5 Things to Consider While Developing a Real Estate Application


One of the businesses that have remained bankable in the challenging times of the Pandemic is the real estate business. But with real estate companies getting equipped with tech, more than 90% of the established platforms have started using a website for property listings.
With such an exponential rise in the competition, the real-estate has reached a point of saturation. This situation forces companies to fight for each of their clients. Creating a real estate app is one of the ways of offering something more than your competitors. Mobile applications serve buyers and clients very well by automating and optimizing various processes.
Apps contribute very much to the growth and promotion of a company. But the app development process isn’t as easy as talking about it. The real estate app development process is in no way a simple one and requires a lot of research and planning to design an app with the right features, UI/UX, and tech stack.
This blog shares insight on the top 5 things that one should consider while developing a real estate app and other vital information that can prove effective for your real estate application. So, let’s start!
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Top 5 things to consider while going for Real Estate App Development

Smart Search

The search functionality is most important in a real estate app. A fully functional real estate app would require a search engine that provides the users with relevant results and is robust in nature.

The search should filter in areas through GPS tracking, offer distance from their current address (if in the same city), year built, on-site facilities, live tours, and other such necessary information.

You can try these three search functionalities for your real estate app.

  • Check the order in which results are displayed to the customers.
  • You can create an MVP and then add other search criteria, simultaneously testing their effectiveness as they’re added.
  • Make optimum use of data analytics and artificial intelligence to enhance the search experience.

Making the use of data analytics one can analyze the search-accumulated data and then offer the users the most searched results. Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Machine Learning are AI techniques that would help your app to analyze your queries in greater depth. NLP would allow your app to learn the entire meaning of search queries as opposed to individual keywords.

Communication Panel with three-way Communication Facility

One of the prime requirements of a real-estate app would be facilitating efficient communication between the user, the real estate agent, and your agency. This would ensure that a client is provided with their desired information whenever and wherever they need it. There should also be audio, video, documents, and photo sharing functionality.

You can also make use of a ChatBot that can send adequate replies or information to the clients in your unavailability.

You can try the below-mentioned ways to add other useful functionalities to your app.

  • A 360° model view would offer an all-around examination of the property and its neighborhood. You can also include a comments section for users to express their views or queries.
  • You can also include an autoresponder and call-recording feature in your app, this would personalize your interactions making them more engaging.

Relevant Neighbourhood Information with Navigation Feature

No matter where a person lives it’s always important for anyone to choose a safe, peaceful, and vibrant neighborhood. The crime rate of that particular area is also one of the important factors that customers consider before buying a home.

One of the interesting ways to offer neighborhood information has been implemented by Technource making optimum use of Augmented Reality for one of the top real estate firms in the US. Whenever a user is near a particular property and is tracked by the GPS, the consulting agency would directly appear on the screen and present the user with all the relevant information about the house and the neighborhood.

One of the other ways to offer relevant information about the neighborhood is by creating a neighborhood map and allowing users to access information through the use of boundaries. A user should be offered relevant information for a drawn area surrounding the house they’re currently observing.

Property Listings & Shortlisting

The property listings that you offer are the core feature of your real estate app. Customers are going to use your app to see the properties that you offer them. This places a higher level of importance on this section of your app. You’d have to keep all the property profiles updated with high-resolution photos and videos. The listing page should also offer correct information related to the house like the total area it covers, the carpet area, the land’s current evaluation, and much more.

Your aim should be to offer relevant information while not cluttering that particular page. The page should allow the user to make their own “Wishlist”, to add places that grab their attention or are liked by them. The shortlisting feature allows them to personalize the experience by allowing them to share their favorite homes with their friends and family.

Virtual Tours

This is a new tech that is ruling the product presentation market today. Virtual Reality is a 3-dimensional simulation where a user can interact with an artificial environment using other electronic devices with sensors.

A virtual tour is the best possible way to give the customer the feel of the place they want to purchase. About 70% of the clients agree that a first-time virtual tour of homes on sale is as good as going for an open house. You can make use of the tech available today to offer a personalized product presentation to your customers.

A virtual tour can really offer perspective to a user as they can easily examine each and every corner of the house with no physical effort. This feature is very much appreciated by all the potential buyers.


Technource and Real Estate App Development

Technource is an experienced player in the professional IT service sector and has achieved this feat through years of hard work and persistence. We’ve worked on numerous mobile and web development projects which have made us competent for handling your next project.
Talking specifically about Real Estate App Development, we’ve worked on one of our most challenging and innovative real estate projects that goes by the name “Hommati”. Hommati ranks as one of the top 20 real estate portals in the United States.
As you learned above Hommati makes use of Augmented Reality, where an agent appears on your screen offering relevant information, when you’re in close proximity of a particular listed property. This feature is an innovative feat that changes a customer’s experience of property exploration.
We provide software solutions using native and cross-platform technologies for mobile apps. While MERN and MEAN are our preferred tech stack for designing web solutions. We also recommend opting for an MVP to help stakeholders check if their business idea is bankable or not and to help them keep a budget check.
We provide software solutions using native and cross-platform technologies for mobile apps. While MERN and MEAN are our preferred tech stack for designing web solutions. We also recommend opting for an MVP to help stakeholders check if their business idea is bankable or not and to help them keep a budget check.

Mr. Sanjay Singh Rajpurohit, An early-aged entrepreneur who always leads his team from the front and achieved success. As the founder & CEO of Technource, a top mobile app & Web development company, he made a global presence in a short time by offering custom software development, premium mobile apps, and website development services to global clients. In his free time, he loves writing. He is featured on Hackernoon, Dzone, Enlear Academy, Articlesfactory, and much more websites.

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