Apps Like Cleo That Let You Borrow Money: Get Instant, Easy Money from $20 to $5,000


Financial needs can arise at any time without knowing your salary credit day. Apps like Cleo provides cash advances to fulfill your financial needs. They offer advances against your next paycheck. Cleo cash advance apps help you save money and build credit. You can get $10 to $500 and more from sites like Cleo.

Overdraft apps have intuitive and simple interfaces for their customers. If you hire an on-demand app development company make sure you discuss the interface of your cash advance app. This blog presents you with the top 20 apps like Cleo. Whether you are facing medical emergencies, unforeseen bills, and other urgent financial demands, you can borrow money from these 20 Cleo alternatives.

Instant money from the Cleo app provides relief in times of financial uncertainty. This blog covers much more about cash advance apps. Let’s read it and update your knowledge.

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What Is Cleo?

Cleo is an app to borrow money against your next paycheck. If you have spent too much before month end and need more money, then you can use this app to get cash advances. AI technology is used in a Cleo cash advance. It also helps individuals manage money, budget, and save money.

You can get cash advances to cover your unexpected expenses between paychecks. The Cleo app provides insights into spending habits and personalized financial advice also.

Here are the key features of the Cleo app:

  1. Cash advance
  2. Budgeting and spending insights
  3. Personalized recommendations
  4. Bill tracking and reminders
  5. Automatic savings
  6. AI-powered conversations

Top 20 Cash Advance Apps Like Cleo

Cleo is a user-friendly platform for individuals to get cash advances. However, relying on one single app is not suitable because of different needs for money. Some apps provide more cash advances than others. You must know apps like Cleo so that you can use them as per your need.

  1. MoneyLion
  2. Dave
  3. Albert
  4. Chime
  5. Klover
  6. Empower
  7. Pockbox
  8. Brigit
  9. Branch
  10. Current
  11. Earnin’
  12. Even
  13. Varo
  14. FloatMe
  15. SeedFi
  16. RocktMoney
  17. Kickoff
  18. Self
  19. Kovo
  20. Gerald

Scroll down and know about every app. We offer brief information about the features, pros, cons, and user reviews of apps like Cleo.

1)  MoneyLion:


It is the first app in the apps like Cleo. It is a finance app from which you can get cash advances of up to $500. MoneyLion renders mobile banking and resources for personal finance. You can manage your finances, build credit, and get short-term loans. Know Cash Advance apps like MoneyLion for more information about the app.

Features of MoneyLion:

  • Instacash feature to get cash advance
  • Doesn’t require a credit check
  • Instant funding into the user’s account
  • Credit building tools

Pros of MoneyLion:

  • No interest rate
  • Quick access to funds
  • Provide helpful money tips
  • Credit building opportunity

Cons of MoneyLion:

  1. Fees can add up
  2. Limited advance amount
  3. Membership fees every month

MoneyLion User Review- “This has saved my a$$ so many times. Out of all of the payday loan apps, this is the one to use. I can get up to $355 at any time, almost instantly (for a fee of course). Also, they do only let you get out $100 at a time which compounds the fees but if you REALLY need money then I can look past this. This is by far the best payday loan app and has gotten be out of a few jams when I needed it.” Kyle

2) Dave:


You can get up to a $500 loan in 5 minutes or less with extra cash. The app offers various tools to help you in managing your finances and avoid overdraft fees. Dave’s app is not available in all states of the USA. In case, you want to know more about the Dave app, check out our blog Cash Advance apps like Dave.

Features of Dave:

  • Predictive alerts
  • No interest
  • Budgeting tools
  • Fee tracker
  • Banking services like “Dave Banking”

Pros of Dave:

  • Overdraft alerts
  • Voluntary tips
  • Budgeting assistance
  • No interest on cash advances

Cons of Dave:

  1. Confusing tip model
  2. A short-term borrowing cycle can occur
  3. Limited cash advance

 Dave User Review- “I’m starting to get extremely frustrated. Almost every single time I log into this app, it says I need to relink my bank/debit card. This time, it caused me to miss my payment, which I can’t really afford to pay at the moment. Had I known it was going to drop the connection right before the automatic payment was going to be taken out, I would’ve made sure to set money aside for it. Or I could’ve relinked it beforehand, at least.”- Natasha Foster (Google Play)

3) Albert:


Albert is a financial app. It offers users tools to manage their money. You can budget effectively and access cash advances when needed. It provides up to $250 instant. So, you can bank, save, invest, and budget.

