When you use React developer tool Firefox, you get many React components for your software building. These are so helpful for inspecting the developer’s data impeccably. You can use React developer tools for testing perplexing problems.

    Tracing the thread of mistakes or flaws in an application is quite a tiresome job. It requires intense nature and dedication. You can get the root React components with the help of the component tab. React technology is easy for several developers for debugging. Many React dev tools firefox are used by several developers. In addition, React developer tools offer data review and logging features.

  2. 2. Redux

    redux -icon

    Redux developer tool uses the concept of a data store. It manages and centralizes the state of applications. Applications that run in different environments can lose their data and consistency. To avoid this problem, Redux is used. It is mostly used with React and Angular libraries. AngularJS and ReactJS are competitors and various developers get confused while choosing between them.

    Well, Redux is suitable for both of these libraries. It stores the state of variables in both types of apps. Often, complex applications have lengthy data so storing it becomes a problem. For easy accessibility and updations, Redux completes this task. You can also use Redux for simple apps, but that would only increase the cost of development unnecessarily.

  3. 3.  React Hooks

    react hooks -icon

    Hooks were added in the latest version of React 16.8.0. It was added to the Suite of React tools for handling state management. Developer tools like this reduce the number of classes developers have to write to manipulate the state. Likewise, developers also use it for its simplicity. It reduces much of the code that developers had to write otherwise. So, it makes the app lightweight which is crucial for easy modifications. Most choose this React dev tool for simplified coding.

  4. 4. MOBX

    mobx -icon

    You can manage any application outside of any UI framework for consistency in the designs with the help of MOBX. It makes the code portable. In addition, the state management of the app can be simple and scalable because of this library. Although it is not one of the popular React developer tools, you can write minimalistic code that can catch your intent easily.

    Moreover, it allows effortless optimal rendering. It makes the code of your app easily testable which most developers wish for. Have a look at the image below for a better understanding. Every event invokes an action. It updates the observable state. They go through the computed values and trigger the problems and side effects like the render.

  5. effortless optimal rendering


Code Generators Tools for React

React has many code-generator tools. They help in the development of android applications and make the codebase handling process easy. It requires a pack of React libraries and frameworks. Many code generators for React have the same for easy development. Most of the tools are required when a developer has to decide what to show on the screen. Deciding with the help of developer tools saves time and leaves room for experimentation. Here are some of the crucial React developer tools or code generators.

  • Next.JS
  • Create React App
  • Gatsby

Code Generators Tools for React

  1. 1. Next.JS

    This React dev tool supports client-side and server-side rendering unlike creating React App that supports only client-side rendering. Next.js renders all the necessary features you require for application development. Moreover, it is widely used for React-based applications. Also, help to create static websites. The tool does all the necessary calculations to decide what to display on the screen.

  2. 2. Create React App

    You can set up a modern web app by running one command. It has a shallow learning curve so you will not have to struggle much and get all the features effectively. The instant reloads in the Create React App tool help you focus on development. The best part of this tool is only one dependency. If you want an advanced web app for your business, you can “eject” from this tool and edit the configuration files. Besides it, you can create a new React app that can handle data for heavy tasks.

  3. 3. Gatsby

    Gatsby offers a large number of starting templates. You can also use it if you want statically rendered pages. Moreover, it is useful for preconfigured and unique styling choices for your React applications. Various starting templates provide different choices to developers. In addition, you will not have to wait for a long time to set up the React app.

React DevTools for Testing

Testing is an integral part of application and website development. Ignoring it can lead to the worst software development ever. Tools record performance information and enable automated testing for the React application. It provides an actual auto-generated code. So, Testors use various React testing tools. Let’s know about them one by one.

  • JEST
  • Enzyme
  • Jasmine
  • React Testing Library


Code Generators Tools for React

  1. 1. JEST

    Uber, Airbnb, and many other popular apps used the JEST tool for testing. It was initially used on Facebook to test React components of a website. Jest can work with any technology apart from React. Its UI snapshot and complete API philosophy work impeccably.


