Angularjs vs Reactjs: A Complete Comparison Guide

Developing a project from scratch can be a cumbersome task. This is the sole reason why businesses seek expertise from a web development company. They too make use of frameworks, especially with JavaScript. Frameworks can be seen as a collection of libraries that store code for common tasks and features. So the same doesn’t have to be coded from scratch. In this blog, we will do Angularjs vs Reactjs.

The competition between the two prominent frontend frameworks i.e. Angularjs and Reactjs are at its peak. There has been extensive debate on which of the preceding is better. Hence, we decided to write a comparison blog on the same. 

This read brings you a brief comparison between the two of the most prominent front-end techs available in the market. Angular or React? Learn which is better for your next project. 

Starting from the basics let’s learn:

What is Angular?

This open-source JavaScript framework is developed by Google and was introduced in the year 2010 by the name ‘AngularJS”. A complete rewrite of the first version was released in 2016 by the name ‘Angular’. The framework has been written in TypeScript and is highly compatible with numerous code editors. Google uses Angular for one of its most important projects i.e. Google AdWords. 

What is React?

React is based on JSX (a PHP extension) which happens to be a JavaScript library developed by Facebook. With React you can create UI components. The React library simplifies interface development by dividing the webpage into single components. React was created to manage Facebook Ads when they found that HTML wasn’t good enough. Since then the fan following of React went up in millions. It has also made a huge contribution in creating the UI of Instagram and Facebook.

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AngularJS vs ReactJS Comparison

There are some evident differences between the two frameworks. Let’s gain a brief idea of what they are, to help you select the ideal one for your next project.

Key Difference

Depending on the scope of your project both frameworks can serve you equally well. To use any of the frameworks to their best you must learn the key difference between the two. If you know the same you can save time in the development process and create a budget-friendly product. 


Angular acts as a supporting structure. Here your code defines the operation and takes the help of a framework to fill the structure. Angular is an MVC framework that has been written in JavaScript. 


React is a JavaScript library that offers pre-written code that can be used when executing a similar function. 

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Both Angular and React have their strengths in different areas. One should observe this with attention.


Angular is best suitable for creating single-page web apps that update a single view at a time. This should be the area of expertise for an AngularJS developer. With the help of additional frameworks, one can also use Angular for mobile app development. 


React can also be used to create single and multiple web page apps. Yet it can be best used for a single-page app that can update many views at a time. With the use of additional frameworks such as React Native or Cardova, it can also be used for mobile app development. 


Libraries save a lot of time by allowing you to choose already written lines of code. This saves a lot of time as you don’t have to write features from scratch.


Angular offers a great working experience with its framework, as it does not require any external libraries. Most of the desired functions are included in the framework.


To access functions like data binding, component-based routing, project generation, dependency injection, form validation, and more, React requires additional libraries for UI development. 


It’s crucial to learn the language that is used to write the code. For instance, a developer without the knowledge of programming languages such as c# can find typescript to be challenging while one that has worked as an AngularJS developer will find it easy.


TypeScript is preferably used for larger projects and is much faster with the process of code refactoring. Angular uses typescript and javascript. Remember, typescript is a subset of javascript.


React too makes use of JavaScript along with JSX. React extends the ECMA script by using an HTML or XML-like syntax known as JSX. This fosters the co-existence of React or JavaScript code with HTML or XHTML code.

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If you want instant engagement from your consumers your app should be fully functional and ready to use. To offer this user experience your app has to be bug-free and completely tested. 


Testing and debugging are simple with Angular as it just requires a single tool. We an AngularJS development service love to work with this tech due to this feature. 


React can be an effort and time-consuming when it comes to debugging and testing. It requires a set of tools for the same such as Karma, Jest, Jasmine, and more. 

Dynamic UI Binding

UI binding is an important factor to consider while choosing a framework. Though the choice of UI binding depends on the type of application that you’re trying to develop. If you’re not proficient with coding you should seek assistance from an Angularjs development service


Angular permits a plain object or property level UI binding. In addition to this, without the interference of time-consuming DOM updates, multiple UI bindings can be updated at the same time. 


UI states in React can be linked straightforwardly. The state parameter is integrated into the internal state of React component by passing it as an object. 

Data Binding

The number of watchers is decided by the type of data binding used. This as a result decides the load on the browser. Hence, data binding plays a crucial role in the performance of your web app.


Angular wins this one as it offers two-way data binding as opposed to React. With two-way data binding model state changes automatically when any change is made, this is reassuring for a developer. 


Unlike Angular, React supports one-way data binding. There is a reduced load on the browser because the watchers are not assigned the same in Angular. 

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AngularJs VS ReactJS: In Brief

  • React is a JavaScript library that is proficient with creating UI components, whereas AngularJS can be used to develop dynamic web apps being a structural framework.
  • It functions on Virtual DOM whereas Angular JS is based on MVC (Model View Controller).
  • React uses JavaScript and AngularJS uses Typescript.
  • With React one can add a JavaScript library to the source code while AngularJS doesn’t offer this functionality.
  • With Angular, one can test and debug an entire project using a single tool. The same can be done using React but using a different set of tools.

Features of Angular

  • Tech consistency
  • Efficient due to Typescript
  • Crisp & clean code
  • Extended support for error handling
  • Huge community
  • In-built support for HTTP, AJAX, and Observables
  • Buisness & UI logic separation
  • Local CSS/ Shadow DOM
  • Regular updates using Angular CLI

Features of React

  • Composed & simple
  • Highly supported by Facebook
  • Rapid development
  • 3rd party library access
  • Uni-directional data binding with code stability
  • Performant with enhanced UX
  • React components
  • Time-saver

When to Choose Angular?

  • You want higher productivity by opting for ready-to-use solutions.
  • If you hire AngularJS developers that are proficient with C#, Java, and prior versions of Angular.
  • If your goal is to create a fully functional enterprise-level application.
  • Your app’s complexity ranges from low to medium level.

When to Choose React?

  • When you hire Reactjs developers that are also expert with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • When you want to develop a personalized app solution.
  • You want to create an app with multiple events.
  • You want to use shareable components with your app.
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AngularJs VS ReactJS: Which is Better?

If you want to create single-page applications both are equally good. Yet, both can be used to entirely different lengths. But we always hear statements like Angular is better than React and vice versa. 

We as an AngularJS development company believe that you shouldn’t be biased towards any of the two frameworks. You should make your choice based on your usability and functional requirement. 


Many front-end development service providers will suggest you choose Angular and React. This is the primary choice made by businesses for creating sturdy and robust web apps.

We as a web development service have also worked on several projects using Angular and React. We – Technource has been a prominent player in the IT world for 9+ years. Our team consists of expert designers and developers who can develop your business web app in 3 months.

To know more about the challenging projects we’ve been a part of you can refer to our case studies on our website. We’re a ReactJS development service that is also proficient with creating mobile and web apps for other platforms. Get in touch with us today by signing up for a free consultation form on our website.

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