Features of Albert:

  • Budgeting tools
  • Smart savings
  • Subscription management
  • Alerts and recommendations
  • Cash advance

Pros of Albert:

  • Smart savings
  • Budgeting and insights
  • Investment opportunities

Cons of Albert:

  1. Limited cash advance amount
  2. Subscription fees
  3. Focus on management only

Albert User Review- A scam, do not download. They will steal your money saying it’s an investment then will never give it back.Ray (Trustpilot)

4) Chime:


Chime is an online banking app by the Fintech company Chime. It provides overdrafts up to $200. It has been here for a decade now and helping people with cash advances. Folks avoid traditional banking fees by leveraging the savings account of the Chime app.

Features of Chime:

  • Automatic savings
  • Early direct deposit
  • Chime Visa debit card
  • Fee free ATMs

Pros of Chime:

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use app
  • Automatic savings
  • No overdraft fees
  • No monthly fees

Cons of Chime:

  1. Limited branch access
  2. Limited products
  3. Some users have mixed experience

Chime User Review – “Been using the credit builder for 2 years now, it’s great! The app is fairly easy to use, my only complaint is that you cannot segment your savings account and have things like goals setup. Every other online banking used has this feature and it’s one I’ve greatly missed. It allowed me to save for individual things, but other than that, Chime is great!” – Kaysay (Google Play)

5) Klover:


The Klover app comes when your payday can’t come soon enough. You get up to $200 from Klover. There are no late fees, interest charges, and credit checks. Klover is designed to help users manage money, save, and access cash advances when needed. Know its features, pros, and cons.

Features of Klover:

  • Automotive savings
  • Budgeting tools
  • Instant cash advance
  • Financial insights

Pros of Klover:

  • Earn points that convert to cash
  • Budgeting assistance
  • Saving features
  • Instant pay

Cons of Klover:

  1. Limited availability
  2. Subscription fees
  3. Dependency risk

Klover User Review- “So far, so good. This isn’t for someone just finding the app and needing immediate funds: verifying and approving a debit card can take a few days (mine took two). I do like that your cash advance option is based on points, and that points are SUPER easy to get by watching ads, filling out surveys and confirming purchases made from a bank account. I got a $50 advance and everything is good so far. I’ll update on the conclusion of the process after I get it paid back!” Jessica (Google Play)

6) Empower:


Users can manage their money with the help of Empower. This financial app provides many tools. You can access cash advances from the apps like Cleo Empower when needed. It provides up to $250 cash advance so that you will not have to face issues because of unexpected expenses and emergencies.

Features of Empower:

  • Financial insights
  • Budgeting tools
  • Cash advance features
  • No interest or fees

Pros of Empower:

  • Automatic savings
  • Early access to funds
  • No additional charges

Cons of Empower:

  1. Limited cash advance amount
  2. Subscription fee
  3. The free version offers limited features

Empower User Review- “Did great at first, until it didn’t. I tried to open a card account via the app. During the process, I received an error message stating that there was a server error. I closed the app and opened it back up to start the process, but I can’t even see where to open an account from. Talked to support on 3 separate occasions and each time they told me I will receive an email with updates. b all 3 times I got emails with the exact chat transcript from each. Still can’t even see the option to try.” Yaboy (Google Play)

7) Pockbox:


Cleo offers only $100, if you want to borrow more that’s where Pockbox comes in. You can borrow up to $20,000. Unlike other apps like Cleo, it lets you cover your large expenses. It offers a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $20,000 (Pockbox) Millions of Americans are using this app to meet both ends and deal with unexpected financial emergencies.

Features of Pockbox:

  • Compare loan offers in minutes
  • Loan up to $20,000
  • Compare savings account

Pros of Pockbox:

  • Cash advances for all credit types
  • Quick transfer of money
  • Large about to meet large expenses
  • Safe and secure process

Cons of Pockbox:

  1. Information Sharing
  2. Dont have many visitors
  3. Website owner hides his identity
  4. The website is not optimized for search engines

8) Brigit:


Brigit offers cash advances up to $250. It lets you build credit, track your expenses, and save money for responsible use of the app. It helps to get your finances on track with instant cash advances. You can get smart spending tips and gig work on the app.

