How to Hire an iOS Developer in 2023 [Quick Guide]

There are 113.5 million iPhone users in the USA, and the number can touch 118 million in 2022. So, you can imagine, if you have an iOS app, how beneficial it would be for you? An impressive app is a dream of every entrepreneur, so he thinks to hire iOS app developer.

It is because iOS offers an impressive, unique, and robust environment to develop an app. Who will not want unique features and provide excellent customer satisfaction to the user? Well, every businessman wants to have such an app that fulfills all his requirements and hire iOS developers for this.

You will be shocked by reading the fact that the Apple app store has around 2.22 million apps (Statista). Apple accounts for only 14.1% of the total mobile industry, but revenue is 5 times higher than the Android. Having an app in iOS will give you quality and loyal customers as they can’t use other apps that can run Android.

If you are thinking, what is the difference between iOS and Android, read below. It is very important to know because it helps to hire an iOS developer.

How iOS Is Different from Android?

You must have heard about IOS and Android developers. But what is the difference between these two developers?

  • Android is an open system, whereas iOS is a closed one.
  • Users can customize their phones in Android while they need permission in iOS.
  • iOS has few models while Android has several because iOS is controlled by only Apple while Android manufacturers are many.
  • You can use the Google play store to download apps, but for iOS phones, you have to use Apple’s app store.
  • Siri is the voice assistant in iOS, and Google assistant is for Android.

These are some points to clear doubt in your mind about iOS and Android. Now you know what is the difference between both of them, it will help in custom ios app development.

The next section will make you aware of some benefits of iOS app development.


Benefits of iOS App Development

Required Less Development Time:

You often search how long does it take to develop an app? iOS app takes less time than Android because in Android the apps are tested in several types of devices, but in iOS, it has to test only in one type of device.

Provides Secured Transaction:

Mobile app development services providers in iOS allow secured transactions. Advanced features in iOS apps safeguard the Operating System from being hacked.

Simple & Effective Testing:

An iOS app has to pass the testing criteria for the prevalent iOS versions. The testing remains simple, effective, and can be done in a short time. So, the app development cost is also not high.

Loyal Customer Base:

iOS apps give higher customer satisfaction because the user can experience excellent performance and quality. Flawless performance and robust apps put the iOS apps at priority. So, it leads to a loyal customer base.

More App Revenue:

You can have a better Return On Investment by having an iOS app. As the iPhone users are few, but it generates huge profits, so having an iOS app can bring you more revenue.

App for All Business Needs:

By hiring a custom ios app development company, you can have an app for all business needs. Customers can enjoy effective mobility and responsiveness in the apps developed for iOS.

Excellent User Experience:

No one is devoid of the fact that iOS offers an excellent user experience. Amazing cohesion between hardware and software of iOS is excellent for business applications.

Effective Interface:

The user finds himself more engaged with the UI of the iOS phone because it is effective. Most people use it for a stunning user experience, so if you have an iOS app you can gain more users.

These are the benefits of having an iOS app. If you were planning to hire Android app developer, now you can compare better. Let’s move to the next section. It will make you aware of the important facts about iOS development.

For more detail, have a look at the below statistics. It shows the number of iPhone users in the United States from 2012 to 2022.



As you can notice in the above statistics, the number of iOS users is increasing year by year, so having an app on this platform can be a wise choice. There are several developers, but finding the best one for your app can be a tiresome job.

Picking a top Mobile app development company can take your major time, and due to lack of time, you can hire ios app developer that doesn’t suit your project and doesn’t know about the latest technologies.

This blog will guide you in hiring the best app developers for your business idea. Read below to know everything.

What You Need to Prepare Before Hiring iOS Developer

You can hire iOS developers effectively if you are ready for it. Yes, you read it right. You have to focus on three things before you start looking for the developers. Know these things one by one below.

Understand the Needs of Your Project:

First of all, know the needs of your business. For this, analyze the market and audience. What things people are looking for and how to fulfill them, find it. This way, you can understand your business.