    1. Ensures correctness of any JavaScript codebase
    2. Has feature-rich API
    3. Effective for writing unit test
    4. Takes snapshots of component trees
  2. 2. Enzyme

    It makes the process of testing React components easy. Many times, Enzyme is used with the JEST tool. This way, it enables identifying the issues properly and comparing the values of components against the test results. The enzyme doesn’t use the entire tree of components. It only uses the crucial components leaving children or an important page’s react tree. But you need an extension to get access to the page’s react tree.


    1. Used for testing different components
    2. Particular data finding is easy
    3. Only relevant data is needed for testing
  3. 3. Jasmine

    Jasmine is another testing tool for React. However, it defines itself as a “JavaScript testing framework and Nodejs”. It was immensely used in the frameworks like Angular using the CLI tool. Moreover, with Babel and enzyme, you can use Jasmine for testing React applications.


    1. Has no external dependencies
    2. Available for Node, React, and Browser
    3. No requirement for DOM
  4. 4. React Testing Library

    React testing library is for those who don’t like to use Enzyme. It simulates the user behavior during the test. React Testing Library is a complete set of React DOM testing utilities. It is useful for imitating the actual user actions and workflows. Most developers choose it because of its lightweight feature and light utility functions.


    1. Lightweight solutions for testing React apps
    2. It is not a test runner and framework
    3. Code works with actual DOM Nodes

Integrated Development Environments for React

An integrated development environment is a special type of environment for app and web development. It includes all the important features and tools. You can find in-built libraries in these environments. Java uses Eclipse and c# Visual Studio IDEs. React also has some IDEs because they offer intuitive user experiences for developers.

  • Webstorm
  • VS Code
  • Reactide

Integrated Development Environments for React

  1. 1. Webstorm

    This IDE contains many features for JavaScript development. However, it is not free so you have to spend money to use its features. It sets breakpoints in the code so developers can easily identify the desired lines.

  2. 2. VS Code

    VS code is an effective and widely used React dev tool. It is a flexible and free IDE for React applications. VS Code is the product of Microsoft and contains various features for effective app building.

  3. 3. Reactide

    Reactide has compatibility across Linux, windows, and Mac machines. This open-source and cross-platform IDE includes easy React development tools. For example, the visualization of the app’s component tree. Moreover, developing visual components is also easy with Reactide.

How React Library Can be the Best Technology for Your App?

Even if you are planning to develop an app or want to hire a pool of developers for your project, you must be aware of some benefits offered by React. It will help you come up with a competitive and attractive software solution.

  1. You can divide the thousands of codes and put them into custom components.
  2. DOM is declarative. It allows making interactive UI by changing the state of components.
  3. You can use the code of the app anywhere after writing it once. It is cost-effective for your app.
  4. Automatic rendering, potential components, and plain Java code make React simple to use.
  5. The SEO-friendly feature of React makes your app able to appear on the top while searching.
  6. You can build scalable web apps with the help of React.
  7. Reactjs is compatible with other frameworks and tools.
  8. Quick development is vital these days and React maximizes the performance of the web app by decreasing app loading time.
  9. It keeps unnecessary rendering away from the app.
  10. React is open to new changes and updations which is good for building cutting-edge solutions.

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What Is the Cost of React App Development?

The hourly rate of React app development ranges from $15-$50. It can change as per the project size, the time required to complete it, and the features and functions required by the client. The cost of hiring an Android developer is also similar.

The type of React developer tools you use also affects the cost of app development. Many factors that affect the cost and uses of tools come under the tech stack factor. If you want advanced features, the price of React app can be around $50,000.

However, there is no uniform price for app development for all the regions in the world. Geographical locations affect the cost of app creation. In the USA you have to spend more than $100,000 for an app. While in some regions the price is low. Even the highest price is $50,000 for React app development. Check out the below factors that affect the cost of app development.

  1. Experience of developers
  2. Geographical locations
  3. Tech stack
  4. Size of the project and team
  5. Features and functions
  6. Complexity level

There can be many other factors that you come to know when you talk to experts at Technource. Without considering these factors, you should not decide on the budget.

Wrapping Up

Different types of tools are used at different stages of development. I tried to present you with crucial React developer tools in the post to create the best online platform. I hope, that now you know which technology can be the right choice for your app or web while using React. In case, you still can’t decide, request a quote from experts at Technource. They charge nothing for the consultation. If you like you can hire an app developer at an affordable price from this firm.


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