Features of Brigit

  • Instant cash
  • Credit builder
  • Finance helper
  • Clear financial insights

Pros of Brigit:

  • Manages your finances
  • No interest or tip fees
  • Prevents overdrafting
  • No credit check

Cons of Brigit:

  1. Sometimes late payments
  2. Subscription fees
  3. Limited cash advances

Brigit User Review- “Originally, this was a great app. But, within the last few months, it’s been taking at least two weeks for repayments to process or deliveries to show up as delivered. So for instance, I made a request on July 6th and received an instant deposit. I have been trying to repay it, but as of July 19th, it still doesn’t show as “delivered” in their system and you cannot repay until that happens. It actually isn’t an easy fix when you only have AI answering. I tried support before posting. Do better” Ryce (Google Play)

9) Branch:


The Branch is a payday alternative app for Cleo. It claims to offer instant money. The Branch is a free digital wallet. A company can use it to pay its employees (Branchapp) It gives workers fast, flexible options to access their earnings.

Features of Branch:

  • Branch Direct
  • Branch white label
  • Cashless tips and mileage
  • Financial wellness
  • Wages and direct deposit

Pros of Branch:

  • No advance fees
  • No subscription fees
  • Financial education

Cons of Branch:

  1. Limited advance amounts
  2. A debit card is required from the linked bank
  3. Not for remote employees

Branch User Review- “Wish I could post a picture of the two days of me waiting for someone to respond because the instant pay has a literal programming error. The phone rings forever with no one picking up. They removed the only helpful thing that worked, their chat feature. I can see I have funds to remove for instant pay, I have a picture of the error. This app is about to get deleted. I’ve banked with them for two years.” Katsuo (Google Play)

10) Current:


Current is the next app in the list of apps similar to Cleo. You can spend, save and money effectively using this app. It’s the future of banking. Well, current is not a bank, it’s a financial technology company. It’s banking that builds your credit not debit. Earn up to 4.00% APY on your savings.

Features of Current:

  • Credit building
  • Earn points
  • Save automatically with round ups

Pros of Current:

  • Fast money transfer
  • No monthly or annual fees to sign up
  • No credit checks

Cons of Current:

  1. Customer service is missing
  2. Cash deposits need a fee
  3. Limited cash advances

Current User Review- “First off- Current gets me my money faster, which is always appreciated (and needed). I also really like the user friendly app, helps me manage spending better and actually save money! Highly recommend if you wanna switch up from “normal banks”.. they have credit building options and crypto if you’re into that. virtual banks are the new way to go!! no fees on over draft either… like, that should be reason enough to switch lol” Sarah (Google Play)

11) EarnIn’:


EarnIn is another app in the list of apps similar to Cleo. This Cleo alternative provides you with money before your payday so that you can clear expenses and manage your finances. Receive cash advances of up to 100 bucks from the EarnIn app.

Features of EarnIn

  • Get up to $750
  • Round-the-clock service
  • Credit monitoring

Pros of EarnIn:

  • No interest and no mandatory fees
  • No hard or soft credit check

Cons of EarnIn:

  1. Need access to your bank account
  2. It can make your bank charge overdraft fees.

EarnIn User Review- “It’s a good app. My work email is blocked by the company I work at. So i can’t verify it. You can upload your timesheet but it takes forever to get results on that. Most of the time it comes back an error since they say they don’t see all the info even though all the information is there. It’s a good app but having to do verification everytime is very time consuming and annoying” Timothy (Google Play)

12) Even:


Even is also a popular name in the cash advances world. In the list of Apps like Cleo, Even stands at number 12. But the number doesn’t mean it is less useful than other apps. You can get daily personalized snapshots from the app along with cash advances from the Even app.