Set Your Goals & Prepare a Report:

You should collect the crucial things about your business. And prepare a report so that you can be sure of what you need in the app.

Read About New Technologies:

There are several app development frameworks available. You must read about them so that you can understand in which technology you should have an app.

Once you are done with these things, you can say that you are ready to look for the best custom ios app development company. Now move ahead and read how to hire an ios developer.

How to Hire the iOS Developers? [Easy Steps]

The iOS users spend enough money to use iOS apps. So, they need an effective, robust, smooth running, and impeccable app. This type of app can be developed by efficient developers. Know the below steps to hire skilled developers.

Search for the Best Development Companies:

To hire iPhone app developers, you have to find the best company. It is because, through a company, you can hire a team of developers for your project. So, browse for the best development companies in the USA.

You can talk about the companies with the clients who have already taken the service. Moreover, this discussion with friends and relatives helps you to make better decisions. So, prepare a list, it should not be too long, otherwise, you can end up wasting all your time.

Compare the Different Service Providers:

Once you are collected information about the top companies where you will hire ios app developers from, compare their services. With the help of comparison, you can identify the better company to implement your app idea.

You have to pay attention to detail and the services they offer. With the help of comparison, you can finalize 2-3 companies for your iOS app.

Know the Basics about the Development Process:

Do you know how do the developers execute the app development process? Most of you would say No. But if you are planning to have an app, you must know about the development process.

It helps to understand how exactly developers work and how they will complete your app. Likewise, this makes you understand how much time is required to make an iOS app, and you can deal with the Mobile app development services provider accordingly.

Analyze, the Type of Developers:

This is crucial to analyze because you must know what type of developers are working on your project. There are three types of developers, they are as follows.

  • Dedicated Team: You can hire a dedicated team for your project that will only work on your project.
  • Outsource: You can hire a development company and rely on it to complete your project. It can outsource developers for your project.
  • Freelancer: These types of developers work for more than one custom ios app development company. You can hire an iOS freelancer for your project if it doesn’t require much work and detail.

Check the Portfolio of the Developers:

You must check the portfolio of the developers who are going to work on your project. By doing the same, you can know the qualification, experience, and skills of the iOS developers.

Knowing the skills of the developers is crucial in today’s time if you want to be sure of an excellent app. So, we at Technource want you to know when you can say, ‘This type of developer is the best for my project’. There are some skills that you must check to hire iOS app developer.


iOS Developer Skillset for Your App

Spatial Reasoning:

An iOS developer must know how to think in 3D and make an interactive product. For this, he needs to have spatial reasoning skills.


A solid foundation for programming is necessary for iOS app development. The developer must know Swift and Java for developing an app for iOS.

Xcode IDE:

For impressive iOS app development, knowledge of Xcode IDE is vital for a developer. So, when you hire iOS developers, make sure they know Xcode IDE for the smooth running of the app.

Grand Central Dispatch:

This is also used for giving a smooth experience to the user. During the multiple commands, fetching data, and taking inputs, an iOS app runs smoothly due to grand central dispatch.

UX & UI Design:

An iOS developer must have an idea of effective designs. UI includes the designing part, and UX includes the navigation part, so make sure whoever you are hiring has knowledge about both.

Reactive Programming:

When a developer knows about this skill he can define the application behavior in response to asynchronous events. Reactive programming skills are a must to develop an impressive app.

Data Exchange:

When you hire iOS app developer, find he has knowledge about data exchange. How to use the object notations within core data is important. It works as a framework to store data and this allows the multiple application to run smoothly.

Wrapping Up:

An app is not just an app, it is your dream, and you must be careful to hire iOS app developer to shape your dream. Technource has a team of developers who know the latest technology. They are skilled in iOS development so you can choose the best for your app. Apart from it, you will not have to worry about the app’s cost as it is decided after a proper discussion on your business idea.



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