Features of Even

  • Projects your earnings
  • Save Automatically
  • Budget easily

Pros of Even:

  • Get paid early and quickly
  • Manage your money
  • Fast cash advances

Cons of Even:

  1. Your employer has to use Instapay
  2. Subscription fees
  3. No list of employers
  4. Provides only 50% of the net pay you already earned

Even User Review:This app is really good for estimating your income, mine is almost always on point. It allows you to get money early if you need it, eliminating payday loans and fees. The only thing I wish was that it uploaded the amount faster than 9 am est the next day. Edit to response: I know you do. I was referring to the amount updating the next day.” Judy (Google Play)

13) Varo:


Varo is a digital banking app that launched in 2017. It is a competitor to the apps like Cleo. Save time and energy from wasting in traditional banks. It offers you a cash advance before your next paycheck. Use this money to pay bills, meet other expenses, manage finances, and do anything important for you.

Features of Varo:

  • Manage money
  • Build credit
  • High APY savings
  • Auto saving tools

Pros of Varo:

  • No hidden fees
  • Get paid early
  • Keeps your safe

Cons of Varo:

  1. No physical branches

Varo User Review- “I love this simple mobile banking app. Direct deposit was painless and there are no ATM fees if you got to the many like Allpoint, which is ubiquitous in my area. The app even has an automatic saving functionality. Also a way to build your credit score with their Believe card. You just put money on it and spend as normal and Varo claims it affects your credit score. Haven’t tried it yet but it seems legit. All in all I appreciate what this app offers and it’s free.” Christopher (Google Play)

14) FloatMe:


FloatMe is one of the Cleo alternatives. It provides instant cash advances to help you deal with unexpected expenses before your payday. Who will not need money in between paydays? It offers easy cash advances directly to your account.

Features of FloatMe:

  • Securely connects your bank account
  • Cash advances up to $50
  • No overdraft fees
  • Spending insights

Pros of FloatMe:

  • No credit check
  • No interest
  • Membership is only $1.99/month.

Cons of FloatMe:

  1. Doesn’t improve your credit
  2. No due date extension

User Reviews- “The app is easy to use and very intuitive. I like the way things are currently with the design. At first, I wasn’t able to get the $20 float, but after logging out and back into the app, it worked just fine. I would caution new users about the $20 float since they add a $4 fee, which makes it $24.00 that you pay back, but it’s within 2 hours, so it’s relatively fast payout. Mac (Google Play)

15) SeedFi:


SeedFi is a financial technology platform. It provides various financial services like credit building and cash advances. Users can improve their financial health. It is now part of Credit Karma.

Features of SeedFi

  • Cash advances
  • Credit building
  • Repayment options

Pros of SeedFi:

  • Quick approval
  • Mobile access
  • No collateral

Cons of SeedFi:

  1. Risk of overborrowing
  2. Privacy and security
  3. App reliability

SeedFi User Review- “Seedfi was fine. it’s when Intuit took over credit the problem began ii wasn’t speaking badly about Seedfi. So I don’t know if they bought and kill control the credit building which they now call credit builder.” Matthew (Trustpilot)

16) RocktMoney:


You can save more and spend less with the help of RocketMoney. It is your financial control center. You can manage expenses using RocketMoney. You can join the app and become one of the 3.4 million members. It is an all-in-one personal finance app.

Features of RocktMoney:

  • Manage subscriptions
  • Spending insights
  • Bill negotiations
  • Smart saving credit score.

Pros of RocktMoney:

  • Track spending
  • Automates savings
  • Other free services

Cons of RocktMoney:

  1. Limited customer support
  2. Free has limited features

RocktMoney User Reviews: “So far I’m really enjoying the app, granted I haven’t been using it very long. However, it’s nicely organized with a smooth and manageable UI that produces an up-to-date and digestible overview of my finances. The app transition to the new name and system was clearly for the better, as I found myself overwhelmed when using it in its original format. It caught me off guard that they let you choose your subscription fee within a range, but I like that. Looking forward to the future with them.” Paul (Google Play)

17) Kickoff:


You can rely on apps like Cleo to build credit and Kickoff is one of the best examples. Whether you have a low or no credit score, Kickoff covers you. Apply for the loan in just a few minutes. The Kickoff app asks for no credit to disburse money.

Features of Kickoff:

  • Earn $200 with qualifying deposits
  • Earn cash back

Pros of Kickoff:

  • Build credit quickly
  • Manage money

Cons of Kickoff:

  1. The line of credit is only to buy Kickoff products
  2. Doesn’t report to all credit bureaus

Kickoff User Review- “Terrible wouldn’t recommend,No customer service number they make it very difficult for you to contact them when it comes to your personal information and questions. You don’t get your money back even when the mistake is on their end. No safety features for accounts so therefore mine was hacked, and I have no way to dispute it or delete the account. Seems like once you actually get somewhere with them it’s goes to sh**! Which is a waste of time! Very disappointed, I’ve only had it for 3 months” Kham (Google Play)

18) Self:


Self-app helps you build credit and savings together. You can use the cash advances to pay rent, cell phone, and utilities and pay back to the app on your payday. Do you have a low credit or no credit score at all, the app helps you with cash advances.

Features of Self:

  • Self Visa and Credit cards
  • Rent and bill reporting
  • Cash advances

Pros of Self:

  • Finance data and guide
  • 49 points bump to credit score for timely payments
  • Two ways to build a credit score

Cons of Self:

  1. High APRs
  2. Non-refundable fees

Self User Review- “If you are starting to build your credit then definitely try this credit card!!! The best credit card I have used The Spar and I have been through a lot of different card companies! There is a very low interest rate and a decent yearly fee! And has self build my credit score quite a bit since I started it a couple of years ago. Definitely worth trying it out especially for someone starting out building their credit” Travys (Google Play)

19) Kovo:


It is basically a saving app. They report your credits to the credit bureaus. It helps to improve credit scores and manage money. Kovo provides a portion of the money as your payment gets settled. You can earn some more money from its reward program.

Features of Kovo:

  • Earn 1% on loans
  • Track your score
  • Save on interests

Pros of Kovo:

  • Build credit and earn rewards
  • No hidden fees and no credit check
  • Instant approval

Cons of Kovo:

  1. Financial information security
  2. No guarantee of a credit score will improve

Kovo User Review- “LIFE SAVER! This is seriously the bee’s knees. Went up over 100pts!” Erick (

20) Gerald:


Gerald provides instant cash online through the app. The company cares about its customers. You don’t have to take the stress out of your bills because it offers cash advances that you can use to cover expenses and bills. You can pay back to the app when get your salary from the company work.

Features of Gerald:

  • Cash advance
  • Bill tracker
  • Mobile Transfer
  • Overdraft protection

Pros of Gerald:

  • FDIC insured account
  • Quick advances

Cons of Gerald:

  1. Debt cycle
  2. Privacy concerns

Gerald User Reviews- “I had a problem and customer service was prompt.. the issue isn’t fixed but the problem seems much better sense they’ve given me an extention, but paying back isn’t the problem. I needed an advance and won’t get it till after I get my pay check lol it takes 7 days to get your advance but you can pay your subscription of 9.99 instantly… scam” Daniel (Google Play)

How Does a Cash Advance App Work?

Sites like Cleo or the cash advance app provide a small amount of cash before the next paycheck. Have a look at the steps below to use overdraft apps.

1)  Download and Install:

Download a cash advance app for platforms like iOS and Android and create an account. Provide necessary information like name and bank account details. You have to fill out forms in which personal and financial information is required.

2) Link Bank Account:

You have to link your bank account to the app. It uses your bank account details to verify your income, spending patterns, and transaction history. It is crucial to find out whether you can pay back advances on time or not.

3) Eligibility Assessment:

Your financial behavior is checked by the AI-powered cash advance app. It considers factors like spending patterns, income, and financial behavior. Many apps perform soft credit checks to analyze users.

4) Request for Cash Advance:

Once you are done providing the necessary information, apply for the cash advance. When you request to borrow money, the app specifies the amount and fees aligned to it if there are any because many apps don’t charge fees.

5) Approval & Disbursement:

Once the cash advance request is approved the amount is disbursed directly into the user’s linked bank account. Some apps disburse amounts in a few minutes and hours as well.

6) Repayment:

Apps like Cleo want users to repay the money on their next paycheck. Some apps give 14 days to pay back and users can request to extend it for the next 14 days. Repayment can be deducted automatically from the user’s account.

7) Fees and Interest:

Many cash advance apps want you to pay fees and interest for the service. The charges or fees can vary. You should carefully read the terms before receiving a cash advance to avoid surprises.

How to Qualify for Cleo Advance?

Cleo Plus users can get cash advances, for this, they have to subscribe for $5.99/month. You have to meet certain eligibility criteria to borrow money from the Cleo app. Let’s check out the requirements in the below section.

  1. You should be at least 18 years old.
  2. Show documents of regular source of income.
  3. A regular customer of the Cleo app
  4. Regular paychecks
  5. Positive account balance
  6. Good financial behavior
  7. Credit check
  8. Location.

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Pros and Cons of Cash Advance Apps

Apps like Cleo help you with short-term financial needs, but if you use them irresponsibly, then you can get stuck in a pay cycle. Have a look at the pros and cons of using cash advances so that you can avoid unexpected problems.

Cash Advance Apps: Pros

  • Provides a convenient and fast way to access funds
  • Helpful for unexpected expenses and emergencies
  • Some cash advance apps do not check credit or disburse money with less-than-perfect credit.
  • The application process is easy and simple
  • Some apps help users with avoiding overdraft fees or late payment charges
  • Some apps report to credit bureaus about your on-time repayments. It helps to improve your credit score.

Cash Advance Apps: Cons

  • Frequently relying on cash advances can lead to the debt cycle. You can struggle to repay
  • Many cash advance apps charge high fees and interest rates
  • The repayment period for the cash advance is usually short. It puts pressure on your finances
  • If you fail to pay back on time, it can impact your credit score and financial health
  • Most cash advance apps provide limited amounts that can’t be helpful for large expenses
  • Sharing sensitive financial information with cash advance apps can be risky
  • Since you can get money from apps like Cleo easily, it can lead to impulsive spending

Tips for Responsible Use of Cleo Cash Advance

Falling into a cycle of debt can be dangerous so it is better you use sites like Cleo or any other Overdraft apps carefully. Irresponsible use of the Cleo cash advance app can lead to financial instability. Here are the tips for the responsible use of cash advance apps.

  1. Borrow only what you need
  2. Create a repayment plan
  3. Assess your financial situation
  4. Review your budget
  5. Avoid rollovers
  6. Track your spending
  7. Seek financial advice
  8. Maintain emergency fund
  9. Prioritize essential expenses

The Business Model of Cash Advance Apps

Apps like Cleo have a simple business model. They generate money by charging fees and interest for the service. Here are some other ways through which sites like Cleo make money.

  1. Late payment fees
  2. Partnership and affiliates
  3. Fee-based revenue
  4. Interest charges
  5. Cross-selling and upselling
  6. Premium features
  7. Data monetization
  8. Advertising and promotions

Having a cash advance app helps you generate revenue. If you have a finance business and want an app to manage it, professional developers can help you. They use the best suitable Android app development tools to build apps like Cleo and other types of apps.

How to Develop Cash Advance Apps?

Cash advance app development includes many steps. A single person can’t handle all the work. You need a team of professional developers and designers.

You can hire an app development company to work on your project. This way, you will not have to handle the entire team and manage everything for app development. The company does it all. You just have to give money to the company and it develops a customized app for you.

Apart from it, if you want to develop the app on your own, then you must follow the below steps.

Step 1- Conduct market research, collect data, and define the app’s purpose. Analyze the audience you are targeting to offer them a noteworthy experience.

Step 2- Outline the features of the app and its functionality and user experience

Step 3- Visualise the app’s layout and user interface. Wireframes and mockups will help you better in the same.

Step 4- Design a user-friendly interface and plan the user journey. Check the Mobile app design cost before you hire any designer.

Step 5- Choose an app development platform from iOS and Android. Choose a programming language for app development.

Step 6- Once your app is ready, integrate it with third-party services for a better user experience.

Step 7- Conduct thorough testing to identify issues like bugs and glitches. Test the overall performance of the app.

Step 8- Get feedback from the users on MVP and improve accordingly.

Creating an app is not the final or last thing, you have to maintain and support it regularly.


You can deal with unexpected expenses and financial emergencies with the help of apps like Cleo. They provide instant money to pay bills and manage finances. The blog covers the top 20 cash advance apps like Cleo. These apps provide quick funds with minimal documentation and no or minimal fees.

However, irresponsible use of sites like Cleo can lead you to a debt cycle. If you also want an app like Cleo for your business, Technource can help with experienced professional developers. They analyze your business needs and build a custom app for you.


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